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AdBrite and AdSense

I have been doing some research for almost a week now about using Adbrite in conjuction with Google Adsense (GA).

From what I’ve read in forums, AdBrite is allowed to run on the same page as AdSense. However, the question that both ads almost look the same might be a borderline case with GA’s TOS.

Anyway, I went back and checked some more. I checked back on Inq7.net’s AdBrtie network ads and they do appear on the same page as their premium Adsense account (does Premium mean you get more than $10k/month?). Aside from the fact that Inq7.net lowered its monthly price from $950 to $270.75 even though their daily homepage stats are 47,000 unique visitors and 120,000 pageviews, both AdBrite and Adsense are present so I guess it’s legit to do the same with all my blogs.

Aside from Inq7.net, Friendster is also doing the same (if you noticed the bottom ads). At a whooping $2,500 for a day’s worth of link ads, you’d get 400,000 unique visitors and 34,000,000 pageviews per day with a majority of it coming from the Philippines and Malaysia.

Did you know Orkut (Google’s version of Friendster) is most popular in Brazil than anywhere else, with more than half of the 14 Million members coming from there.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

17 Responses

  1. Avatar for mayank makholia mayank makholia says:

    very helpful information. thanks for this

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  3. Avatar for bath panel bath panel says:

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  4. Avatar for Sporty Techie Sporty Techie says:

    Great article, sort of a mini review. Personally, I found adbrite much more of a convenience since adsense is a pain in the ass. Adsense is very strict and read a lot of negative comments about rejecting or banning your site without basis. Adsense is easier to setup and you got a lot more control over your ads.

  5. Avatar for Marks Marks says:

    Adbrite can serve Google Adsense code within its own zone as well as it can serve also other ad networks from its ad code. Great idea right?

  6. Avatar for Wahab Wahab says:

    Can we advertise an adsense driven site using adbrite? Does it profits by doing that?

  7. Avatar for jessie jessie says:

    Adbrite pays way below adsense but adsense just got more strict.

  8. Avatar for jps61974 jps61974 says:

    i have been using Adbrite for 2 days now (thanks to Google for banning me from the Adsense program). The payout is much lower than Adsense (ranging from 3-5 cents mostly for CPC). However, you have so much control in the ads that will be shown in your sites.

    i use it in conjunction with bidvertiser (both pay at lower minima as compared to Adsense: $50 for Adbrite and $10 for bidvertiser. The good thing about Adbrite is it’s not as strict as Adsense when it comes to putting ads on your site. Gambling sites can also benefit from this (in the standpoint of being a publisher, though i don’t advocate gambling). The number of advertisers increase every 4 hours in my case. It only takes some patience before you can earn big bucks but it’s better than nothing. The thing that I don’t like is the poor control panel as there is no chance you can change your email address, location, etc. You can only change the minimum amount that you wish to be paid for serving ads.

    I can’t much also about this program since my ads earning has yet to be seen.

  9. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    Jet_5, what’s your site?

    AdBrute? hehe

  10. Avatar for Jet_5 Jet_5 says:

    I agree to web2earn. he/she really does make a lot of sense. In fact, I had run over some articles about making BIG BUCKS on the internet and those strategies work with wonders.

    About adbrite? well, i cant say much since i still havent recieved any payments from them. in my stats, im earning around 9,000 PHP – 12,000 PHP a month.

    And about Adsense, they kicked me out. They told me I have been asking people to click on my ads. Are they crazy?! I mean, how can I ask thousands of people to click on my ads everyday? I followed the terms and stuffs like that. but still…. (i have been earning 10,000 PHP – 15,000 PHP a month from them).

    Well, lets just hope adbrite aint a scum site. I noticed popular websites dropping their adbrite ads and my payout is a little bit late.

    Ps. Have you guys ever wondered how surfers HATES ads?
    If I was a surfer, i would hate them too! Hehehe

  11. Avatar for Benjie Benjie says:


    Can linkshare.com programs be used side by side with googles adsense?


  12. Avatar for Web2earn Web2earn says:

    Excellent topic and you covered it nicely. Adsense is indeed a huge player in the online advertising world and I believe any tips and guides are appreciated. Of course, while millions of publishers are running Adsense, only a handful are making serious money off it. As far as I’m concerned, the best way to make money with Adsense is to develop a website or blog on a niche topic that should also be something you are interested in. Hobby-related sites have the best chances of keeping you, as their webmaster, happy and involved, and this will soon show in the number of visitors and the amounts of money you make.

    Another vital thing to consider is ad style and placement. I prefer to use a similar structure for all my websites – one that was proven to work. I will share this with you as I believe in reciprocal help through free advice – I also learned A LOT from browsing blogs such as this and other webmaster resources on Adsense. Ok, so getting back to ad placement: I love the idea of placing a 120×90 or 160×90 adlink box on the left side menu of my sites, in the top left corner, just below the banner. Have a look at my website, and get more tips on How to make money with Google Adsense and look at the area below the graphic saying “Online money” – it will house a nice 160×90 adlinks box soon after my site receives enough traffic.

    The second good spot to place a 250×250 or 300×250 ad box is in the article text. Loose the border and make the background of the ads the same as your web background (same is true for the adlink placement mentioned above. The final touch comes with a final ad placed at the end of each araticle. Consider the article a path that leads to the final conclusion – exactly where the ads are. You can also place a small graphic image to the left of the ads, so that they are more attractive from a visual point of view.

    By using such an ad placement most of my sites get CTRs of 10%-15% all the time

    Give it a try and let me know if this sort of ad placement worked in your particular cases – I am also doing a study on this which I will eventually publish on my web2earn.com Google Adsense case study
    Best regards,


  13. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Hi Chymera,

    Adsense is the prime source while AdBrute serves just as an alternative.

  14. Avatar for chymera chymera says:

    hello … nice blog :D

    I’m a newbie at monetizing blogs …
    Which is more profitable? adsense or adbrite?

    What kind of sites would be more successful with adbrite?

    I was thinking of putting them in my blog … iloiloonline.blogspot.com

  15. Avatar for AhmedF AhmedF says:

    Google’s stance has always been that you cannot have other ‘contextual matched’ advertising on your site. Thus, as long as adbrite (and stuff like chikita) is explicitly told what to match for and does not analyze the page itself, it is okay.

    In regards to Premium – from what I have heard, it is about impressions, not revenue. The cut off is around 25,000,000 monthly impressions to get into premium.

  16. Avatar for vbignacio vbignacio says:

    hi yugs

    its been a long time since my last post and its good to be posting here once more.

    ade, many have asked Google but their answer is always vague. and many webmasters are doing it, and i never encountered a forum post about getting banned because of it.

    if you dont want to risk your account, you can always rotate them so they wont show on your page the same time.

    i read somewhere about a publisher with both ads on his pages getting an email from the adsense team asking him to change a few things in his site for compliance reasons but there was no request to remove his adbrite ads. he said: “…if it was an issue then he would have been asked to reconsider that particular aspect.” makes sense to me.

  17. Avatar for ade ade says:

    Orkut used to be great (was an early adopter), but since Brazilians have invaded it I couldn’t understand a single thing on it. Even my testimonials page is full of Portugese posts.

    And about AdBrite and AdSense… Interesting. How come it’s not a violation?

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