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June 17, 2014

Angry Birds Transformers: Autobirds vs Deceptihogs

A new franchise of the popular game from Rovio is soon to hit stores and this time, it would be themed with the Hasbro robots that we’ve loved from way before. The Angry Birds Transformers will still revolve on the ever-long battle between the birds and hogs and will have “birds disguised as robots in disguise”.


Though there’s no news on how exactly its gameplay would go, we can only imagine having its iconic way of gaming..but of course with robotic pigs and birds transforming! Both Rovio and Hasbro are also planning to release products like NFC-powered telepods that are for sale alongside the app. Just like before, acquiring one gives your in-game character power-ups and unique abilities.

We’ve seen quite a lot of different franchise in the past like the RPG-styled Angry Birds Epic and Angry Birds Star Wars that got its fans excited. The game will have a timely release with the new Transformers movie so we’re expecting both fans of the classic animation and of the game to bite into this.

The game, once it becomes available, will most likely be free just like its previous versions and will only charge players with in-app purchases.


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2 Responses to “Angry Birds Transformers: Autobirds vs Deceptihogs”

  1. Hen-Sheen says:

    Hasbro and Rovio? “Planning to release products like NFC-powered telepods”, this could be a possible Skylanders/Figz thing in the works? BTW can’t wait for Grimlock next month!

  2. jarren says:

    Cool..yeah gamagandang concept sana naman adventure to na parang real transformer.

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