What is the ideal Screen Size?

If you would look at the trends on mobile technology, you’d observe massive changes in screen size. Back in 2007, 3.5 inches was already enough; it was big. The likes of the HTC HD2 was even considered to be very exotic and enormous at 4.3 inches.

Then, Android came along with Windows Mobile, and sooner, Windows Phone. The Nexus one brought a 3.7” AMOLED display into the table, and what came next was a series of screen upgrades. The first Samsung Galaxy S had a 4 inch display, which was a key selling point against the iPhone 4. Again, Google indirectly made that a standard through the Nexus S.

Little more time passed, the next wave of phones came – the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Sensation and the others. Bigger and clearer displays seemed to appeal to the consumer, so maybe the companies thought: Let’s make our products bigger!

Here they went again. The Galaxy Nexus sets a 4.65 inch screen size standard and from that, the likes of the Optimus 4X HD, the One X and the S III emerged. Admit it or not, the iPhone was pressured to change its screen size because of the competition.

On the other side of the coin, everyone seemed to like the 9.7 inch iPad. In fact, the majority would pick an iPad over an Android tablet. Google aimed quite lower with the 7 inch Nexus 7 and it was a success. Because of Google’s control on the 7 inch tablet market, Apple came out with its own representative, the iPad Mini.

It’s also true that some people would still stick to their large tablets, which is probably why Google launched a Nexus 10, but the average consumer would definitely pick something lighter and cheaper without much compromise.

Just recently, 5 inch phones are popping out in every corner (that may be a hint of what to expect next year).  Let’s also not forget the highly successful Galaxy Note 2 with the gargantuan 5.5 inch display. Suddenly, the idea of 13 inch tablets evaporated and the thought of having a ‘phablet’ seems less weird now.

The idea leaves us wondering, would we see the day where screen sizes will stop changing? And at what display size? Maybe next year, we’ll see an iPad Nano to compete with the ‘phablets’; who knows? Tablets are getting smaller and phones are getting bigger. If they do meet half way, there is a possibility that ‘phablets’ are the future.

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  1. Sanctuarian06

    4″ is enough.

  2. dell streak 5 owner here, it was way ahead of it’s time when they launch this device. Nobody appreciated the 1st 5 inch screen phablet

  3. thecorrescode

    Agree. But not the elongated 4″ of iPhone. Tipong mala Xperia Play na 4″.

  4. dell streak 5 owner here, it was way ahead of it’s time when they launched this device. Nobody appreciated the 1st 5 inch screen phablet

  5. I agree with chaboink, phablets with around 5″ screens are ideal for me, but 5.5″ is probably the limit :p

    I wasn’t familiar with dell streak at the time, I was using an xpeira active back then… it had a 3.5″ screen so I was reluctant of the 5″ giant phones lol the s-pen was the one that really got my attention XD

    And the note’s size already fits well with my pockets, and no… their not ridiculously-big-pockets :p if you can fit your hand in your pockets, then it’s the note can fit right in ;)
    I’m not sure if anything bigger than 5.5″ would be acceptable :p

  6. chinitoguy

    4.3 to 4.5 inches is I think the ideal size. I own a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I find my phone’s screen size a little big but acceptable. I can’t imagine owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or any phone with a 5 inch screen. Its just too big to carry and what’s the point of owning it if I already own a 7 inch tablet.

  7. 3.5″ for smartphones and 8″ for the tablet-perfect pair…

  8. Jcnjcjcnjc

    Dell streak was indeed ahead of its time, 5″ needs power which until now the technology just catch with screen size. For phone, less than 5″, phablet less than 6″, reader tablet less than 8″. For large one, 10-12″.
    Another important thing is the resolution, next generation phone ad tablet should at least have 350 ppi. Droid DNA now have more than 400ppi.

  9. 4″ or at least phones with around 60mm width if the phone’s back side is sharp and “box type” like xperia P.. but up to 64mm width if it’s back is curved like lenovo p700i and galaxy S advance

  10. I have a titan and yeah, i must say that it’s quite big. but i too must say that a 4inch screen is a bit small. 4.3 or 4.7 could be the way to go.

  11. benchmark

    hmmm for me I think between 4 and 5 inches for a phone…bigger than that, parang mahirap na hawakan sa isang normal size na kamay…

    For me, phone should be comfortable to hold and use, plus clear at madaling mabasa.

  12. Maybe 5″ is the max for a true smart”phone”.
    I got an S3 instead of the Note 2 simply because I like going out and want all my things in my slim-fit jeans.

    But anyway, it doesn’t really matter how large the screen will be in the future; manufacturers should find the right timing.

    Dell streak released a big-screen phone in the time when people are not ready for such product. Timing is the key.

  13. I thought 4″ was the greatest until I got a hold of a 4.3″ phone.

    Now I have a 4.65″ phone and I want to go back to 4.3″ or get around with a 4.5″ phone.

  14. 4.3-5.5 inches for phones !

  15. 3-5″ – phone
    5.1-6.9″ – phablet
    7″-11.6″ – tablet

  16. 3.5 – 4? for smartphones

  17. 4.8″ for phone (GS3)
    7″ for tablet (playbook) perfect for games, email and little app.

    just make it thin please…..

  18. Still boils down to the user. by average users, probably 3.5″. I own a 5.5″ and it’s not bad but that’s probably because I don’t commute. Commuters might find it hard to carry 5″ in their pockets.

    For tablets, haven’t own a 7 incher. But really, 7.9″ is pure BS. It’s Tim’s way of eluding what he announced back when he said Apple won’t be making 7 inch tablet. We all know the main target of the mini is the 7″ market and Tim realizes (too late though) the potential of this market too.

  19. dvancleef

    3.5-4″ for phones (Apple got it right the first time, Galaxy S2 at 4.3″ is already too big for me to operate one-handed comfortably)
    7″ for an email/game/facebook/twitter device
    10″ for something that will replace a notebook on short trips

  20. 5.5 for smartphone and 7.9 for tablet.

  21. Marcelino

    – 4 to 5 inches for smartphones.

    Anything more than 5 inches is already considered a ‘phablet’.

    – More than 5 inches to 6 inches for phablets.

    Anything more than that is already a tablet.

  22. the casing dimension on note 2 is the limit…but they could fit a bigger screen on that by making it edge to edge , narrowing the bezel(razr)and removing physical buttons (nexus 4)……think edge to edge and multiple screen is the future….

  23. Basta kasya sa at afford ng bulsa, size won’t matter. :)

  24. I own an xperia mini, when I tried Galaxy s3/note it was like whoa! Ang laki at ang linaw.
    I love ultra-portable gadgets kaya:
    Ok na ko sa 3″-3.5″ smartphone.
    Sa tablet 7″ sapat na.


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