How much are telcos losing on FB & Twitter?

Last Christmas, the trend started with people shifting from sending out text messages on their phone to just using Facebook and Twitter to greet friends and loved ones.

We estimated as much as Php50 million could have been lost to Facebook just on Christmas eve.

This year, people have been using Facebook and Twitter way more than a year ago and it’s not just during Christmas or New Year’s day.

Counter-measures were made to offset that shift with telcos offering unlimited access to Facebook and many other social networking sites (for a daily flat rate between Php20 to Php25).

But the trend still remains — people send less SMS and using social networking sites like FB or Twitter as an alternative. How much the telcos are losing from this shift is unknown but maybe we can do some rough estimates.

Last time I checked, there are around 18 million accounts on Facebook from the Philippines. If we can figure out how much less an average FB user send text messages in favor of FB messages to greet people, that could one way of extrapolating the figure.

So, how much less have you bee texting and using FB or Twitter instead to send out greetings this holiday season?

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  1. Kenneth

    One thing I can say about Smart is that they figured out a way to recoup some of the loses as a result of FB. At least in some cases. For example when you subscribe to Smart Unli 50 1day/unli internet surfing, if you fire off facebook in your browser, you get charged and additional 20pesos for accessing facebook, and you are automatically tagged/charged for unlifacebook20. niloko ka na nga ng smart, pinalilitaw ka pa na bobo, since you registered for unli surf already you are made to appear as having registered pa for unli facebook.

    Hi Yuga/Abe, just incase you know someone in Smart maybe they can fix this if it was an unintentinal bug to make more money.

    Thanks. Happy New Year!

  2. there is no way that telcos are losing money. they are gaining more… due to fb and twitter..


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