Raffle: Cherry Mobile-YugaTech Dragon Phone Giveway

Raffle: Cherry Mobile-YugaTech Dragon Phone Giveway

Our friends from Cherry Mobile Philippines is sending us a bunch of phones to give away to our readers. Go check out the details after the break.

The total prize is a dozen mobile phones from Cherry Mobile including two brand new Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon Phone we reviewed here earlier.

To make things easier, we’ll use Rafflecopter to handle the giveaway. Scroll down to see ways to get into the raffle.


Each task gives you 1 or 2 entries in the raffle. Just login using your FB account or enter name and email to log in.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Starts today and end on Monday, June 11, 2012. A total of 2 Cherry Mobile W900 Android phones and 10 dual-SIM TV phones will be given away. We’ll ship the phones straight to your home anywhere in the Philippines.

Wait, there’s more! Just in case you also want to win 2 BlackBerry smartphones from Sun Cellular, check this other contest.

Disclosure: Cherry Mobile is a display banner advertiser on this site.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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722 Responses

  1. Franz says:

    Let’s do this!

  2. EJ Osorio says:

    Cut The Rope! :D

  3. Andrei Lim says:

    My favorite android game: Siegecraft TD!

  4. lunatech says:

    sana manalo kasi panalo sa presyo ang w900!

  5. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Cut the Rope

  6. al says:

    doodle jump!

  7. Kimberly Camille Tiu says:

    Cut the Rope is my fav!

  8. michsann says:

    I love Temple Run!

  9. My Favorite Android Games is Temple Run…

  10. kyflo says:


  11. NineSwordz says:

    Favorite game is Unicorn Dash! :D

  12. Migs Calleja says:

    Quell Reflect

  13. Hagen Bang-asan says:

    Temple Run :)

  14. will says:

    fruit ninja!

  15. daniel says:

    my favorite android game is: Temple Run! free and yet so addicting!

  16. Angelo Concepcion says:

    Temple Run! :)

  17. fruit ninja, puss in boots!

  18. Totem says:

    My favorite Android game as of the moment is Help Out.. :D

  19. Gian says:

    My favorite android game is Cut the Rope: Experiments Free

  20. Nino Banzon says:

    Legendary Heroes

  21. Yasmin Almario says:

    favorite android game: SHEEPS AND CLOUDS :)

  22. LuckyLeo says:

    Wow! Nice android phone :-)

  23. Jelo Manongsong says:

    angry birds. :))

  24. Angel says:

    Basketball Shoot

  25. Billy says:

    Coin dozer

  26. Julia says:

    Osmos HD

  27. Radney says:

    PL Story

  28. lawrence27 says:

    Order and Chaos

  29. Glenn says:

    Temple Run!

  30. JiJi says:

    Cut the rope =D

  31. samb says:

    NBA JAM FTW!!!!

  32. denn says:

    temple run

  33. ben says:

    Words with Friends is my favorite game!

  34. Leslie Garcia says:

    Fave android game? Run Like Hell! :)

  35. Nomar says:

    of course, fruit ninja!

  36. BA says:

    Angry Birds Space

  37. Jules Delos Reyes says:

    Fave Android Game – Running Fred :D

  38. KraM says:

    NBA Jam . . .:D

  39. james jun m. cubelo
    [email protected]
    my favorite android game is” Legendary heroes”
    hope i win!

  40. Aine G. says:

    fruit ninja! ahaha! it’s my little girls fave too.. ^_^

  41. Ricky says:

    Angry Birds Space.

  42. Franc says:

    Temple Run!

  43. Eduardo G. says:


  44. jepotski says:

    Fruit ninja

  45. Louie says:

    Temple run

  46. james jun m. cubelo
    [email protected]
    my favorite android game is”Sheeps and Clouds “

  47. Liah says:

    temple run!

  48. Pao says:

    Temple Run!

  49. Chris says:

    Yoo Ninja!

  50. merry jane ocol says:

    temple run

  51. steelicon says:

    What’s your favorite Android game?

    Need For Speed Shift

  52. james jun m. cubelo
    [email protected]
    my favorite android game is” Temple Run”

  53. jhepoyski says:

    Doraemon Fishing (LoL)

  54. james jun m. cubelo
    [email protected]
    my favorite android game is “Fruit Ninja”

  55. james jun m. cubelo
    [email protected]
    my favorite android game is” temple run”

  56. John Rey S. says:

    Temple run….

