BlackBerry Curve 3G Contest Winner

BlackBerry Curve 3G Contest Winner

This is our second contest announcement this week (we have two more to go) but first off, let’s give thanks to Research in Motion (RIM) for sponsoring a BlackBerry Curve 3G to give away. To add to that top prize, I’m also adding 5 more consolation prizes to the finalists.

I actually picked over a dozen finalists from the 300+ entries submitted last December. I then handed out my finalists to reps of RIM last December 30 to pick the top prize winner which we are announcing today.

And the winning photo was submitted by painkiller.

From the remaining finalists I picked, I also drew in random 5 consolation prize winners.

1) MyMaria

2) franshyfroshy


3) JosephLou

4) Pia Alfonso

5) omgitsrien

There were more finalists I wanted to give prizes too but I couldn’t get additional smaller tokens/prizes from RIM. The 5 consolation prizes are from me and were given by Globe.

Congratulations to all the winners!

How to claim your prizes?

Email me (abeolandres @ gmail dot com) with the subject line “BlackBerry YugaTech Contest Winner” stating your full name, contact numbers and complete shipping address. Make sure you use the same email you used in submitting your entry here so we can verify you.

Also indicate which prize you want to get (for the consolation prize winners) — the Globe Tattoo or the Php500 Globe load (include the Globe/TM number you want me to send the Share-a-Load).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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44 Responses

  1. Jandale Madrazo says:

    di ako nanalo…wew

  2. Colwin says:


  3. jeffrey john imutan says:

    Congrats sa winners

  4. NemORy says:

    Congrats po…….ganda ng BB…hehe

  5. ellen says:

    congrats sa winners :D

  6. Stanley Cin says:

    and I was pissed off!

  7. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Hmm. Wala akong laban sa random. Well, that is life. Congrats to the winner! Looking forward at Lenovo Laptop. Sana hindi din random sa Lenovo Laptop. :)

  8. NemOry says:

    grabe….talagang nasira talaga phone nya…very deserving talaga ang winner….nice concept nya…heheh

  9. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Sir abe, RANDOM din ba yung sa LENOVO LAPTOP? :(

  10. BSK says:

    Thumbs up to all the winners. Thanks to RIM, Globe & of course Yugatech. Happy new year to everyone.

  11. NemOry says:

    @sanxtuarian…ung grand winner d2 d nmn random

    .ung 5 conso winners lang… sure na hindi random mananalo ng laptop…hehe

  12. MyMaria says:

    WOW!!! I won a consolation prize!!! Thanks Abe and thanks to Globe also! Weeee! HAPPY NEW YEAR indeed!

  13. Teknisyan says:

    Congratulations to all winners!!!

  14. ryanV says:

    that was fun.. ang gagaling ng mga entries.. congrats to the winners.. :D

  15. Robin says:

    Congratulation winners, I really like the I would go Bold for a Curve line…

  16. painkiller says:

    Wow!!! A Happy New Year indeed! And an early (by a couple of weeks) birthday gift as well! Thank you very much Sir Abe and RIM for this excellent prize! God bless you all!

  17. NemOry says:

    Deserving ka talaga @painkiller, .hehe. .d q maimagine mka ganyan na CP. hehe. . .grabe. .

  18. The winner is deserving with his creative entry!

  19. painkiller says:


    Thanks! I was saving up for a new phone as a gift for myself this 2011 so I decided, what the heck! go for broke na lang for this amazing contest.

    Again, my thanks to Sir Abe and RIM, and congratulations to all other winners of this and the other Christmas season contests! More power to Yugatech!

  20. NemOry says:

    @painkiller so ang nasave mu kuya pwede mu na yan gastahin sa ibang bagay dahil bago na cp mu blackberry panaman super classic at maganda talaga xa .hehe. .I know you cant wait of the prize haha, .

  21. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @Nem0ry yah, I have already reviewed the mechanics in the Lenovo-Yugatech Giveaway, and it said there, that they will picked the best entry they want to win, I don’t sure about this at first, I ended up knowing its not random because of the top 10. Ayt? :)

  22. Julian says:

    Ang gagaling ng mga sumali talaga pero di ako bilib sa nanalo.

  23. kitiara says:

    Lahat ng tao entitled sa kani-kanilang opinyon tungkol sa kung sino dapat at hindi dapat manalo, pero ang mahalaga lang sa pagkakataong ito ay yung opinyon ni yuga at ng RIM reps, at ang sabi nila, itong mga nanalo ang deserving, so congratulations sa lahat sa kanila.

  24. NemOry says:

    I hope Yugatech and Lenovo team likes my entry. Im crossing alot my fingers frequently. .
    I love you Everyone. : )

  25. Benchmark33 says:

    Congrats sa winners! Hehehehe

  26. the paper says:


  27. Toughie says:

    Congrats to the winner! Y’all deserve it :)
    Happy New Year to all!

  28. Marcus says:

    oh yan guys ha… may idea na kayo kung paano manalo sa next contest na kelangan ng creative picture concept..

    Pag nagpa contest ng Mac or Alienware c Sir Yuga, wag nang magdalawang isip pa. Kunin nyo na lumang laptop at kunan ng picture ang paghampas nito sa pader. Better yet i-jackhammer or pa cremate nyo nalang! The more bits and pieces it’ll be, the more chances of winning!!!

    Go!!! go!!! go!!! Whhooooohhoo!!!
    (shiiyyeet, ayaw ko na sana bumalik sa mental, but I can’t help it!)

