Windows Phone 8 becomes official

Microsoft has formally unveiled their latest Windows Phone 8 platform which will be available for both the handset and the tablet.

Expected to be released sometime after September this year, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 will have a lot more new features that were sorely lacking in WP7.

Here’s a quick summary of the stuff to expect from WP8.

● Will share native dev platform with Windows 8, support for DirectX so games for Windows 8 can be easily ported for WP8.

● Support for higher screen resolutions — 720p (1280×720), WXGA (1280×768) and WVGA (800×480).

● Support for dual-core processors and up to 64-cores in the future. The new handsets will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus (dual-core Krait).

● HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei will be the first ones to make the handsets running WP8.

● WP8 will be using Nokia Maps technology, supports multi-tasking/background operation and will be accessible by 3rd party apps with offline mode.

● Built-in Internet Explorer 10.

● Support for microSD card (photos, music, videos, installing apps).

● More comprehensive NFC Wallet and NFC Sharing.

● Speech Platform will also be available to 3rd party apps.

Windows Phone 7.5 devices will not be supported but an incremental upgrade to 7.8 will be made available soon.

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  1. hmmm directx in a phone o.o

    Interesting… Excited to see what a highend WP8 can do XD

  2. donutz

    Poor WP7.5 Owner no update for WP8

    in the future maybe there will be no more available apps for 7.5 mango

    • An update to 7.8 from 7.5 was announced. The only time there will be no more available apps for 7.x is when they shut down the marketplace.

    • donutz

      Developer will now concentrate on WP8
      making apps maybe some apps will not
      be compatible with the WP8 to Wp7.8 phones.

  3. Ryan Ang

    first things first, I think tablets would get windows 8 RT/pro rather than windows phone 8.

    Yes, MSFT is now on track with Surface, Windows 8 and now WP8. The question is, will the public latch on to this ecosystem considering majority has invested on the big 2.

    7.5-7.8 is pretty much expected. Most features of WP8 isn’t compatible anyway to the current hardware. I’m just sorry for the Lumia owners not getting WP8 later in the year. Not sure though if WP8 apps will play nice with WP7.8

  4. I like WP7, very smooth interface in single core processor. Good software utilization but only lacking in apps and card slot that keeps me from buying one. WP8 with the improvement stated above, will be a best seller IMO.

  5. SpiderWak

    This is the info that I’ve been waiting for. Rumors of not being able to update to WP8 is what kept me from buying a Lumia unit.

  6. Underwhelming set of updates. No mention of notification improvements.

  7. darryl

    ganda ng specs

  8. OMG, I should have read this before I bought the Lumia 900 just last night!!!

  9. I feel sorry for the WP 7.x users. Though it won’t make sense if they update WP8 because it not compatible to the hardware, but the WP8 updates are really huge improvements, I am excited to see WP high-end phones! Good job Microsoft!

  10. wreek888

    Wow! Naging obsolete agad ang mga nokia lumia phone, Im sure biglang bagsak ang price niyan. Glad i didnt buy lumia 900.

  11. Lol go fuck yourself. I’m never gonna buy a fucking Windows Phone again.

  12. alehoy

    I feel for the folks who bought W7 phones who suddenly got left out. I mean, a smartphone must get at least one major OS upgrade during its lifetime to get the most of your investment. My Galaxy Tab (classic) got an upgrade to Gingerbread from Froyo. My Sony Xperia got ICS from Gingerbread. My iPad 1 got iOS 5.1.1 before being abandoned by Apple. Tsk tsk Microsoft you’ve been a bad boy…

  13. WinDoze PunIt! Punit talaga!

  14. Huwaw! Last quarter of 2012 will be exciting for mobile world. May BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, iP5/6 tsaka ano ba sa android?

    rooting for BB10 lol!


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