  57. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    My fave android game is cut the rope.

  58. winston says:

    temple run

  59. Arvin says:

    My Favorite Android Game would be Frontline Commando.

  60. Jhay Gamba says:

    Honestly, I haven’t had Android phone yet but if ever Angry Birds would be my favorite game.


  61. ralph says:

    fifa 12

  62. nerdtron says:

    temple run!

  63. Jervin R says:

    Wind-up Knight!!!

  64. rmi arambulo says:

    temple run

  65. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    fruit ninja

  66. mark12 says:

    temple run, ninja fruit :)

  67. ar-droid says:

    Temple Run

  68. aLLen says:

    current favorite: Jumbline 2! hahaha all-time: angry birds and fruit ninja :)

  69. bong bugayong says:

    Raging thunder 2

  70. charise c. ocon
    my favorite game is temple run!

  71. Florence says:

    temple run!

  72. Alwin says:

    Haven’t really explored gaming on Android, but I like Angry Birds so far.

  73. gideon dia says:

    gold miner

  74. Mc says:

    Temple Run!

  75. Temple Run it is! So addicted to it. :)

  76. Rene Gatdula says:

    Solitaire and Cartoon Wars….

  77. John Paulo Ramirez says:

    What’s your favorite Android game?

    Temple run.

  78. jane says:

    fruit ninja

  79. Angelica says:


  80. rjzero says:

    Angry Birds

  81. charmane says:

    Fruit Ninja

  82. sherwoodhere says:

    Temple Run

  83. JmBalicano says:

    Right now, I can’t seem to get my hands off Temple Run :)

  84. Sejin says:

    Need For Speed Shift

  85. drei says:

    hop to win

  86. drei says:

    fruit ninja

  87. Noel de Leon says:

    Fave android game: Cut the rope! :)

  88. jovhelle says:

    fruit ninja

  89. Warren SJ says:

    Nothing beats Temple Run.

  90. Andrew Ricafrente says:

    Fruit ninja

  91. braylle says:

    temple run

  92. genoshaft says:

    My favorite Android game is Angry Birds.

  93. Norisse says:

    Fruit Ninja

  94. shaz gepana says:

    temple run, fruit ninja, dalton

  95. Lau Beruin says:

    guns n glory!

  96. Ruz del Pilar says:

    hope i win hihihihi

  97. Lea says:

    Fruit Ninja

  98. Francis Gamban says:

    Zenoia 4

  99. james tadle says:

    temple run :D

  100. ferdinand sayson says:

    Cut rope, nfs shift

  101. Melit says:

    Temple run

  102. Maria Laarni Berdan says:

    Fruit Ninja

  103. Yay…I love Temple Run!!!

  104. Richard says:

    Temple Run! FTW!

  105. JV says:

    Zenonia II

  106. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja

  107. roniloyola says:

    I like high graphics game like shadow gun and modern combat

  108. arlie says:

    fruit ninja

  109. Jeff says:

    Temple Run is my favorite Android game :)

  110. JHT RN MN says:

    angry birds space

  111. Jason7657834 says:

    What’s your favorite Android game?

    GTA 3 :D

  112. E says:

    My favorite android game is Dungeon Hunter 2.

  113. yolly says:

    temple run

  114. jason christopher says:

    Hehe Defender II is the best!

  115. jason christopher says:

    Hehe Defender II

  116. My favorite Android game is Temple Run! :)

  117. Dan says:

    Temple Run is kinda my fav ;)

  118. huh says:

    Nyan Cat is my fav android game

  119. amao10 says:

    favorite game?

    ninja kaka ftw!

  120. Joemel says:

    Defender 2 by droidhen..endless fun!

  121. As of now panda run.. but my all time fave is IRunner!

  122. neilvon says:

    temple run & angrybirds. :)

  123. amao10 says:

    ninja kaka FTW!…

    and also angry birds

  124. Jeff says:

    TEmple Run da best

  125. jk says:

    paper roll!!!

  126. Bryan_0906 says:

    My favorite games are Fruit Ninja & Temple Run!

  127. Dondy Ramos says:

    Favorite Game? TEMPLE RUN and Angry Birds Space :P

  128. Pencilog says:

    Angry Birds Rio is my favorite Android game!

  129. Liza Marie Valenzuel says:

    fruit ninja! i love it!

  130. Sevb Capili says:

    My favorite Android game is “Sneezies.”

