Guesstimate: iPhone 4 Price on Globe

People have been asking me how much would the newly announced iPhone 4 will be priced once it arrives in the Philippines. There’s no exact answer to that but it doesn’t mean we can’t make a guesstimate.

When the iPhone 3GS was announced last year by Apple, they placed the post-paid price of the 16GB and 32GB at $199 and $299, respectively. The iPhone 4 is also at that same price point.

iphone 4 philippines

When the iPhone 3GS was officially announced by Globe, its official/exclusive Philippine carrier, the prices are as follows:

iPhone Prepaid Kits

iPhone 3GS 16GB – Php38,850
iPhone 3GS 32GB – Php42,250

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Globe Regular Postpaid Plans (16GB)
Plan 500 – Php29,500
Plan 800 – Php25,350
Plan 1200 – Php23,100
Plan 1800 – Php19,050
Plan 2500 – Php11,850
Plan 3500 – Php3,950
Plan 5000 – Free
Plan 7000 – Free
Plan 10000 – Free

Globe Regular Plans (32GB)
Plan 500 – Php35,100
Plan 800 – Php30,950
Plan 1200 – Php28,700
Plan 1800 – Php24,650
Plan 2500 – Php17,450
Plan 3500 – Php9,550
Plan 5000 – Php1,000
Plan 7000 – Free
Plan 10000 – Free

Barring any other factors, including foreign exchange rates and other tariffs, we can expect the iPhone 4 to be within a close vicinity of these prices if not exactly the same (I’d give it a 10% variance).

Globe has recently discounted the prices of the remaining iPhone 3GS in their inventory which supports the premise of this theory.

Here’s one thing I think I’m very confident of — the iPhone 4 16GB will be free on Plan 5000 and the iPhone 4 32GB will be free on Plan 7000.

The earliest expected availability of the iPhone 4 is September but Globe insiders peg it at 4th quarter of this year.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

134 Responses

  1. Avatar for Holan Holan says:

    iPhone 5 is coming next year Q2..

  2. Iphone’s are really easy to get here in the UK. A lot of carriers here offer iphone 3GS/4 plans at an affordable price..
    I got my iphone4 16gb at GBP99 and GBP30 monthly and the plan really works for me.

    I used to “not get” why people love the iphone, but as soon as I held my iphone4 i “got it”..

    Best money I’ve ever spent. Its like buying a digital camera, camcorder, dictaphone, and a whole load of other stuffs in one beautiful package..

  3. Avatar for vrb vrb says:


  4. Avatar for Folie à Deux Folie à Deux says:

    How often does Apple deliver iPhone4s to Globe PH?
    We just ordered…about 3 days na.
    just wanna ask you guys about how many days or weeks or even months will you receive your iPhone4?


    Does MYSUPERUNLI 599 exceed prices?
    I mean we had iPhone3G and we brought it back to Globe after paying the bills. Plan2k+ I think.. and after 2 months the bill was 10k+ . I said WHOAAA!
    that’s too big. because I was in a Month Unlimited Texts Globe to Globe . and I had’nt called much after I subscribed to that.. and still the bills were “higher than I expected” . turns out I’m not the only one who knows that Globe sucks. But What Can I Do?
    I want iPhone4 so badly. That it Had’nt Come up to me that Globe’s bills are “off-the-capacity” .. though I hope it does’nt exceed that much. :)

    Please I need Answers A.S.A.P.
    Thanks So Much Guys!
    Godbless and Have a nice week!

  5. Avatar for avril avril says:

    by the way there is no antenna issues..try it and you will love it..FACE TIME..SKYPE AND HUNDRED OF THOUSAND APPLICATIONS WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHHH..LOVE IT TLAGA!

  6. Avatar for avril avril says:

    @yujinroy i got one from singapore last august the price is almost the same price here..i think apple has only one price in any country and bcoz of that it will avoid to smuggle the singapore they love iphone than any smartphone available benz vs. japanese car hehehe..iphone is like benz.

