Smart adds 6 new options to its All-In service

In an effort to provide more options to their subscribers, Smart Communications has announced 6 new service buckets to its All-In postpaid plans.

The new buckets include two Tri-Net services, two Trio-Talk packages and an Unli Call and Text combo. The other one, Always-On 300, isn’t exactly new. However, the telco has increased the data allocation for the service by 50MB without additional cost. For a more detailed look at these new offerings, check out the image below:

smart all in

For more information about the Smart All-In postpaid plan, you can check out our previous post here.

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  1. Lakakaka

    WTF is wrong with smart?! 999 a month for unli calls and texts to smart and tnt without sun and only 1 gig of data?! The 30 month unli call and text service only used to be 600! Aba sobra naman greedy ng smart! Sana puwede ko parin gamitin yung old keyword ng unli call and text na 600 lang!

    • bakla ka

      neng wala naman nagbabawal sayo gamitin yung existing na keywords. additional services yan. intindihin ng konti ang binabasa.

    • @Lakakaka: Toinks! :)

    • @Lakakaka if its really 30 month unli call and text for 600, then it really is something to be angry about..

  2. sana meron sila parang sa mega all 250 parang sa prepaid kasi unfair sa mga postpaid… mas maganda pa yung promo ng prepaid. mas maraming minutes, text at may internet usage pa..

    • Me prefix nga lang sa mga prepaid, while direct dial na agad for calls sa postpaid

  3. she_ina83

    Wow, kasama na rin yung pldt landline calls? Ang magagamit ko diyan Trinet400 plus yung Always On 500.

    Nagtataka nga ako bakit yung Always On 300 nila 250MB lang yung data, pero sa prepaid and sa broadband 300MB naman.


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