HTC 8X, 8S and 8V WP8 unveils next week

HTC is about to hold a press event next week and will launch three new Windows Phone 8 smartphones: the HTC 8X, 8V and the 8S.

The HTC 8 series is like the WP8 counterpart of the HTC One Android series with the 8X taking the lead. The 8S will fall under the mid-range category while the 8V will be the entry-level type.

Here are the specs available so far:

HTC 8X “Zenith”:
4.7″ HD Super LCD 2 display
8 megapixel camera
Dual-core Snapdragon S4
42Mbps HSPA+

HTC 8S “Accord”:
4.3″ HD Super LCD 2 display
8 megapixel camera
1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 (MSM8960)
8GB or 16GB + microSD
42Mbps HSPA+

HTC 8V “Rio”:
4.0″ WVGA display
5 megapixel camera
Dual-core Snapdragon S4 (MSM8227)
14.4Mbps HSPA

Like the HTC One series the 8 series will have Beats Audio on board.

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  1. HTC 8S- NFC and MicroSD card options? Why the hell did you not place this on my HTC One S? good thing im happy with Android. Boo to you HTC!

  2. goddamnit ang gaganda ng mga nilalabas na Windows Phone 8 and another deal breakin sans msdhc/xc slot, id rather got 920 than this

  3. Sana lang almost same pricing as Android series nila or lower. Okay na sakin yung 8V for around 11-12k.

  4. Where is launching?

  5. jarod_0122

    HTC going back to to where it began.My HTC Prophet is still working til now w/c was purchased on 2006.Put an SPB Shell on it w/ “rubber band effect” which surprisingly is owned by Apple.
    The smartphone industry is looking good with all these options.


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