  7. Avatar for dotslasbin dotslasbin says:

    I think Iphone4 is good, except for its very popular “Death grip” problem, where if held a certain way (sad to say, the conventional way) , the signal of the carrier drops down.

    Now, I have read many articles regarding this, and I am wondering if this happens to globe? does it?has anyone here tried to see if that “death grip” problem occurs?

  8. Avatar for brixter brixter says:

    @ 50k you can play unreal engine games on iphone4 and that’s cheap, btu im also getting 3ds.

    But it would be hard to use this phone on public.

  9. Avatar for david david says:

    Brand New Apple Iphone4 32GB Factory Unlocked

    Sealed. With one year Apple Warranty

    Price: 43,000

    meet up, metro manila area. Preferred area for meet up is at Trinoma mall.
    Text me your location maybe we can work things out.

    My item is on hand na. I have 3 units here and 3 units arriving tomorrow.

    I can cut your simcard na din.

    email me at [email protected]
    or text me at 09228885765


  10. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    A matter of choice… if you have money to spend, why not? So many comments about iPhone being overpriced here in the Philippines… I think they just want to pressure telcos to lower their price so that these people could afford it… If telcos changes the price of the iPhone to a much affordable one, more people buying=more revenue! So I don’t agree with these people who bashes telcos because of “overpricing”, be contented with what you have, kung wala kang pambili, manahimik ka na lang!

  11. Avatar for Sachi Sachi says:

    I have to correct you sorry:
    -Iphone 4 has flash and has multitasking
    -There are thousands of freebie apps and a good app wld cost you like 43 pesos. Those highly priced ones even goes on sale or even for free
    -I have never heard anyone had experienced dropped calls or bad signal, in my area that is. I also havent encountered any from my network. If you are referring to the US issue then it doesnt affect other countries
    -bad earphones? Havent really heard of any phone company that offers a fab one. Also, you can always replace it with a good and fancy one

    I agree on the expensive part but really you’re not buying it just for the “coolness” of it. If you ever get one, lemme know how you find it. Ãœ sorry i cant help but correct your misconception.

  12. Avatar for Dennison Uy Dennison Uy says:

    I personally think that the iPhone 4 is overhyped. Among its issues are:

    1. dropped calls / signal loss
    2. too expensive
    3. no flash
    4. no multitasking
    5. terrible battery life
    6. expensive apps
    7. bad headphones
    8. looks good but hard to hold / handle

    Still, it’s the COOLNESS factor that make many go after it.

  13. Avatar for ralphcorsiga ralphcorsiga says:

    iPhone 4 will be released by Globe Telecom on September 26, 2010..

    Prices are below…

    16GB – 37499
    32GB – 43499

    Already reserved one!!

  14. Avatar for tech tech says:

    bought mine at mega exchange sm moa 3 weeks ago for 63+k, so far its been my game companion. lol! but kidding aside, i love the fact that i dont have to go and open my laptop just to surf the internet, watch videos or download files, chat, etc. it just looks so fragile and cant help but be extra careful.

  15. Avatar for mg mg says:

    buy iphone in sg..aroung P30k lang…ang catch eh 3weeks delivery…got mine already…i cant find micro sim in globe, and they said pang ipad palang…so I cut my sim…ayun…it worked naman…:))

  16. Avatar for Thonicz Thonicz says:

    Lol, that specs for that price? It’s not worth it, there are a lot of phones out there that would entirely make a big difference on that price than the Iphone 4.

    It’s the name that you pay for anyway XD

  17. Avatar for yeah23 yeah23 says:

    It’s better to spend Php 50,000 for a decent Notebook or a high-end Desktop PC than for just a phone that has reception problems. Only an idiot would spend a lot of money for a phone.

