Accessing Smart Bro Portal on my laptop

I was with Ajay all evening last night at Starbucks Adriatico in Malate for some very confidential undercover project. :p

Thinking that the Starbucks branch there had Airborne Access internet, I brought my laptop with me so we could do some online stuff. I was mistaken.

However, there was this wifi access point available somewhere which my laptop detected. The name of the network suggested that it was from Meridian (or SmartBro) but I was surprised I was able to connect to the network. Surfing wasn’t any good though as I could not get anything.

A few re-connection tries later and my browser was pulling some web page. I really though I got in but again got surprised again that I was redirected to the Smart Bro Portal page. I took a screen shot below:

Smart Bro Portal

Was that supposed to happen? I entered my Airborne Access account hoping that, since Smart/PLDT also owns AA, I could login successfully. Nay. What if I use a SmartBro account?

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  1. ako din mbagal ang connection,panay nga tawag ko sa smartbro para ayusin signal ko,3 times na nga binago location ng antenna ganun pa din.

  2. mga kuya… wala po bang smartbro hack kahit mabagal lang paturo naman po ………plsssssss hirap po kasi maghanap ng free internet for smartbro kit MF100……..

  3. putang ina kayo SMART TELECOM! MADAYA KAYO! sa ang galing ng download at upload ninyo!peru ginamit ko yung software na binigay sa akin na walang bahid politika, 0.7kbps lang ang ibibilis ng download ninyo!mga puta!