Samsung Galaxy S5’s imitation is out!

Just a few days after Samsung released its flagship phone, smartphone copycat maker Goophone has released the Goophone S5 which looks almost identical to the Galaxy S5 in terms of specs and physique. But the kicker is that this only costs $299.99 which is more or less half the price of the original S5!

goophone S5

The Chinese company made their S5 to have the same hole-textured back as the Galaxy S5. It even has the heart rate sensor located near the camera (look!), but no function close to that has been mentioned by Goophone. It could just be for aesthetic purposes to give off that legit Samsung S5 look.

Goophone S5 specs:

5-inch Full HD display @ 1920 x 1080 pixels
2GHz Mediatek MT6592 octa-core processor
32GB ROM, expandable through microSD
13MP rear camera with LED flash
5MP front camera
2800mAh battery
Android 4.2

In terms of specs, the Goophone’s 5-inch display is a tiny bit smaller compared to Galaxy’s 5.1-inch screen, although both are Full HD. Goophone S5’s 13MP rear camera also falls short compared to Samsung S5’s 16MP rear camera with fast autofocus. Also, Goophone S5 lacks LTE connectivity and still runs on Android Jelly Bean.

As seen on their website, the device is currently out of stock; meaning people are patronizing and getting in on this thing. But for $299.99 (approx. Php13,000), who wouldn’t be tempted?


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  1. It’s not in stock because it’s not being produced yet. Don’t you think?

  2. abuzalzal

    This device is a living proof that patent lawsuits in China are non-existent

    • You’re also the living proof of the absence of an online troll law in the Philippines.

    • abuzalzal

      Wala namang originality ‘tong si kid Bezelsel hehe

    • Babuzalzal

      Hi Sir.

      Kamusta po yung Bezels? Di po masyadong clear yung explanation niyo. Maaring iba yung sa nanay niya eh. May exact measurement ba kayo ng Bezels nito? Pakireview naman pls.

      TY po Mr. Abezelzels

    • tang!na mo bugok sukatin mo muna bezel ng bungo abuzalzal tanga.

  3. abezelzel

    Calling abuzalzal special request po paki-sukat naman ng bezel ng phone na ito kung papasasa sa pan-lasa nyo?

    Yung pending request ko nga po pala ng sukat ng bezel ng noo nya until now wala pa! Follow-up lng po if you don’t mind.

    • abuzalzal

      kasya nga sa pekpek ng nanay mo eh, kulit ka din no?

      Bale yun ang pinaka-yardstick ko, basta kayang ipasok sa pwerta ng nanay mo, pasok na sa panlasa ko yun


    • abezelzel


      Thank your thorough and educated explanation. I would just like to ask if you’re speaking from experience?

      Yan po ba ang ginawa mo sa nanay mo? Hmm bukod sa bezels mahilig ka din pala sa incest sir.Ingat ka kay Cedric sir mahirap na.

      Correction sir wala po akong nanay kundi mommy po sosyal po kami.


  4. yan ung mahirap sa cheap phones, madali ma kopya.

    • “..yan ung mahirap sa mga flagships, madaling ma kopya..” is perhaps the better analogy here..

      cheap na nga, na kopya pa..

  5. Hindi po imitation yun. Totoong band aid talaga po yun. :D


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