    Come on, i realized that majority of those who are willing to buy iPhone 4 are total fanboys/Apple evangelizers! Please, learn to spend your money wisely at least…because money isn’t that easy to earn nowadays. Wise people think before they do something.

  18. Avatar for Holan Holan says:

    Try nyu mag iPhone4 with Brothers In Arms 2, parang nka XBOX360 kayo..hehehe..ganda talaga!

    iPhone4 Estimated price 16gb = 48,500
    32gb = 52,500

  19. Avatar for Francess Francess says:

    Lol… Postpaid yan naka 2 years sa atnt yan.. Pag no contract po 600 $ po ang unit na 16gb. 700$ 32gb.

  20. Avatar for nikz nikz says:

    hmm tanung q lang.. dba conversion ngaun ng dollar to peso was estimated $1 = 46 php..tama ba? Kung tama, ang price said frequently for 4g 16gig and 32gig was less than 14K php..hmm.. kahit kasi sa internet yung 3gs ay around $199 to $299 equivalent again to less than 14K php dito saten in terms of dollars na sinabi.. hayz hehe pakiexplain nga .. I HIGHLY APPRECIATE THAT HAHA :) THANKS.. nikz..

  21. Avatar for redh redh says:

    Sad to say but globe will launch iphone 4 sometime in October not September got that info from Globe officer, would rather get Samsung Galaxy S.

  22. Avatar for marts marts says:

    53,400 – 32GB
    48,400 – 16GB



  23. Avatar for barat barat says:

    exage tlaga sa pinas! dito sa SG S$888 lang (888 x 32 = 28k). grabe walang pagasa talaga.

  24. Avatar for elaine elaine says:

    how much is your iPhone 4G? and where can i buy it?

  25. Avatar for kathatonic kathatonic says:

    I feel the pain when everyone say it’s expensive. It is going to be expensive, in the Philippines that is. But I don’t understand why people try to criticize the phone just because it’s expensive. It is no hype and overrated phone- if you are an owner of one, you might understand why people are actually buying it.Ãœ. Sorry to quote you, I know that you are voicing your concern lang naman pero at least credible ka dapat sana.

    I am a Nokia user all my life, and just recently turned to iPhone 4. It’s the best move that I have done so far.

    Pleasee note that iPhone for where I am staying right now is very cheap so medyo nagulat nga ako sa mga prices na sinasabi nyo. Sobrang greedy naman pero just the same as explained by many, it’s supposedly maraming patong patong na taxes. Such a shame. Just get it from another country then just cut of your sim! Shempre you have to be careful in doing so, just check this site out:

    Approximate prices over here
    No contract- 26k for 16G, 31k for 32 G
    Cheapest contract- 14k for 16G, 18,600k for 32G

  26. Avatar for pumpkin76 pumpkin76 says:

    too costly guys..ANTENNAE ISSUE, not affected in SG! prices will be 16G SGD 880+ around 29k+ & 32G SGD 1048 around 34.5k+ jan satin not practical coz limited lng un WIFI area..d2 required ata kse lhat ng tao nka iphone even elementary kids! kse WIFI spot almost lhat ng location even MRT STATION.

  27. Avatar for lito lito says:

    the price will be the same as the iphone 3gs. prepaid 38,850 and 42,250 16/32gb. hoping to have one if lower than that or d same.

  28. Avatar for Wacko Wacko says:

    My guess 45k to 53k on prepaid ,

  29. Avatar for hazel hazel says:

    wew 50.000 ba ang presyo?

  30. Avatar for oricon oricon says:

    i couldnt agree more to crazy_cavitena .. iphone 4 is a bomb elsewhere on developed countries,, it cost about 859$ for 16GB and 999$ for 32GB here in sydney,, its just sad to say that phils is a long way back the track on acquiring new phones like this,, coz in real world its really affordable and fits normal lifestyle with its functionality.

  31. Avatar for buknoy buknoy says:

    maxadong mahal..ehehe

  32. Avatar for Roland Roland says:

    @daniel (91) : That’s because the iPhones bought in US comes with a 24-month contract with AT&T.

