Giveaway: Who you gonna call with a FonePad 7?

Giveaway: Who you gonna call with a FonePad 7?

Our friends from Asus Philippines was kind enough to spare us a unit of the new FonePad 7 so we’re doing a really quick giveaway to our readers. Check out below how you can score the newest Android tablet from Asus.

Using your Facebook, IG or Twitter account, just answer this short little question below.

Who will you call using a Fonepad 7 and why?

Post your answers on FB, IG or Twitter and include who you want to call with the FonePad 7 and why (see our review here for reference). Also mention at least one feature that you liked about it and attach the photo above.

Our prize for this segment is a new Asus Fonepad 7 (FE171CG)


Don’t forget to tag @AsusPH on either Facebook and Twitter. That’s it!

Leave a comment below with the link to submit your entry. Contest starts now and ends Friday next week.

Update: Here is our winner!

Congrats! Please email [email protected] for details on how to claim your prize.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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313 Responses

  1. jov says:

    hope to win. for a friend who will undergo fractured pelvic bone operation….this asus fonepad 7multi core performance will flawlessly handle such call.

  2. Richard says:

    Thank you Yugatech! I want to win in this contest! ;)

  3. Erwin Ramirez says:

    Here’s my entry to the contest:
    I would love to have this ASUS Fonepad 7 hehe!

  4. elj says:

    kelangan po ba ng permission from DTI kung may mga promos like this? hinahana; ko kasi yung dti permit. hehe

  5. Miguel says:

    unlimited number of entries po ba?

  6. miguel says:

    Unlimited Entries po ba?

  7. Chris Sasota says:

    My instagram entry:

    Thanks yugatech and Asus

    I really want this Fonepad.. More Power @ASUSph @yugatech

  9. Hoping to win :-)
    Thanks in advance…

  10. Ken Rodulf Villaruel says:

    I am very excited with this fonepad version since its really a brilliant product its Asus. I am an avid fan of the brand. I hope that I could win this though I’ll still buy it if I will not

  11. Mond Diolola says:

    My entry.

    Thanks Yugatech! Thanks Asus!

  12. My facebook entry…
    Hoping to win :-)
    Gob bless!!!

  13. Winston Rafanan says:

    Sana ako manalo. Thanks in advance yugatech hehe Here’s the link

  14. barok Dikit says:

    I will call my lovely wife,thank her for all the love,sacrifice,patience,and for teaching our children to be Godfearing person.,iloveyou nanay @asusph

  15. This is my entry, it’s a little bit different and made it a little joke, hope the people won’t take it seriously LOL

  16. Andrew says:

    Hope to win!

    Thanks Yugatech and Asus Ph!!

  17. Carlito Bustamante says:

    Here’s my entry. Forgot to mention asusph so im reposting it. Thanks.

  18. Shannen Angeles says:

    Here’s the link to my “incredible” entry:

  19. Bryan Abam says:

    Here’s my instagram entry :)

  20. lorenzo says:

    I Would call my journalist teacher. Because i always wanted to be a photographer, I will tell my teacher i have a tablet(ASUS FONETAB FE171CG) that can take good photos with a feature called crystal-clear photos! ASUS Philippines YugaTech

  21. Lorenzo says:

    i wish i would win

  22. Lorenzo says:

    i wish i would win this device

  23. Lorenzo says:


  24. Kuyakoooy says:

    Here’s mine:

  25. Henry Solivio says:

    Here’s my entry, Yugatech. :) I hope i win ’cause i want that tab sooo much :)

  26. Hats off to guys at Yugatech for promos like this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. ASUS is very very generous :) Hope to win this one.. I badly badly love the specs/feature on your website. specially the FonePad 7’s dimention OMG so this and So BIG I LOVE ITTTT plus it’s dual sim :)

  28. Noel Dacara says:

    With the new Asus Fonepad 7, I’d be able to call my love ones’ anywhere and anytime I want :) Such convenience I need when far away. @AsusPH

  29. Almaira Casanguan says:

    So much to say but twitter only allows 140 characters waaa…so here’s mine,Take time to read.Thanks for giving me the chance to win.Good day! =)

  30. MM Santos says:

    Here’s my entry. Thanks Yugatech and Asus! :)

  31. Here’s my entry

    With an #Asus #Fonepad7 and an unlimited call promo registered on my account, I would call any friend who has a new phone with a high capacity battery (oh a person just came into mind, she has a phone with 2915 mAh) and see which phone’s battery would survive. That being said, the reason why I got interested with this phone is it comes with a 4000 mAh battery capacity. I hope I’d no longer worry running out of battery when I turn my GPS on for Strava when I bike or run. #HoorayForAsus #GeekTalk #FirstWorldProblems #BatteryProblems @AsusPH @Yugatech #PickMe ^_^ #IWantThat and #INeedThat :D

  32. Jezreel Frianeza says:
    here’s my entry! fingers crossed!

  33. Jeda Gonzales says:

    I joined.. Hoping my entry to be my lucky charm ;)

  34. Maycel says:

    Giveaway: Who you gonna call with a FonePad 7? via @sharethis

  35. Hope to win :)
    I really need a phone today haha! Asus is best phone for me :) I love it’s size :D

  36. Here are my entries for the ASUS FonePad 7 giveaway of YUGATECH

    My TWITTER Entry:
    (this is actually just one of my twitter entry hehe)

    My INSTAGRAM Entry:


    I will call my old friends (specially my highschool besfriends Erica, Loisa and Ayreesh) using FonePad 7 because I rarely talk to them nowadays because of busy schedule and I dont have PHONE haha! I usually call my friends before (when I still have my phone) because I want to hear their REAL voice and to feel that we are still connected like when were syill High school students. I like the FonePad 7’s dimension, its so thin plus big! that’s actually one of what I am looking for a phone. I love big and thin phone because I have a big tumb haha! and it is also fast, Hello z2520 processor! I was actually eyeing for an Asus phone, this Giveaway by YugaTech is very very much perfect :) Thank you very much Yugatech and Asusph for giving us a chance to win the latest ASUS FonePad 7. Hope to win this one :) More power to YugaTech and ASUSPH! ?

    I’ll do my best to win! haha!

  37. Sheila Suarez says:

    heres my entry po, i will call Marsha because if i will have the asus fonepad 7 it will be really easy for me to call her bacause i can call using many app like skype,viber etc. baecause now the only way i can call her is my nokia phone not a smartphone shes in abroad taiwan exactly she provides everything for me. so if im going to win its a big help connecting with her by the the way shes my aunt. and also i wanted to add the feature that i like is the dual sim not all smartphone or tablet have this feature and its not only just a tablet or smartphone its a PHABLET :D

  38. Christeen says:

    @ASUSph Will call my brother, in Laoag, because he is not boring to talk to! The new Fonepad7 is just 7.9mm thin! <3— Catherine Liz (@iamcatherineliz) March 10, 2015

  39. Walrus M Medalla says:

    here’s my entry. I hope tama tong ginawa ko.. i’m using Opera Mini and facebook lite due to its size and speed na hindi na kinakaya ng phone ko yung mga mabibigat na apps ng facebook at Opera.

  40. John Miranda says:

    My FB post entry:

    Hope to win the Cool ASUS FONEPAD7 & take a Chappie Selfie with Hugh Jackman aka“Wulberin” like BOGART the Explorer did! :)

  41. Eugenio Matias says:

    My Enrty thru instagram.

  42. Selwyn Lim says:

    Thanking the @AsusPH team for bringing this amazing device and the @yugatech team for holding this contest!

  43. RD says:

    Who won this contest?

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