  131. Nerissa Leia Nablo says:

    My favorite android games are Cut the rope, mushroom war and slime vs mushroom.

  132. Jennica says:

    My favorite Android game is Temple Run!

  133. Gladys Leonilyn Jali says:

    angry birds

  134. Karl says:

    My favorite Android game is Fruit Ninja :)

  135. agnes dc says:

    temple run.. i scored a million just a moment ago. :)

  136. Camm says:

    My favorite Android game is Osmos HD!

  137. Alejandro Umali says:

    favorite game? angry birds!

  138. Junica Ann Capili says:

    Temple Run is my favorite game!

  139. My favorite Android game is temple run, my highest score is 20,222,060. ^_^

  140. Kristine Joy de Vera says:

    Temple Run and Fruit Ninja!

  141. John Santiago says:

    My fave game on Android is Angry Birds Space! :D

  142. Patricia says:

    My favorite Android game is Angry birds :D

  143. Raul Jr. Milallos says:

    Cut the rope at where is my water. :) mahilig ako sa mga puzzles.

  144. Rainier Jalova says:

    Muffin Knight

  145. jhonas015 says:

    My favorite Android game is Temple Run.

  146. Ramon says:

    My favorite Android game is Angry Birds Space!

  147. louie says:

    My favorite games are Fruit Ninja & Temple Run!

  148. Denshow says:

    Temple run

  149. Peter says:

    Fruit Ninja

  150. Fantazma says:

    my fav android games are zenonia series and Angry birds series..

  151. Alisa Capili says:

    Angry Birds :D

  152. Allen says:

    My favorite android games are angry birds space and cut the rope :)

  153. Emmanuel says:

    My favorite android game is the awesome “Field Runners HD”.

  154. chaK says:

    Where’s my water..

  155. Edsar Bondoc says:

    Temple Run

  156. Wendell Tan says:

    Temple Run

  157. Junic Capili says:

    My favorite is Tetris

  158. DK Sandimas says:

    Temple Run and Tetris!

  159. Kim Jixon Capili says:

    Temple Run!

  160. Jose Alcantara says:

    angry birds

  161. kakroch99 says:

    Still Angry Bird ( Season, Rio, Space ) is the best android game for me. ^^.

  162. angelito budomo says:

    cut the rope!

  163. jang says:

    game dev story

  164. rocky evans f. llona says:

    angry bird…

  165. Albert Peralta says:

    My favorite android game would have to be The Impossible Game.

  166. jmvalino says:

    Temple Run

  167. Arbilog says:

    princess punt

  168. Arbilog says:

    princess punt! :D

  169. Joseph Cyril Cruz says:

    Temple Run & Angry Birds

  170. ruby papio says:


  171. Jennifer Aguirre says:

    my fav android game = angry bird :)

  172. duke_06 says:


  173. shiela_me says:

    my fave is Angry Birds.

  174. J Drk says:

    Angry Birds!

  175. James says:

    Puzzle Block :D

  176. Suzi says:

    May fave android games are Draw Something and Words with Friends

  177. Jeremiah says:

    Logo Quiz!

  178. Lyra says:

    Mine is Text Twist :D

  179. YonipYon says:

    Trying my luck… :D

  180. YonipYon says:

    Temple Run

  181. Juan Carlo Deoferio says:

    Angry Birds. :P

  182. John Carlo G. Carpio says:

    Text Twist

  183. Biggs says:


  184. Diana Beatima says:


  185. Mary Rose says:

    my fave android game is cut the rope

  186. Kenneth Wang says:

    Temple Run!!!!

  187. Mangyan says:

    this will be exciting….

  188. Nadine Talavera says:

    Paper Toss! :)

  189. John Michael says:

    my fave game is raging thunder… it’s a cool racing game!

  190. Carl says:

    Temple Run!!

  191. bill says:

    angry birds

  192. Jay Luis says:

    Tap Sonic

  193. Merlinda G. Carpio says:

    Temple Run

  194. Alejo M. Carpio says:

    Temple Run!

  195. ver louie gautani says:

    fruit ninja

  196. jgalela says:

    Temple run!!!!

  197. Migz says:

    100 Floors.

  198. ver louie gautani says:

    fruit ninja for me…

  199. Aileen Millera says:

    Temple run!!!!

  200. Dennis Enguerra says:

    fruit ninja

  201. Philip Guevarra says:

    fruit ninja

  202. rain says:

    angry birds. :)

  203. Joseph Guevarra says:

    Temple run.

