Baseus Encok W07, W04 Pro, W09 TWS Earbuds Hands-on

There’s plenty of TWS earbuds in the market, and that’s a good thing as we have plenty to choose from depending on our budget. The electronics company, Baseus, has the same thing in mind and has released a slew of TWS earbuds under the Encok lineup with different designs and features. This includes the Encok W07, Encok W04 Pro, and Encok W09. Check our impressions of the device below.

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Baseus Encok W07

First up is the Baseus Encok W07. The package comes with the charging box, the TWS earbuds, USB-C cable, silicon tips, and user manual.

The case has this chic form factor that is different from the usual rounded TWS cases you see in other models. It’s made of plastic with a glossy finish and has this slanted bumps on the lid. The front houses the LED indicator placed just above the Baseus branding.

At the back, we have the multi-function button and the USB-C charging port. Like most TWS cases, it’s tiny and can easily fit inside your jeans pocket.

The earbuds are also made of plastic and use an in-ear design with replaceable silicone tips. It also houses the infrared sensors, main microphones at the bottom of the stems, and secondary microphones on the outside.

Pairing is pretty much straightforward. Before taking out the earbuds, press the multi-function button for a few seconds until the LED indicator glows blue. From here, you can search for the TWS on your mobile device’s Bluetooth and initiate pairing. After that, the Baseus Encok W07 will instantly connect with your device whenever you open the case.

The Baseus Encok W07 features dual-mic noise reduction, infrared automatic wear detection (automatically pauses the music when taken off), double-tap function controls, and IP55 rating.

It’s snug and comfy in the ears, and the silicon tips can block most of the external noise. Sound quality is good and balanced as audio is crisp with deep and punchy bass. This should feel at home to those who frequent running or going to the gym.

Baseus Encok W04 Pro

Next is the Encok W04 Pro. It comes in a rounded case made of plastic but with an eggshell finish, which is easier to grip and repels fingerprints well.

It has four LED indicators on the front for the battery level and USB-C port at the bottom.

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At the back, we have the multi-function button and another LED indicator for when it is wireless charging. You can wirelessly charge the Encok W04 Pro by placing face down on the wireless charger.

Pairing involves touching one of the earbuds for two seconds while its in the case. From here, the earbuds will be discoverable on your mobile device.

The Baseus Encok W04 Pro features Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, and IP54 rating. The exterior of the buds has the same eggshell finish on the outer part, but glossy on the other. This one has a semi in-ear design that looks similar to the Apple AirPods.

It’s light and comfortable on the ears. Although not as snug as the W07, it won’t easily fall off, so this one’s good for running and gym activities. Audio is decent with strong bass, but the highs are too sharp to my liking. Not a big deal, though, as we got used to it after we adjusted the volume and listened to several tracks.

Baseus Encok W09

Last but not least, is the Baseus Encok W09, and one of the most affordable TWS in the lineup. Like the previous two models, this one is also made of plastic but feels like it’s made of lower quality or “plasticky.”

It has an LED indicator on the front, USB-C port at the bottom, and a multi-function button at the back.

The buds are already ready for pairing once you take them out of the case, so just pair your mobile device to it right away.

It has a textured exterior with LED indicators on both buds to show when it’s in pairing mode. Features include touch controls and IP54 rating. It’s pretty snug and light, so your ears won’t quickly tire out.

Audio quality is underwhelming and not as crisp and powerful as the models mentioned above. If we were to describe it, it’s like listening to music behind a door. However, it should be okay if you’re just a casual listener or just want to use it for calls. Besides, it doesn’t really cost much.

Check out their prices below:

Baseus Encok W07 – PHP 2,490 (Lazada)
Baseus Encok W04 Pro – PHP 1,690 (Lazada)
Baseus Encok W09 – PHP 990 (Lazada)

The TWS earbuds are also available at Digital Walker and Baseus.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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