    Anyway, I’m guessing the prepaid kit will fall on the 40-45k price range.

    I’m thinking of getting an iPhone plan or something.But with those issues with the iPhone 4 and iOS4, I think I’ll just get a 3GS, or better yet, stick to my 5800.

  33. Avatar for fanboy fanboy says:

    well. id stick to my 3gs. not worth the upgrade for me. probably ill wait till everything is polished. not worth the $ for a retina display or facetime. the only reason for me to upgrade is the spec upgrade, the camera well the flash too maybe but why the hell do i have a digicam and an slr for?! the antenna has issues. the os has issues. still too many other issues. i like the materials used just not the design its slim yes but flat for my taste i still like the feel of the 3gs. dont know still have doubts on the ip4.

  34. Avatar for HL HL says:


  35. Avatar for daniel daniel says:

    why in apple shop the iphone 3gs 8gb is only $99 and iphone 4 is $199 (16gb) and iphoe 4 (32gb) is $299 same price of ipod touch 8gb($199) 32gb($299) and

  36. Avatar for iphone 4 it is iphone 4 it is says:

    I am very excited for this but I want it cheaper though, haha.. but 42k for 32gb with retina display, capable of recording HD videos and LED flash plus a front facing camera with 500+ Ram in it seems like a good way to go. :D if it’s really 42k for iphone 4 32gb, I will definitely get one for me!

  37. Avatar for mundo mundo says:

    hay naku! wag na kayong bumili! dami nyong sinasabi na “expensive”,”sosyal”,”daming specs” natural yan kaya nga smartphone eh. simple lang yan WAG NA KAYONG BUMILI KUNG HINDI NYO KAYA ganun lang yun.

  38. Avatar for I hate winblows I hate winblows says:

    Apple products are not for everyone. It’s a shame the prices here in the Phils is higher than in Japan where the salaries are so much higher.

    Istore rep told me iPhone 4 would be here in July. Boloney! I’ll bet it won’t be here till December. HK! Factory unlocked is the way to go. Get a round trip ticket on Cebu PAC and still save!

  39. Avatar for yasmeanie yasmeanie says:

    i want to own one. anyway,how long does it take before globe approves your postpaid application. also, what’s a good alternative to iphone….something that falls between 25-34k? do you think it’s still worth it to get the iphone 3GS 16g or shall i just wait for the iphone4?

  40. Avatar for Ems Ems says:

    I wanna buy the new iphone or iphone 3gs however my problem is i don’t use Globe and I have no plans of using it

  41. Avatar for crazy_cavitena crazy_cavitena says:

    btw..I used to own Nokia phones when I was in the PI. I like that they are very user friendly. I still like them but it’s not popular here in the US. People here don’t really concern themselves too much about the OS of the phones, they care more about usability and everyday use.(at least the regular people and not the really techy ones)

  42. Avatar for crazy_cavitena crazy_cavitena says:

    hi! I just to comment on the other post saying that Iphone is not that popular in other countries. That’s not true. It’s a big craze here in the US. If you google new about Iphone sales you’ll see that people are practically waiting in line for 5 or more hours just to get them. I work at the AT&T call center in LA for their business department and even CEOs of major companies are asking for them. Blackberry devices are still popular in the corporate world but people are slowly turning to Iphones because they’re more user friendly, have lots of great applications and are now compatible with Microsoft Outlook for their corporate emails. And Iphones are pretty affordable here too. There’s hardly any price difference between the Android phones. And i think that the reason why many developed countries like the Iphones is because they work really well in their networks. All the features that Steve Jobs boasted work well here. My brother and some friends have the new iphone 4s already and they really like it, they could not hope for any better phone. I’m actually waiting for the white version that will come out in mid-July.