  204. I love Temple Run and Fruit Ninja

  205. Kim Francis Javier says:

    bmx boy

  206. Acar B says:

    Lil Kingdom much better than Dream Heights! Tiny Tower for Droid has been buggy lately.

  207. jerry says:

    fruit ninja!

  208. roiji says:

    veggie samurai

  209. Philsen Padilla says:

    My favorite android game is Temple Run!

  210. Jerick Mac says:

    angry birds!!!

  211. Jason says:

    My Favorite Android Game as of Right now is Radiant Defense!

  212. JIng says:

    since temple run dont work on my netphone 701, i say angry bird space ;)

  213. Marco says:

    I love the DRAGON PHONE^^

  214. TJ says:

    My favorite Android game currently is Angry Birds Space

  215. Ambo says:

    My favorite Android game is Temple Run.

  216. Kat says:

    Fruit Ninja :D

  217. Sarah Almonte says:

    Temple Run

  218. Richie Ryan Tan says:

    Need for speed Shift, temple run

  219. Tsiremo says:

    Angry Birds Space

  220. My favorite android game is lair defense dungeon.

  221. charson says:

    dragon defense

  222. JM says:

    My favorite Android game is Temple Run.

  223. Ronald says:

    Angry Birds Space

  224. Alan Lagmay says:

    Shall I count it as a game? I like fpse, the ps1 emulator for android! If it doesn’t count, well, I still like Air Penguin :)

  225. Lulu says:

    android game: fruit ninja

  226. Isshi says:

    Angry Birds

  227. maico says:

    umm my fave android games are: blood & glory – cool 3D gladiator tournament and shadowgun – john slade as mercenary, riptide gp – racing, in water at temple run.

  228. Jesse G. Carpio says:

    fruit ninja.

  229. halojin says:

    Angry Birds po talaga :)

  230. Marvin O. Borgonos says:

    Angry Bird Space

  231. derick says:

    temple run

  232. Kany Vic Perez says:

    My favorite is Angry Birds!

  233. John Renzo Reyes says:

    Angry Birds Space

  234. nora says:

    fruit ninja!

  235. John Paulo Ramirez says:

    Fruit Ninja :D

  236. julio says:

    temple run

  237. Arnaldo Ocfemia says:

    Why not try this raffle giveaway? Nothing to lose, anyway, and something to gain. This is something worth our while. Thanks Yuga and Cherry.

  238. Angelo says:

    temple run

  239. bambi says:

    angry birds

  240. Rhealyn de Leon says:

    Temple Run! : )

  241. connie beltran says:

    I love The temple Run..my fave

  242. haha!

    wala pa akong nasubukan.

  243. bridget jill billedo says:

    Well, firstly I don’t have an “Android” phone or gadget, but I have played Temple Run with my friend’s phone but I think Tap Tap Revenge would be my favorite. Sorry Temple Run.

  244. Francis Falucho says:

    Temple Run is very addictive, I play it on the iPad 2.

  245. Enzo says:

    World of goo

  246. Jedd M. says:

    Angry Birds!

  247. Lester Bonbet Quindi says:

    Temple Run

  248. Geetiful says:

    Angry Birds & Temple Run


  249. Peter James Escobar says:

    Angry Birds

  250. Maricel D. Jancinal says:

    angry birds, temple run and lahat ng free!

  251. June Justine says:

    What makes Android fun? Of course, games! Personally, I like playing Temple Run on various Android devices my friends own. Sadly, my current device won’t make this game work, so that’s why I’m on a look for other devices, and good thing Cherry Mobile has this device which suits my need.

  252. Justin Averion says:

    Cut the rope!

  253. Bonifacio says:

    Fruit Ninja

  254. John says:

    temple run

  255. Jarvin Tablang says:

    Temple Run ftw! =))

  256. I don’t have an Android phone but I would really love to play temple run or fruit ninja, I think it’s a fun game :-)

  257. Putli Fe Serrano says:

    I tried cut the rope and I liked it…:)

  258. Aika Baban says:

    My Favorite Android Game is Zoo Party

  259. umanaru2 says:

    fruit ninja!!

  260. Ian Pineda says:

    temple run at angry birds!

  261. Byron James Dalin says:

    Temple Run

  262. doodoink says:

    fruit ninja

  263. OJ says:

    paper toss!

  264. kenneth medalle says:

    Sharks :))

  265. Ferron says:

    I want to have an android phone from cherry mobile! please please please!

