Beats reaches ‘Executive’ level with new headphones

Beats is a popular brand amongst young audiophiles mostly because of its colorful range of products and celebrity endorsements. Now Beats is trying to expand its popularity to professionals who prefer headphones that match their suits and briefcases.

Enter the Beats Executive headphones — a new line of headphones from Beats Electronics and its first product after its breakup with Monster.

Instead of glossy plastic, the Executive is made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and hand-stitched leather. This kind of build gives the Executive a very professional look minus the bright eye-catching colors. It also has noise-cancelling features that are powered using AAA batteries, an airline adaptor (perfect for business travelers) and an iOS-compatible microphone with built-in remote.

The Beats Executive headphones are expected to arrive in the US in October for $299 or around PhP12,500.


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  1. LOL Audiophiles? I should probably let you know audiophiles hate Beats. Just go to

    Anyone wearing Beats is anything but an audiophile.

    • i agree! soon china will copy this design then sold in places like divisoria…

  2. LOL Audiophiles? Do you even know that Beats are widely hated by audiophiles?

    Check out what says about Beats.

    Anyone using Beats can be called anything but an audiophile.

  3. Getting this as part of my collection.

  4. LOL Audiophiles? You do know audiophiles hate Beats right?

    • yeah we heard you.. no need to keep on posting your rant…i don’t care on this bec i have denon’s

    • yeah we heard you.. no need to keep on posting your rant…i don’t care on this bec i have denon…

  5. MONSTER = overhyped, overpriced

    although i might get that Monster Purity Pro to match the lumia 920

    • para po sa inyong kaalaman, wala na pong kinalaman ang Monster Cable sa headphone na ‘to.

  6. keenobserver

    LOL mau5trap?why u so mad and affected?

    • I agree, super OA emotional outburst for a gadget, feel na feel!

    • LOL the website kept blocking my comment, so I entered one three times. The author probably didn’t want me to point out these aren’t for audiophiles.

  7. Not a fan of Beats product lineup, I would highly recommend the V-Moda M-80 it’s well balance headphone for a price of $199.

  8. Same quality sa Griffin Bolts lang ang Beats.

  9. for a 12k++? price tag hindi ko sasayangin pera ko sa ganito..hahaha after a month or so may lilitaw nanaman nito sa facebook or sulit na fake….

  10. kung maka react naman kayo, although hated talaga naming mga audiophiles ang beats ,

  11. Why the fuck are you all such beat haters, your’e already saying these things suck before you’ve eaven seen or hered them.



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