Here’s a look at the iPhone 6 before announcement

Here’s a look at the iPhone 6 before announcement

Apple’s next phone is going to be announced soon, and a lot of people already know what it’s going to look like as the iPhone 6‘s design is probably one of the worst kept secrets ever. However, the designs look pretty inconsistent across leaks, and at the same time, it’s surely not final as the labels aren’t even in most images.

iPhone 6

Anyhow, we take the best fan-made photos and a tweet, looking official and press-shot-like, organize them, and bring them here for all to appreciate. Now with iOS 8 on the screen, Apple labels on the back and a flattened out camera, the device actually looks better.

iphone 6 up

We also got actual sample cases from Spigen for the iPhone 6 here which indicates these photos matches them perfectly.


iphone 6

The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be announced on September 9, 2014. For more info, check out our article here.

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12 Responses

  1. phonebuddy says:

    Time to change my ipod touch 5th gen into this phone… Best pair for my Q10.

  2. Benchmark says:

    Well i read one info that the white lines (for the antenna) are hidden in some way (perhaps the same color with the aluminum case) and the apple logo is lighting up ala macbook. Well still not sure with it until apple’s release date.

  3. francis says:

    this should be called “isame” coz it looks like its just the same with the old model, screen size lang nabago. #justsaying

    • Francois says:

      Just like what the other players are doing eh

    • boybato says:

      @ Francois: agree! just like in the case of samsung, kung makikita eh pare-parehas. anyway, all of the other cellphone manufactures are doing it naman.

    • Phillip says:

      That’s the point. Apple was known to be the leader in innovation, pero ngayon “one of them” na lang

  4. AmoyClorox says:

    Wow Apple! I love it! I love my iPhone5 but i think im gonna love this too.!

  5. Ron says:

    That antenna band is ugly, make screen bezel-less at least.

    • ignorant says:

      oh yeah? Can you make a better one?

    • wais says:

      @ ignorant: Don’t be so sensitive, it will just aggravate your severe case of butt hurt. Nasabihan lang na sa tingin ni Ron na pangit yung antenna band, kung maka-react WAGAS! Bale ganun talaga ang fanboy; manipis din ang balat pareho din lang sa prutas.

  6. awts says:

    the i-note is coming…

  7. aynakuanglaki says:

    Sabi sa phonearena merong 128GB option nito pero di pa confirmed.

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