  43. Avatar for Liezel O. Espregante Liezel O. Espregante says:

    Php 50,500

  44. Avatar for diane diane says:

    it’s very unreasonably priced here in the philippines.
    Or scratch that. it has a reason why it’s so ill-priced. But all the supposed hype and taxes that add up to that oh-forsaken amount of money to pay for an iphone 4 just adds up to the reason why i should search for other smartphones which will definitely show my practicality now.

  45. Avatar for adrien lawrence miranda adrien lawrence miranda says:


  46. Avatar for dyezebel dyezebel says:


  47. Avatar for francess francess says:

    hi! is it possible na ba maunlocked ang iphone4? where? my mom bought it for 599$ sa US 16gb locked pa.please help.

  48. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    what is 879 euro or usd?

  49. Avatar for lemmor lemmor says:

    i phone 4 unlocked in uk d price is 879 UK p.

  50. I don’t care about those apple iphone 4 haters out there, insecure lang cla kasi di nila ma afford. basta aq, mag kokolecta aq ng mga apple products despite of the lacking features. I just love people saying “wow apple oh, sosyal” hahaha. well if u have the money, go ahead and buy dba? all in all the labels and brands counts ngaun dba? Para sa mga apple users jan cool kau! sa mga Nokia users well,…ang cheap nyo!:)

  51. Avatar for Cyril Erica Cyril Erica says:


  52. Avatar for alicia d . co alicia d . co says:


  53. Avatar for roy jan d. co roy jan d. co says:


  54. Avatar for Louie Louie says:

    hahaha.. well let’s see wasting 45K and having issues with the antenna, been following the Iphone 4 and reviews and found some issues with Iphone 4, screen discoloration and reception issues. Pag nadikit sa skin mawawala ang signal waaaahhh…. unless maglagay na lang ng Bumper Cases hehehe…fail fail fail…

  55. Avatar for jeje jeje says:

    mas mura nga sa iba ibang bansa they dont pay it on the devices as long as ur in plan.. free phone ika nga..

  56. Avatar for Justin Justin says:


  57. @Teknisyan My mom is paying more than 50,000 for my 32gb 3gs :| :)) :|

    iOS4 is awesome…i woke up 1am kanina just to download it…

    Yay…just a sharing…I already casted my guess so I can’t anymore :))

  58. Avatar for Neward Neward says:

    I think it’s Php 46,500.00

  59. Avatar for Melanie Mupada Melanie Mupada says:


  60. Avatar for lito lito says:

    My estimate amount is P46,475.00

  61. Avatar for Queene Chelle Dumancas Queene Chelle Dumancas says:

    estimate amount P 45,630.00

  62. Avatar for agentorenz agentorenz says:


  63. Avatar for 2risky 2risky says:

    @Ricky -Hindi gagana kahit anong sim sa iphone 4 na galing dito sa japan dahil naka lock sya sa softbank, kung gusto mo ng sim free na iphone 4 sa U.K. pa lang may available ng pre order without contract..

  64. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    Ganda Features ng iPhone 4 but you’ll have to buy to make it work useless yung facetime kung hindi iPhone to iPhone. the video feature is also awesome.

    I hope it won’t be price too much here so that many can buy

  65. Avatar for Ricky Ricky says:

    Sir Yuga, nabangit mo po na available n un micro sim sa pinas
    gagana ba yung iphone4 kong galing sa japan at kong gagamitan ko ng macro sim ng pinas?

    Salamat po,,

  66. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    @JOY – confirm sighting ba yung SM MANILA OR MOA Globe MicroSims?

    I just want to try the speed of their 3G.

    Currently using Smart MicroSim now with the 3G iPad.

    So far mabilis naman.

    According to my theory it will be possible to use the data only Sims of SmartBro Plug-it for the iPad.

  67. Avatar for Guestimator Guestimator says:

    @AJ don’t forget the iPad 3G requires a micro SIM.

  68. Avatar for Guestimator Guestimator says:

    @AJ don’t forget the iPad 3G which requires micro SIM.

