Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 in the flesh!

[Updated: Read our full review of the SE Xperia X10 ] Finally gotten my hands on the new Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10 and this was after visiting at least four SE stores in the Metro. Either this handset is very in demand or Sony-Ericsson just didn’t ship in enough units to sell.

Perhaps they wanted to get rid of the remaining Xperia X2 inventories that they have.

xperia x10

Another curious discovery is that despite the earlier announcement that the suggested retail price is Php32,500, all of the stores I asked (and even the one where I bought mine) were selling it for at least Php34,500.

Anyway, I got the white version and the unit reminded me of the time I got the white iPhone 3G (just plastic but has that ceramic-finish look). It’s a little thick but not that thick to be really chunky — just enough to hold with one hand despite that large 4-inch screen. This is my 3rd Android phone (HTC Hero and Google Nexus One) and I feel I am missing something — maybe I’m just so used to the Sense UI.

The unit came with an 8GB microSD (complete specs here) and Android 1.6 pre-installed. The people from the SE store told me that upgrade for Android 2.0 should be available by May and I can bring it back to them and they’ll do the upgrade for me. Watch out for the full review next week.

[Updated: Read our full review of the SE Xperia X10 ]

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  1. totallyfreak

    @Ryan Ang

    Really ^_^ also X2? yehey! thanks for the reply! haha….

  2. ei. i checked it yesterday at power plant. there’s a stall at the food court of power plant and they are selling if for just 31 500 for install via cc zero interest and 30k+ for cash.. FYI lang po

  3. racki

    guys question i have my x10 but hnd ko tlga mgmit ang timescpae even i have my smart buddy unlisurf bundle with me, lagi error ang lumalabas.. kindly help anyone tnx :)

  4. @racki. Did you try using WiFi? Maybe there’s something wrong with the APN. Try changing it in the settings.

  5. roy p. beltrano

    im planning to buy a sony ericson experia x 10 how much po ito here in pinas????


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