  29. NemOry says:

    haha @Marcus grabe. . .hehe. . .mas over mas maganda, ,haha, .dmi q ding gnawang ka over but mas over ang ky painkiller deserving naman xa. .hehe. . .sana mlaman din ung kahit top 10 likes, .hehe.

  30. milanaorly says:

    haha.. wow congrats!!

  31. afg says:

    Congrats to the winners! I had high hopes for this one but the winners are well-deserving. More power to Yugatech!

  32. Marcus says:

    BTW no offense meant to painkiller. Dude you were awesome! Never will I smash a phone (well actually anything). Don’t have the guts to see my “simple treasures” go to pieces. I’d rather throw it when broken or just keep it. I still have my Motorola and Samsung in my closet, no longer working but seeing them puts smile on my face.

    Anyhow, if I were to choose, MyMaria would’ve been my pick. Aside from the fun concept, the way it was presented was fine as if it was really an ad for wanting BB Curve 3G.

    For the others:

    Joseph – nice try, mas maganda kung pinicturan mo yan sa loob na ng bowl and with some floating “sh*ts”

    Franshy – 2nd bet kita, editing lang lamang ni Maria.. Ok siya, kaso parang may slight conflict kasi your hitting 2 products, BB Bold and Curve with tagline going bold for the curve. Since maganda naman curves mo, your tagline could’ve been: Need NOT to be Bold to feel the CURVE. (playsafe lang atleast viewers/consumers -ad wise- know that Curve ang offer mo not BB Bold)

    Pia – anak kawawa kanaman, tayu ka nga dyan.. mura lang BB dito sa Saudi, anong address nyo?

    Omgitsrien – OMG anong tinira mo? may contact pa ko sa rehab, di ko nga alam paano ako nakalusot sa medical. Pag-uwe ko jammin’ tayo!!!

  33. simplynice93 says:

    Galing ng mananalo..congrats! Wala talaga akong laban sa mga magagaling mag-photoshop. Sa other contest na lang me sasali.

  34. sohotkristin says:

    ang bayolente ng ginawa sa cp nun nanalo
    bakit siya ang nanalo, justification sir yuga pls.

    sa kase may justification si TPmaster kung bakit nya napili yung entry

  35. Kenneth says:


    Congrats! Galing ng entry mo.

    Couldn’t think of a nice entry so I did not join this.

    BTW, sir painkiller, ingatz sa mandurukot, and enjoy your blackberry curve. :)

    Congrats also to the other winners, gagaling ng entries niyo. :)

  36. Sanctuarian06 says:

    @sohotkristin hindi naman nasunod ang mechanics sa TP, sabi sa mechanics it should be IN A PHOTO and NOT IN PHOTOS, eh paanong di sya mananalo ang dami niyang nilagay na photo as one entry unfair yun sa iba na hindi alam kung paano ilalagay ang concept sa isang photo. Eh di sana ganun na lang ginawa ng iba mas maganda pa. Tapos tinanggal pa yung post ni Calvin para wala nang makapagreact. Nakakainis lang hindi na nga nasusunod yung mechanics, hindi pa maganda yung entry. Hay. Buti pa dito ayos ang nanalo, show badly talaga, eh doon, parang family picture lang.

  37. omgitsrien says:

    @Marcus haha bakit di natin simulan ngayon na.. headbang! \m/_ may tama ka nabaliw ako sa ganda ng bb curve 3g pinakita ko lang kung gaano ko kagusto magkaroon ng bb curve 3g at yan ang konseptong aking naisip tanging bb curve 3g lamang ang laman ng puso’t isipan ko mula noon magpahanggang ngayon! :]

    Maraming salamat po Sir Abe–Yugatech! Congrats painkiller! and sa mga nanalo po.. :] Thanks again..

  38. Joe says:

    Whoa! he smashed his old phone!!! I can see the future of the blackberry curve 3G in painkiller’s hand i wonder if it will end up like what he show to us in his entry after switching to another cool phone again.. will he ever use again his BIG HAMMA for the curve.

    p.s please dont forget to use Anesthesia before you SHATTA the curve using your BIG HAMMA in the future!haha CONGRATULATIONS!

  39. hi sanctuarian06, you should atleast learn how to accept defeat the nicest and politest way you can. Just always remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and so is it with tp’s choice of the winner. It’s a contest by the way so there could be winners and loosers like you! Some prefer to accept defeat but some would also brag that they loose because they were cheated.

    Had you known that it’s the judges taste, you could’ve done the same instead of your cutout blackberry phone which I think is more common than my entry. And for your information sir, I didn’t break any rule? It is clearly stated that multiple entries are allowed so I made a caption for each photo and included it all in a blog.So that’s my way of addressing the judges how badly I need the prize.And they got my point across which badly you didn’t.

    And so what if that’s a family picture…hey MY FAMILY IS MY MOST PRECIOUS POSSESSION AND I’M PROUD TO HAVE A HAPPY ONE. It was my one and only entry at tech pinas, I also joined this contest(for which I’m saddened to see your comment) with a different entry and also animetric’s world with 5 different entries that also didn’t win. So no sour graping please… Let each just have a happy new year!

    Best Regards,
    Engr. Melanie Cortez- Abuel

  40. tine says:

    congrtas to the winners :D

  41. MyMaria says:

    Got my prize! Was really surprised it arrived so fast when most prizes from contests usually take a while to get here. Thanks so much Yuga & Globe!

  42. MyMaria says:

    Got my prize! Was really surprised it arrived so fast when most prizes from contests usually take a while to get here. Thanks so much Yuga & Globe!

  43. painkiller says:

    Got my BB from Sir Abe last Friday. Thanks again for the wonderful prize. Thanks to RIM too!

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