  69. Avatar for AJ AJ says:

    its not yet officialy distributed on the market that is far as i know. kasi microsim technology is not yet used by most phone brands. kaya bakit magbebenta ng ganun ka dami ang globe kung wla namang available carrier ng new sim nila?…. kaya matatagalan pa ang iphone4 dto sa pinas…

  70. Avatar for joy joy says:

    @ efren sy try to go to sm manila (globe telecom) or in moa or glorietta. check them out.

  71. Avatar for Nicole Nicole says:

    There ARE microsim cards reportedly being sold by Globe. & there are also Sim Cuters for sale on E-bay which transforms your sim into a MICROSIM. Nothing is for free, ofcourse.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  72. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    @Yuga – Sir saan particular globe business center may Micro Sim

    Galing na ko sa Globe Valenzuela wala pa daw lahat.

    I would like to test the speed sana

  73. Avatar for AJ AJ says:

    AW matatagalan pa sa pinas toh hallerr.. this phone uses MICROSIM technology..which is unfortunately..WALA pa sa pinas^^… meaning mga simcards natin di magkakasya dto…

  74. Avatar for louie6380 louie6380 says:

    It’s too pricey!!! I would rather go for Nokia N8 and get the iPod Touch 4th Gen… Or possibly buy iPhone 4 elsewhere but totally not with Globe!!!

  75. Avatar for yohan yohan says:

    thanks for sharing :)

  76. Avatar for Ebengt0t Ebengt0t says:

    try mo sa ovi store o kaya sa mga wap sites kasi may mga modded din dun. Android talaga the best pagdating sa apps kasi kahit simpleng app lang useful talaga at madalas libre pa.

  77. Avatar for wong wong says:


    meron bang medical apps? so far puro games kasi nakikita ko..kung meron man hindi games..hindi ko maintindihan yung function remote..etc..iba nmn never heard..meron bang torrent sites na naka list down (categorize) na yung symbian OS?..parang apps store ng apple?..

    To anyone:

    maganda ba mag-android? terms of apps (preferably medical apps)?..

  78. Avatar for Ebengt0t Ebengt0t says:

    Iphone fanatics check this out.

  79. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Nah, there are a bunch of reasonably-priced devices here. Sometimes, its just a matter of how and where you get ’em ;)

  80. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    @Jon Nothing is reasonably priced here T_T

  81. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Yeah, I’d rather have an iPod touch 4th gen than an iPhone. I’d like my smartphone to be a serious one, not one like a overpriced toy-phone.

    I’d still get Android. If Windows Phone 7 is good, and reasonably priced, maybe I’d try that one out too.

  82. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    @xtian1986 – actually Apple products aren’t expensive IN OTHER COUNTRIES dito mahal talga pero pag nokia = iPhone pricing and marketing mag boboom ang iPhone dito

  83. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Refined? I don’t think so. Maybe it just looks elegant and classy. Refined, I highly doubt that. In developed countries, the iPhone isn’t still the biggest in the smartphone market. I think Blackberry still holds the number 1 spot in the US.

    The iPhone isn’t the only smartphone out there. There are still a lot of better phones to choose from. To say that it is the future, I’d say that’s pretty ignorant, or at least fanboy-ish.

  84. Avatar for spoiled_by_leaks spoiled_by_leaks says:

    kung ganun ka mahal – iPad na lang ako or iWait for iPod Touch 4th Gen baka by that time Retina Display na din sila… :)

  85. Avatar for marco marco says:

    to wong- downloading symbian apps is a breeze to do.

    just download it thru or other torrent sites like torrenttree, pirate-bay etc.

    ( assuming you know how to download stuffs thru torrents)

    pangit ang iphone 4. mas ok ang WAVE.. mas highend ang specs at very affordable price.. (20,000 more or less) plus in the near future eh madami na ang apps sa samsungapps.. and will be a big rival of apple.. hehehehe

  86. Avatar for jay jay says:

    If you have been to developed countries, you will see a lot of people using iPhones, its the future of mobile phones, call it a late bloomer or overrated, but iPhones are refined versions of all other cellphones out there :-) peace to all!

