iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Prices Around the World

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Prices Around the World

Now that Apple’s iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were officially announced, it’s time to talk about price tags. The new iPhones are slated to be initially available in 12 countries around the world, so if you’re planning to get them outside the Philippines then take a look at their full prices below.

iPhone 6SA$ 1,079 (Php35,582.97)A$ 1,229 (Php40,529.63)A$ 1,379 (Php45,476.29)
iPhone 6S PlusA$ 1,229 (Php40,529.63)A$ 1,379 (Php45,476.29)A$ 1,529 (Php50,422.95)
iPhone 6SCAD$ 899 (Php31,892.19)CAD$ 1,029 (Php36,503.96)CAD$ 1,159 (Php41,115.74)
iPhone 6S PlusCAD$ 1,029 (Php36,503.96)CAD$ 1,159 (Php41,115.74)CAD$ 1,289 (Php45,727.51)
iPhone 6SRMB 5,288 (Php38,854.70)RMB 6,088 (Php44,732.86)RMB 6,888 (Php50,611.03)
iPhone 6S PlusRMB 6,088 (Php44,732.86)RMB 6,888 (Php50,611.03)RMB 7,788 (Php57,223.97)
iPhone 6S749 Euros (Php39,337.25)859 Euros (Php45,114.42)969 Euros (Php50,891.58)
iPhone 6S Plus859 Euros (Php45,114.42)969 Euros (Php50,891.58)1,079 Euros (Php56,668.75)
iPhone 6S739 Euros (Php38,812.05)849 Euros (Php44,589.22)959 Euros (Php50,366.39)
iPhone 6S Plus849 Euros (Php44,589.22)959 Euros (Php50,366.39)1,069 Euros (Php56,143.55)
Hong Kong
iPhone 6SHK$ 5,588 (Php33,819.92)HK$ 6,388 (Php38,661.72)HK$ 7,188 (Php43,503.51)
iPhone 6S PlusHK$ 6,388 (Php38,661.72)HK$ 7,188 (Php43,503.51)HK$ 8,088 (Php48,950.53)
iPhone 6SY 86,800 (Php33,707.87)Y 98,800 (Php38,367.94)Y 110,800 (Php43,028.02)
iPhone 6S PlusY 98,800 (Php38,367.94)Y 110,800 (Php43,028.02)Y 122,800 (Php47,688.09)
New Zealand
iPhone 6SNZ$ 1,199 (Php35,345.88)NZ$ 1,399 (Php41,241.78)NZ$ 1,599 (Php47,137.67)
iPhone 6S PlusNZ$ 1,399 (Php41,241.78)NZ$ 1,599 (Php47,137.67)NZ$ 1,799 (Php53,033.56)
iPhone 6SS$ 1,048 (Php34,619.31)S$ 1,218 (Php40,235.04)S$ 1,388 (Php45,850.77)
iPhone 6S PlusS$ 1,218 (Php40,235.04)S$ 1,388 (Php45,850.77)S$ 1,558 (Php51,466.49)
iPhone 6S£539 (Php38,779.07)£619 (Php44,534.77)£699 (Php50,290.48)
iPhone 6S Plus£619 (Php44,534.77)£699 (Php50,290.48)£789 (Php56,765.65)
iPhone 6S$649 (Php30,417.66)$749 (Php35,104.51)$849 (Php39,791.36)
iPhone 6S Plus$749 (Php35,104.51)$849 (Php39,791.36)$949 (Php44,478.21)

The foreign currencies above are converted using Google Currency converter.


While we’re waiting for local sellers and telcos to bring both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the country that offers the cheapest price for the two aforementioned handsets is the United States with Canada in close second place.

The pricing of the new iPhones in Japan and Hong Kong are also relatively close to the handset’s SRP in the US and Canada, making it a viable option for those living in neighboring countries.

The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be available in the mentioned countries beginning Friday, September 25, with pre-orders beginning Saturday, September 12.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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