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OPPO Enco X TWS Earphones Hands-on

The OPPO Enco X, the company’s newest TWS earphones, is finally in the Philippines. It features a DBEE 3.0 Sound System, LHDC Wireless Transmission, Dual-Mic Noise Cancellation, and a stylish design. Check out our thoughts about this device below.

The OPPO Enco X TWS earphones are ones that you would consider stylish and premium. It’s already evident in the charging case because of the solid plastic with a glossy finish and metal band around the sides. It comes in two colors, black and white.

On the front, we have an LED indicator to indicate pairing and battery levels. Red indicates low, yellow indicates medium, and green indicates full.

Below is a USB-C port for charging, while at the back is the Dynaudio logo. More on that later.

Inside are the earphones. It’s also made of plastic with a glossy finish but feels solid with the right amount of heft. The exterior of the stem has a covering that produces a subtle rainbow effect depending on the angle you’re looking at it. It’s smooth and houses the touch controls. Below it is metal contacts for charging inside the case.

If you noticed, the earbuds have several holes and grilles. That’s for the multiple microphones (feedback, feed-forward, and internal mic) to aid in calls and noise cancellation powered by a dual-core chip. It is also equipped with a triple-microphone noise cancellation algorithm, adaptive filter, and wind detection to ensure clarity in voice calls.

In the ears, the OPPO Enco X TWS has a good fit thanks to the compact design that sits well in the concha. It won’t feel like you have something sticking out of your ear that will easily fall out when you go for a run or exercise. Users shouldn’t worry about rain or sweat with its IP54 dust and water resistance.


Like most TWS earphones, pairing is also easy on the OPPO Enco X using Bluetooth 5.2. Upon opening the case, it’s already ready for pairing. You can go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and tap on OPPO Enco X from the selection. If you have an OPPO device, you can take advantage of Quick Pairing. Just hold the OPPO Enco X near the OPPO smartphone, and a prompt will appear on the screen. Just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing.

Before we proceed to audio quality, we have to mention that the OPPO Enco X is co-created with Dynaudio, a Danish HiFi brand founded in 1977. OPPO said that they evaluated 30 different materials and 152 components and went through 120 rounds of structural fine-tuning using Dynaudio’s acoustic laboratory.

The OPPO Enco X features its new DBEE 3.0 Sound System, Coaxial Dual-Driver design found in high-end audio devices that features a Magnetic Balanced Membrane driver, and LHDC Wireless Transmission. All of that means you’re getting the kind of audio quality that punches above its asking price.

True enough, we’re getting rich audio with a wide soundstage, crisp highs, clear mids, and powerful lows. We noticed that the OPPO Enco X has a certain level of preference for bass. Tracks that usually showcase much bass in other TWS earphones we tried now have more body and emphasis without drowning the higher frequencies. Play a bassy track, and it will provide you a robust bass response.

To further enhance the experience, you can activate noise cancellation mode by touching and holding either earbud for one second. If you want to hear ambient noise while you’re wearing it, repeat the process. You can also adjust the volume by sliding your finger up and down the step. To play the next track, just double-tap on either earbud. For some weird reason, there’s no tap to pause. However, there’s ear detection, which pauses the track when you take off an earbud and resumes playing when you wear it back.

When it comes to battery, the OPPO Enco X has a 44mAh battery per earphone and 535mAh in the case. It can provide you with 4 hours of playtime with Noise Cancellation on and 5.5 hours with Noise Cancellation off. With the charger, it can provide you with up to 25hours.

Charging time takes 80 minutes for the earbuds and 110 minutes for the charging case. You can charge it via a USB-C cable or wireless using a Qi wireless charger.

The OPPO Enco X TWS Earphones are priced at PHP 6,999. Given its quality and audio performance, we can say that it’s one of the best TWS earphones we’ve encountered in this price range.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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