  87. Avatar for xtian1986 xtian1986 says:

    seriously the prices of Apple products are waaaay too overpriced, and all this Apple-hype aint making it any cheaper.


    fanboy much?!

  88. Avatar for fr0stbyte fr0stbyte says:

    I can build a freaking i7 system with that kind of moolah.. Sheeznick.

  89. Avatar for wong wong says:

    does anyone know where to find (or download) free symbian apps?

  90. Avatar for wong wong says:

    does anyone knows where to find (or download) free symbian apps?

  91. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    For Sure the Ever Trusty Greenhills Shopping Malls will be the first to have the iPhone 4th Gen

    Trusty and Dependable black market I must add!

  92. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    @Ebengt0t – Ok sana Android but mababa ang availability nya dito sa pinas… if i’m not mistaken.

  93. Avatar for Ebengt0t Ebengt0t says:

    Very expensive for unremarkable features. Kung apps lang din symbian nalang ako, hackable para pwede modded or unmodded apps at mas affordable pa kumpara dyan. Im n0t interested with the screen density, pixel count, sapphire glass screen na dagdag alalahanin. Android or symbian nalang ako.

  94. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    @yuga Nope I don’t think 3GS won’t be phasing out because Steve is still selling them for $99

    btw how big is the import tax here compared to others?

    • Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

      @Joshua – ahh yes, I stand corrected. Globe recently announced the 8GB is free at Plan 3500.

      Import tax varies and can go up to 100% like with luxury cars.

  95. Avatar for mico mico says:

    guys ask ko lang kung open na sila for reservation?
    nagtanong kasi ako after ng launch ng 4, tapos sabi nila wala pa daw advisory about sa product.


  96. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @Efren – HK has no import tax and no VAT. Philippines has 12% VAT and high import tax.

    @jkisagari – I think they’ll phase it out.

  97. Avatar for Leo Leo says:

    even if a have money lying around.. hindi ko pa rin bibilhin yan. overhyped-overpriced.

  98. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    You’re probably right. Why else would there be a barrage of comments about Globe not treating their current (loyal) subscribers right and always (always!) giving new ones the red carpet treatment.

    They lure you in, wring you dry, then leave you hanging in the air. @[email protected]

    Anyhow, pasingit na rin, any guesstimates as to how much would the iPhone 3GS 8GB cost? Me thinks of getting one (or maybe I should just wait for the iPod Touch 4 and stick with my E72 XD)

  99. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    why are electronics cheaper in Hong Kong and Singapore and so much expensive in the Philippines.

    Obama said: “CORRUPTION!!!”

  100. Avatar for Efren Sy Efren Sy says:

    The only simple and direct answer to that is,
    All Filipinos wants to make big money fast, that is why from the start the item arrives here bunch of taxes has to be paid to government official and also from the importer.

    “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES” right you are!!!

    trust me based on present experience

  101. Avatar for jade bryan jade bryan says:

    Please don’t post your blog url here. So annoying to see. Nawawalan ako ng gana basahin yung comments.

    Economics lg yan with a little psychology.

    Law of suplly and demand plus the people like to show off iPhones and they feel that they holding the most SMARTest phone. So that would be the causes of that price.

  102. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    I think the reason why the iPhone, or any gadget, is more expensive here in the Philippines is bacause of the tax imposed by the customs on importers. Some say that the tax here is very high compared to other Asian countries.

  103. Avatar for Jon Jon says:


    Good point. Haha. But yeah, if they would get more loyal subscribers, the more money they get to stuff their pockets with. Win-Win I guess. Why won’t they subsidize phones and maybe just lengthen the lock-in period to get their money back?

