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Taking wide-angle shots with the Vivo Y17

The VIVO Y17 has a triple rear camera setup composed of a 13MP main, an 8MP wide-angle, and a 2MP depth shooter. Today we’re taking a look at the capabilities of the 8MP AI wide-angle camera that has a 120-degree view. With the Y17 in hand, we strolled around Makati on a pretty sunny afternoon, capturing what this city has to offer. Check them out!

For starters, this one was our favorite among all the photos we took. The yellow road line and the building’s corner might not match up perfectly with each other, but it’s still such photo-worthy thing to take note. With the wide-angle camera, we also managed to capture vehicles on either side of The Link building, and even a couple of structures behind it.

Not only can the Y17’s 8MP wide-angle camera capture a vast range, but it also produces vivid photos. The greens of the trees in the Greenbelt garden look incredibly vibrant, and the colors truly pop out, particularly with the plants under direct sunlight.

Here’s an image of the crosswalk between Greenbelt and Landmark. The Y17 managed to capture the entire length of the crosswalk and even a portion of Greenbelt. Included in the shot are also several structures that go beyond the area.

The Y17 wide-angle shooter might have a slight fish-eye effect to its wide-angle photos; however, it’s not that noticeable. The device delivers scenic shots that otherwise can’t be captured with the standard photo mode. Once again, this daylight shot looks impressive with the vibrant greens of the Greenbelt garden.

This photo boasts the Y17’s wide-angle camera capability. Aside from capturing a lengthy stretch of the Skyway, the vast range also managed to capture a good number of buildings from afar. The gradient color of the sky is pretty remarkable, as well.

Here’s a small gallery with the other wide-angle shots done with the Y17!

Curious and want to know more about the Vivo Y17? Have a look at our full review here!

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