Would You Give Nokia a Second Chance?

Nokia was one the best companies out there back then. Things changed when companies started to get comfortable with their positions, such as Motorola with the RAZR. Apple introduced the iPhone last 2007 and Google also started with Android. Phones evolved to smartphones and Samsung took some titles away from Nokia later on.

Right now, I’ve been a little bit tired of waiting for Android updates. Hardware evolves very fast too, which is why I have my eyes on the Nexus devices but some part of me wants to get away from Android for a while and that part screams Lumia. I want you guys to convince me or influence my decision, so hear me out.

Ever since, Nokia was in a struggle. It had been so difficult to get back what was lost from them. Nokia had several options: Develop Symbian further, abandon Symbian and go with Android, or abandon Symbian and go with Windows Phone. A lot of people were already doubting the Symbian platform; Nokia chose to leave it and move on. Amidst the competition, it was very hard to stand out with Android. After all, Android was very similar to Symbian. For Nokia to stand out, they chose the road not taken, Windows Phone.

Windows Phone was a differentiating factor; live tiles look nothing like shortcut icons and wallpapered home screens. Honestly though, Windows Phone falls back in functionality back then – they held back the hardware capabilities of Nokia.

Unknown to us, Nokia has a lot of secrets hiding in their R&D department. Later on, they unveiled their last Symbian phone, the Nokia PureView 808. Five years in the making, they developed a 41 megapixel camera for a phone with breathtaking capabilities. The problem is it’s still on Symbian; it can’t compete with Android and iOS’ app ecosystems.

A little ways down the road, Nokia announced that they’ll be porting PureView technologies into the Windows Phone platform, Lumia. Sadly, a lot of buzz went out when everyone found out that Nokia faked their PureView Lumia ads. Everyone doubted Nokia once again, but upon the announcement of their phone, the Nokia Lumia 920, we were a little bit wowed. It seemed like Nokia had some more up its sleeve – PureMotion+ HD, wireless charging, PureView once again and more.

This time however, Nokia called PureView not their 41 megapixel shooter but rather the best of their imaging department; it sounded more like marketing than actual facts. The Lumia 920’s 8.7 megapixel camera didn’t fail however; it was great in practice.

Windows Phone 8 brought a lot improvements as well, but I’m still somewhat unconvinced. Some part of me says Nokia’s going desperate to be on top again, but the other part of me begs to give Nokia a second chance. Considering the app ecosystems, Nokia’s added functionalities and the uniqueness of Windows Phone, would you give Nokia a second chance?

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  1. In fer, Nokia has always been reliable. They deserve a chance because they’re not afraid to take a risk. Lumia line is very unlike most smartphones we see today, I’d love to have one if I have the monies lol

  2. First of all, rather than selling you the Lumia 920 first, I’ll sell you windows phone 8.

    Arguably the difference between WP8 against the competitor is that, it revolves around people, instead of apps. You can say that its the most personal mobile OS out there. With the Live Tiles, and customization they made, it even move their award winning design (metro) to a whole new level.

    When I say personal, you don’t see just a grid of icons, like the ios or resource hog widgets that android has. Right from the get-go you see a more personal experience that other mobile OS can compare.

    If you did you’re homework and setup everything up with a microsoft account. Once you login in windows phone 8, everything will populate auto-magically! Eg. if you lost your windows phone 8, or was destroyed, and bought a new one, as soon as you connect, all your sms, pictures and videos heck even your app settings are prepopulated!

    Yes app settings, that means if you have say unlock angry birds 2 levels already once you redownload the angry birds app and have it synced, you see all your achievements are save, as well as unlock levels. The same thing with the App Reader App, say you bookmark an article and didn’t finished an article, once you download again, you can continue where you left off.

    And people complaining App Ecosystem? Don’t worry, Im’ about 100% sure it will come, Why? On a developer perspective, Microsoft gave the most compelling offer to developer. First they charge less to developers, (subscription and their cut per app). And what’s more compelling is that WP8 and Win8 have shared code, meaning you can code once and deliver it on both platforms, WP8 and Win8, no other OS can compare with flexibility and ease of transition, oh not to mention you can code in pure html5 and js, as well as code in C++ which alot of old programmers here are already familiar with. Plus the windows store offer more languages and more countries as compared to any platform out there.

    Microsoft says they have 46 out of the top 50 apps out there, and they won’t be finished till they made a commitment that they’ll have every top app. So not sure what people are complaining, with windows phone 8 using the NT Kernel, and with shared code, if you’re a developer you’re crazy if you won’t take advantage of this opportunity, (write once and deliver in both win8 and wp8).

    It has the most comprehensive e-wallet experience on any mobile OS. Competitors cannot compare. Paypal + debit cards + credit cards + membership + loyalty cards with support on NFC’s Tap and Play. I can honestly say its e-wallet done right.

    Office! – unlike the competition they use native format, they don’t do post conversion, so basically you’re editing a true document in their *native* format. Not only its fast but it ensures the compatibility to their desktop counterparts.

    Microsoft has the strongest ecosystem out there. With deep integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype, Xbox Live, Windows 8, Outlook.com and . No other OS embraced these popular services like Microsoft. Not to mention they did it so beautifully! Just compare the contacts of Android and IOS with People Hub and you’ll see what I mean.