    If subscribers like their service, they wouldn’t even bother switching to another carrier.

  104. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    Globe is kurakot!

  105. Avatar for Dhan Dhan says:

    @Jon, I couldn’t agree more. Same thoughts although I don’t think Globe is after the loyalty of its customers, more like their pockets :D.

  106. Avatar for Elbert Elbert says:

    I’m getting mine from HK in July instead. Factory unlocked na, cheaper pa!

  107. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    to be released by the 4th Quarter?.. in time for the Holiday bonus huh!

  108. Avatar for manong manong says:

    how about apply for the plan 5000 then disappear into thin air? i’m sure globe has a lot of delinquent customers, and terminated employees.

    what could be globe’s statistics on that?

  109. Avatar for Jon Jon says:

    HAHA. Another cash cow for Globe. I kinda feel sorry for people paying so much for a “hyped-up” and overrated phone.

    No wonder people prefer to get prepaid SIMs and get their phones from their “suking tindahan” in Greenhills.

    Tip for telcos: Try not to overprice phone and their bundled plans. It definitely pushes subscribers away. Come on, there are a lot of ways you can earn more money. After all, its the loyalty of subscribers you are after, right?

  110. Avatar for IanMedina IanMedina says:

    Buy factory unlocked in australia or HK. Mas ok na un, hopefully bumaba pa conversion nila. But still too pricey!!! Android OS na ko this time. Froyo rules

  111. Avatar for yujinroy yujinroy says:

    @abeolandres On iPhone4 prices, heard (cheaper, unlocked) units in SEA countries like HK & SG. Would you know if there’s any truth to this?

  112. Avatar for mponteres mponteres says:

    @abeolandres I am waiting for iOS4 that is compatible for 3Gs, not sure if it is worth to upgrade (since it is free)

  113. Avatar for MyMaria MyMaria says:

    Geez… so i guess this means I’ll be saving up TWICE for the rainy days… September… umm, I think I’ll wait til Christmas to get an iPhone 4. Or maybe buy a factory unlocked one from HK then. :)

  114. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    No wait its Globe nga pala the “sosyal” network make that 48k! + 500 on plans

  115. Avatar for Joshua Joshua says:

    If Apple wants to dominate the phone market then dominate Nokia! Smartphone for the future the future is now! Philippines should be in smartphones like iOS or Android btw I like the nokia N900 and the N8 :D

    My guesstimate… $199 = 38k +500 plans yeah… that will dominate the market alright.

  116. Avatar for Teknisyan Teknisyan says:

    Heheheh…. I wonder who are on the 50,000 plan of globe? typo? anyway, that’s the range that globe might implement… since the iPhone3GS was on that price when it came out.

    hopefully it would be lower than that… any like what they say good things comes for those who waits!…


  117. Avatar for clementine clementine says:

    will this only be available through Globe Telecom in the PH? i have an iPhone plan with my 3GS via Globe and they’re charging us customers an arm and a leg.

  118. Avatar for Sherwin Sherwin says:

    To those wondering how telcos come up with device prices – it’s basically based on the cost given by the device manufacturer. Globe/Smart doesn’t make money on the device – in fact most times they subsidize it.

    So why would prices of iPhones be cheaper in HK than in the Philippines? My guess is that it’s more because of volume than anything else. Globe commits a certain volume to purchase from Apple, and depending on this volume, Apple prices the iPhones at an amount. Unfortunately, since the Philippines is still a Nokia country and income is not comparable to other countries, high-end phones do not sell as much as Hongkong or the US. So the volumes aren’t that high – thus, the iPhone cost is high to Globe, and this cost is passed on to its subscribers.

  119. Avatar for jade bryan jade bryan says:

    wooop. I like iPhone 4 but the price is too high for its specs. Plus yung mga important apps gaya ng iMovie is not free. So I think September pa ung iPhone 4 sa Philippines at by that time Samsung galaxy and others is already here.

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