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November 15, 2011

Flying to Malaysia for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards

Was just told this evening that YugaTech was selected as one of the finalist for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards that NuffNang organizes every two years.

Bloggers from several countries in Asia and the Pacific (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, HongKong, China and Australia) will meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 16 for the awards night.

Nominations have been going on for the last two months and we got picked for the category “Best Geek Blog“.

I am told that I need to post this entry as a form of my acceptance to the awards and the category that YugaTech is included.

This last segment of the awards involve some voting from the public. Voting starts today, November 15 and end on November 27. Go send your support and vote here.

Thanks in advance! =)

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34 Responses to “Flying to Malaysia for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards”

  1. Event Checklist
    Twitter: january14n

    Good luck Sir Abe!

  2. health-today says:

    Advance Congrats abe. we support you.
    thanks for sharing to all…

  3. bob says:

    congrats sir! more daily dose of your blogs! good luck!

  4. bennix
    Twitter: ben_baygas

    Congrats sir Abe and more power to Yugatech!

  5. aze says:

    goodluck and God Bless!

  6. AdrianU says:

    Wow… Congrats… Very Impressive indeed
    Hope you win…

    I tried posting a comment the other night but I was caught by your Spam Filter… Weird…

  7. freshersnation
    Twitter: freshrersnation

    Congrats abe and nice and wonderful stay..
    happy journey

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