PH ranked #6 as Top Source of Talent in Silicon Valley

PH ranked #6 as Top Source of Talent in Silicon Valley

In an infographic posted by the Business Week a couple of days ago, the Philippines emerged as the 6th source of talent in the massive tech workforce of Silicon Valley, beating India who’s in #9.

The infographic asks “Silicon Valley imports its brains. Where do they come from?” and the results came from a survey that spans between 2008 to 2012.



#1. Mexico
#2. Texas
#3. Arizona
#4. Washington
#5. Illinois
#6. Philippines
#7. China
#8. New York
#9. India
#10. Florida

Silicon Valley is home of tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Yahoo! and many others.


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25 Responses

  1. don says:

    naku, now this is out, maghhnap na naman ang GMA at ABS na may dugong pinoy from Silicon Valley. nakaka proud. pero alam na ang pattern.

    • Abdul Jakult says:

      don at zobel: eh saan ba kayo proud? doon sa mga tsekwa at bombay na di kalahi nyo… mga utak nyo talaga talangka, umaangat ang pinoy dapat lang talaga maging proud tayo. benta nyo nga utak nyo sa sulit… di na ata napapakinabangan yan ah!

    • capon says:

      abdul jakult, sa tingin ko ang ibig nyang sabihin, ang media sa pilipinas ay maghahanap na naman ng mga taong may 1/18 or 1/32 na dugong pinoy at iclaclaim nila na pinoy yung mga ito kahit ang may dugong pinoy ay yung tiyuhin ng kapatid sa nanay ng uncle sa pinsan ng lolo. nagiging trend na kasi sa philippine media na kapag sumikat ung isang foreigner, titignan nila kung may dugong pinoy ito o hahanap sila ng mga pinoy na may kaugnayan sa foreigner na yun.

  2. Flitz says:

    Planning to work there too.

  3. Jet says:

    GMA already years ahead of this stats…

  4. bern says:

    one of the reason why we have brain drains, PAGASA is of one the sample that suffer most, the diaspora of competent filipino engineers leaves us mediocre developers that accepts lower salaries that makes situations hard for many competent skills engineers still here in our country and opt not leave for their family to bargain for higher compensation, leaving them with lesser options to choose from and sometimes force to accept the lower salary ranges set by industries. The circumstances give them to think twice again whether to go abroad or to stay and accept the standard salary range have been set by growing pool of talents with lesser skills.

  5. Easy E says:

    Di ko alam kung bakit takot ang mga VC na mag-invest sa mga filipino tech startups. Siguro dahil sa business models. Kahit saan naman magwork ang mga pinoy magagaling naman talaga eh.

    • Mel says:

      Venture Capitalists don’t invest in Pinoy startups (based in the PH, that is) because the business environment here in the PH is a turnoff for foreign businesses (unless you’re in the BPO sector) with complex regulations (foreign ownership restrictions, bureaucratic processes/procedures), contracts not being respected, corruption, etc. Compare this to Singapore where their gov goes out of their way to make starting and running a business there as easy and smooth as possible (one day business registration process, low taxes, etc.)

  6. fo' shiz says:

    I’m actually surprised that we’re ahead of India, a country that has produced some of the top execs in Silicon Valley, like Satya Nadella of MS and Sundar Pichai who now heads Android, in addition to Chrome.
    And also, they have a massive population.

  7. Hen-Sheen says:

    Rank #6 and a massive “Brain Drain” that is in progress… That’s why we’re dominating in Call Centers. The Reality is, our Power Hungry Corporate Executives don’t want to make or create job opportunities here in the Philippines….. Legacy has it all (or so it seems)……. Call Center here will be in for now, but what lies beyond that industry? IPsoft might just make their move soon which begs the question, “Is the Philippines becoming an incompetent due to lack of jobs?” or “Are we waiting for WW3 before everything’s back to normal?”

  8. 10G says:

    I would say “sitting duck”, this is Ph Tech folks position now in the global economy. Anyone who has the best offer in terms of salary and benifits can be easily shot and owned by tech giants. Not a problem with local folks, but lack of government support on tech will make our country just a mere source of talent, not actually benifiting from the talents we have.

  9. Dodong says:

    I think that sooner or later, hopefully sooner, the Filipino Tech worker or talent will have it’s rightful place in the global economy. i think it would be hurtful not only to the talented folks if there is a move to curtail talented people from seeking employment elsewhere where one gets a better deal. Because of the Filipino custom of taking care of family, i believe that those living abroad regularly remits money to their families in the Philippines. I believe it is just a matter of time and a matter of change in business practices in the philippines when talented folks need not immigrate elsewhere to get a better salary and benefits. I believe that when information dissemination like what we saw in this article is better and reaches the masses, I believe that pepple will find ways to improve whatever situations needs improvement. I think that an empowered Filipino young people will lead the way to a better and improved Philippines. MABUHAY

    • ezy says:

      I believe… I believe… I believe… I believe… nakalimutan mo atang sabihin sa huli: and world peace LOL

  10. Zobel says:

    Expect a flood of idiotic “proud to be pinoy” posts in




    • Shayne says:

      So what’s wrong with that and what’s your point? If you think it is illegal, damn sue them all!

    • ezy says:

      proud to be pinoy! hahaha! @Zobel – ok lang naman mainggit lol

  11. Komento says:

    Proud to be Pinoy!!

  12. Lei says:

    Proud to be working for a Silicon Valley Company. It’s been a year and it is beyond amazing! The work culture is different. If you have the chance, won’t you grab it? If you keep blabbing about all the negativities that you perceive based on assumptions and your own level of “intelligence”, you certainly is destined to get stuck wherever you currently are. Brain drain my ass!

  13. jimboy says:

    Weird na mas mataas nga tayo sa India and even China haha.

  14. WhoELSe says:

    Looks like this is based on workers from tech companies in general and not just tech workers ( engineer, network engineers etc). There’s no way PH would topped China and India in this the field of tech. More so, Mexico being #1 source of tech worker is questionable.

  15. HiERARCH says:

    Magaling naman talaga ang Pinoy. Although, ‘di lahat magaling, ang ilan ay pang-world class ang abilidad. Not to mention, mayaman din sa natural resources ang bansa. Hindi ko lang alam bakit ‘di pa ‘din umuunlad ang Pilipinas.

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