Samsung Galaxy Note sale on Nov. 19 for Php35,990

Here’s an update for those who were waiting for the official release of the of Samsung Galaxy Note in the Philippines. According to official sources, the Galaxy Note will have a sale on November 19, 2011 for the initial 300 units that were shipped to the Philippines.

[Updated: The pre-order period has been extended until November 18, 2011. See below for details.]

This is basically the same strategy they did with the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The suggested retail price of the Galaxy Note is pegged at Php35,990.

Bookmark this page for details on how you can get into the pre-order and grab additional discounts and freebies for your unit. Will update once the DTI permit is already approved.

Updated: Here’s the complete text of the promo.

Here’s the low-down:

– Free with a Smart Postpaid Plan 2000 plus one month FREE service fee (P2,000) and a free flip cover valued at P1,450.
– P2,000 off of its suggested retail price of P35,990 with a free flip cover valued at P1,450 and a free 45-day subscription of Philippine Daily Inquirer Digital Edition valued at P1,120.

Note that the Nokia N9 is also being offered by Smart for free at Data Plan 2000 or All-In Plan 3500.

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  1. promo price in samsung PR is 34990 less 2k, but some sites including this one list it at 35990 less 2k….whats the deal talaga?

    • P2,000 off of its suggested retail price of P35,990 witha free flipcover valued at P1,450 and a free 45-day subscription of Philippine Daily Inquirer Digital Edition valued at P1,120

      Per DTI-NCR Permit Number 8373 Series of 2011

  2. Just got the confirmation call from Samsung (or a marketing firm?) Anyhow shame on them for completely failing to have any information ready for people availing of the Smart plan option. When asked what was needed I was told bring ID and cash / card. When pressed for details of what was needed to get a unit via Smart contract I was told to bring 2 forms of valid picture ID and 2K cash or card. I find this unbelievable… I would advise bringing a utility bill and prof of income as well. If anyone had and solid info here please advise. Thanks.

  3. i’m have a confirmed reservation via smart plan. why would they tell you to bring 2k in cash/card when their promo says that the first month service is free? does that mean that they’ll require to pay the 2nd month service in advance? lol

    • I don’t know, think the first lady from Samsung was a bit confused… I later recived a call from Smart confirming the reservation as well. While I didn’t ask if payment was necisary… I was told to bring the following from Smart:

      -Original utility bill in my name
      -Proof of income (they have a list, however pay stubs are acceptable)
      -Photo ID

      I asked if photo copies were needed of anything and was told no. I’m bringing copies just in case.

  4. promo extended. comes back up in a few hours.

  5. I was also called by Samsung and Smart. The only issue I am having is that I still did not receive any confirmation email… I was told by the Samsung representative to still wait for the email but when I talked to the Smart rep she told me that receiving the call already means that my reservation was confirmed. I will call Samsung support tomorrow morning to sort this out since I need the printed copy of the confirmation email as a proof of reservation for the Nov. 19 event.

    • UPDATE: I tried to register again this morning using a different email and finally got the confirmation email and successfully got a reservation using the confirmation link. :D

  6. Also got a confirmation call from Smart/Samsung. However I said I could not make it to The Podium on Nov 19, the caller said that I could claim my Note on Nov 26, at the Smart Wireless Center here in SM Bacolod. So there is hope for ‘promdis’. Hoping this would come true.

  7. I missed both calls from smart and Samsung. Is the phone call needed? Bad reception where I work and they call during work hours. Can anyone tell me what the phone call is for?

    • They just want to make sure that you are still planing/willing to avail of the device!

      Btw, as of now, I’ve not received/missed any call from Samsung reps. regarding double-confirmation of my reservation!

    • Thanks Alex. Wasn’t sure if I was missing out on something important.

  8. I got the confirmation email but when I tried accessing the link, it always return a “Page not found”, is there a problem with their site???

    • Same thing happened to me. I called the customer service: 1-800-8-7267864 , and they said they would get back to me within the day.

  9. Sana maganda ang customer service ng smart bukas. Hindi yung matagal na ang approval process tapos di pa marerelease yung phone.

  10. Tanong lang.. asan yung link nung 2k SMART PLAN?

    Gusto ko sana mag avail eh.

  11. Will they offer the smart thing again? I was in podium yesterday and saw already the Note. i didn’t know about smart’s offer. If I did, I would’ve gotten one.. Will they offer it again?

    • I was told by the lady at smart counter that after the Nov 19 sale date, smart will offer samsung galaxy note for free @plan 3000.

  12. @Max That’s alright.. I’ll go for the unlimited plan 2000 if they offer a small cash out of something like less than 5k.

  13. Sa mga nakakuha ng Smart unlimited data plan 2000, activated na ba yung sim ninyo?

  14. Sa wakas sim activated din. Yun nga lang kailangan pa talaga puntahan sa SM Megamall

  15. May i know saan store makakabili ng screen protector for the note? and what kind? clear? matte(anti-fingerprint)? nde kc available sa zagg at capdase..

    • Yano Escueta

      I actually looked for one in Megamall, and wala pa daw protector for Galaxy Note. If any of you find one, please post here for us. Thanks!

  16. Try, here is a link to some of them

  17. mukhang walang defect ang mga 1st batch ng galaxy note.. no complains so far. wala po ba screen protector sa mga malls? I need yun mamahalin like zagg or capdase will do.

    • tama yun sa mga reviews. browsing eats battery life. really need to shut down some settings after browsing such as sync, etc. but no qualms here. luv my Note :-)

    • might just be nitpicking here but i do notice uneven / dark streaks when the note displays white background, say during browsing when pages are loading…if you look closely u can see the uneveness of the screen….anyone noticed that on their note?

    • ive also notice na ung average ram usage ng note is around 500 mb which is very high considering na ang ram nito is 800 mb(correct me if im wrong on this one) lang… I’m always using the task manager to clear the memory, sana maaus to paglabas nila ng ICS, other than that I am also loving my note!!! :D

  18. might just be nitpicking here but i do notice uneven / dark streaks when the note is displaying a white background…say during surfing when pages are loading, if you look closely you can see the uneveness of the screen with some dark streaks…anyone notice this on their note?

  19. ask ko lang regarding sa data unlimited ng smart(2k/mos.) bawal ba tethering, push mail, watch youtube at opera mini browser? may additional charge ba? ang sinabi lang kc sken wag gumamit ng ibang browser yun lang. yun iba nabasa ko lng sa mga forum ng mga hidden charges ng smart regarding sa data unlimited. Please confirm sa matagal na nakaunlidata plan ng smart thank you. Ayaw ko kc magulat ako sa bill ko.

    • dagdag ko lng pati fb,twitter and other social networking sites my additional charge din and 1.5gb cap bandwith/mos. Knowing this limitation i wouldn’t apply for this plan. its a waste. 1st time smart subscriber here.. please confirm thank you.

    • I’ve already pulled over 20GB (conservatively) and there are no additonal charges on my account. You don’t need to worry. I do have a ~300PHP running balance though not sure what that is from, but certainly would not be a charge from a 18.5GB overage….

    • need help here.. san pong mga smart stores dito around metro manila pwede mka avail ng Gnote at 2k plan ng smart?? help pls..

  20. RE: Battery Life

    I’ve been using my Note for around 3 weeks, and I’ve noticed that my battery life only lasts a whole day (around 20 hours). A 4S user then suggested that I choose “GSM only” on my Network Mode, and ever since then my battery lasts me more than one day before I have to re-charge. Hope this helps.

  21. Well i got this one already and its good well if u have some problem with the battery try to buy battery storage so u can bring it and u can directly charge it when its needed


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