    People hub:

    vs IOS contact list

    So basically Mr. Yuga and all other potential converts here, is shouldn’t we aim in a more personal experience? Where the OS revolves around us and people important to us, instead of just a grid of static apps that go in/out. Microsoft answered the app count 46 out of the 50 top apps and will continue to work on every checklist, to me they’ve done a phenomenal work, and windows phone 8 is arguably the best mobile experience out there.

  3. Now for Nokia hardware, let me start to say that its one of the most solid build quality you can have for a mobile os,

    Here’s a pic of a Nokia Lumia 900 that survive a 16-ton truck.

    And the 920 has even have a stronger build, coz of the gorilla glass 2.

    PureMotion+ HD – I believe they have one of the best display in the mobile OS even rivaling iPHone’s retina display as per all of the reviews out there

    PureView – it has the best camera in low-light none can compare. With the Optic Image Stabilization built in as hardware instead of software, say goodbye to shaky videos.

    Wireless Charging – Lumia 920 has one of the best battery out there, that only pales in comparison with the RAZR MAXX series, but with wireless charging, you’ll get more juice out of your Lumia.

    Nokia exclusive apps – its certainly welcome to have more apps in wp8, and I believe with these apps you get a more complete experience should you switch to the wp8 platform.

  4. LSTRIPPO721


  5. I think you forgot the other option. Abandon symbian and continue to support the MeeGo OS. For me a differentiating factor for Nokia would be the MeeGo OS not Windows Phone

  6. Nokia on Android? I will give up my semester worth of tuition fee. LOL hahaha but sorry NOKIA NOT IN(‘Android’) is a no for me.

  7. Remember Nokia N97? Deception. Nokia N8-00. Nokia Symbian Anna, Belle, Carla, Donna. Deception. Support for Symbian up to 2016. Deception. The latest V2 “PureView” a.k.a., PureView Faux. Deception. Not finishing the Nokia 808 PureView RM-807 “Hyperion” to polished finished product. Deception. Killing of Symbian UIQ in favor of S60, because of politics, not because it is the better Symbian. Deception.

    The last straw was Nokia abandoning MeeGo and Symbian to depreciate their stocks further by going Microsoft exclusive.

    Hell no. Nokia burn in Hell.

    • WoW! galit na galit! Pinilit ka ba nilang bumili?

    • Actually there is such a thing as truth in advertising and marketing ethics, but such arguments are beyond you and such a waste of time since you probably are thinking that you know-it-all and every opinion that is not your is probably wrong.

      Such a waste of space for such beings like you.

    • …and no, I’m not angry. I’m indifferent. Couldn’t care less about Nokia nowadays, just answering the question and telling it as it is. Telling the truth is better than telling lies, so there. ^_^

    • kannuchi

      Reliable ka nga! Deception..

  8. A timely article from a tech authority:

  9. reviews and price will determine if i would give nokia a second chance. but i hope nokia will succeed coz it will be good for the consumers.

  10. bob freking

    don’t buy a nokia windows 8 phone. Its awesomeness don’t need fa660ts like you.

  11. always a nokia fan…..i will..if the price is right =)

  12. I gave them a second chance months ago… Well all i can say is am in love with my lumia 800 since day one. I knew what i was getting into when i bought this baby, hardware-wise and software-wise and nobody has the right to question that since that is what i really wanted for myself.

    at the end of the day it always goes down to whats more usable for you.

  13. It’s a shame that Nokia abandoned MeeGo, given that it gained attention for its swipe function. Though Nokia Belle is a very fluid, capable OS, its resolution, capacity and performance, isn’t enough to top, even the best midrange Android phones out there. I hope Jolla would release its “Sailfish” OS successfully sometime. :)

    • while meego was a promising OS, you can’t deny Nokia was indeed a sinking ship. They wouldn’t survive if they have gone to Meego route. Their only 2 choices are android and windows phone platform, and they use the latter for the sole reason that they can differentiate more in windows phone ecosystem.

      Microsoft is going strong this year and the foreseeable future, and they pledge to go ‘All in’ in terms of marketing both windows 8 and windows phone 8 platform.

      To be honest its makes much more sense if you have a giant partner like Microsoft that will do the advertising for you, wouldn’t you agree?

    • @zi

      “Embrace, extend, and extinguish”,also known as “Embrace, extend, and exterminate”, is a phrase that the U.S. Department of Justice found was used internally by Microsoft to describe its strategy for entering product categories involving widely used standards, extending those standards with proprietary capabilities, and then using those differences to disadvantage its competitors.

    • @steelicon – well with significant marketshare Microsoft can indeed do that again, but we are talking about mobile platform here.

      The tables have turned and Microsoft is the underdog here, the monopolizing giant are Apple and Android who solely dominate the mobile scene.

      Microsoft enter the game means more choices for us consumers. It also introduce more competition. More competition amongst the Giants (apple, google, Microsoft in this case). is always good.

      It brings innovation and differentiation. Like now Apple was so complacent with their iPhone by giving us an update of ‘copy and paste’ after a year of its infancy. The competition forced them to adapt technologies and innovations not in their roadmap so to speak.

      In the end it will force these giant to give us better value for our money. so its win for us consumers. :)

    • @zi

      To completely understand what is going on today, we need to study history.

      It has been done by Microsoft to several companies before, the most notable one being Netscape VS. Internet Explorer.

      Netscape had almost 100% market share, Internet Explorer almost none.

      Is Internet Explorer the best web browser today?

  14. wish there’s an edit function pardon the engrish… lol

  15. Mahlditality

    I’d say give it a chance…

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