  266. Ferron says:

    Fruit Ninja :))

  267. Benchmark says:

    Frontline Commando :D the best! hehehe

  268. critic says:

    Temple Run :)

  269. critic says:

    Temple Run

  270. Marky says:

    temple run!

  271. aicragerenev says:

    fruit ninja!!!

  272. Siegfred Correa says:

    Dream Heights!

  273. Paulo Avila says:

    Temple Run

  274. Raymond says:

    As of now, my favorite Android game is Drag Racing. Although, I spend a lot of time playing Paper Toss as well.

  275. yanix says:

    Angry Birds

  276. carlo says:


  277. Geoffrey Reyes says:

    temple run

  278. leonard paloma says:

    Temple run!

  279. Arnaldo Ocfemia says:

    My fave Android Game is Plants vs. Zombies

  280. Angela S. says:

    Temple Run

  281. Josephine Soliman Gr says:

    Temple Run

  282. Josephine Gregorio says:

    Temple Run.

  283. Fate says:

    Temple Run.

  284. Christian Payos says:

    Game Dev Story!

  285. Arnel Hemady says:

    Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe Pro

  286. Mayla Lagrimas says:


  287. gilbert says:

    Game Dev Story

  288. Warren Fabe says:

    Fruit Ninja

  289. louie says:

    nice one cherry mobile!!

  290. eonzerimar says:

    hope to have one (android phone) so i can play an actual android game

  291. John Rey Jose says:

    Temple Run

  292. Daniel Sabas says:

    Angry Birds

  293. irishjoan says:

    cherry is love <3

  294. Flisha says:

    My favorite Android Game is Angry Birds

  295. Dexter says:

    Paper Toss! :)

  296. Chery Rose Genit Sem says:

    Plants vs Zombie

  297. Rem says:

    Clouds and Sheep! :P

  298. Filmar Beboso says:

    Angry Birds

  299. wiel says:

    temple run

  300. Chery Rose says:

    Angry Birds

  301. Abner says:

    My favorite Android Game is Angry Birds

  302. Brian says:

    Temple Run.

  303. Mark Josen says:

    Angry Birds

  304. Gizette Cao says:

    Temple run :)

  305. Gizette Cao says:

    <3 Temple run :)

  306. bonifg says:

    now, im playing Tower Defense by Com2us

  307. Sean says:

    I play Angry Birds!

  308. Ryan says:

    I want to have and try cherry mobile

  309. Luisa says:

    Fruit ninja
    draw free
    temple run

  310. jason says:

    angry birds

  311. mae says:

    Angry Birds

  312. Perlita says:

    angry birds

  313. Julie Gonzales says:

    Temple run!

  314. Lovelyn Sotto says:

    Angry Birds

  315. jayphee s labog says:

    temple run

  316. Aaron says:

    temple run

  317. Zyra Anne Perez says:

    Temple run forever!

  318. Angelo Torres says:

    Fruit Ninja!

  319. marvin mallari says:

    temple run! zenoia!

  320. leizel carcha mirand says:

    angry birds!

  321. Raging Thunder 2 is probably my favorite Android game for the moment.

  322. Marco Contiga says:

    Temple Run!

  323. ralph adversario says:

    temple run !

  324. lito says:

    Angry bird space

  325. Marvie Joy Reyes says:

    angry birds

  326. mshaun says:


  327. Carlos A. Andres says:

    temple run

  328. Agnes says:

    Temple Run

  329. ace says:

    fruit ninja and temple run

  330. brymarti says:

    fruit ninja, temple run, angry birds space, speedx3d

  331. josephine ambas says:

    temple run and angry bird

  332. josephine ambas says:

    temple run and angry birds

  333. Ygan says:

    Temple run, Fruit Ninja and many more….:)

  334. temple run and angry birds..

  335. John says:

    Temple Run and Fruit Ninja

  336. Lian love says:

    Temple Run and Fruit Ninja and angry birds.

  337. Cherry says:

    fruit ninja and angry birds

  338. Arra Morta says:

    My fave is temple run:)

  339. The Cherry Mobile W900 Dragon Phone is my favorite android phone.

  340. Neil John Ocampo says:

    Temple Run!

  341. CarlosJhunie says:

    favorite android game: temple run

  342. Shirley Samonte Lim says:

    Fruit Ninja is cool! :)
    Cherry Mobile phone is getting prettier and competetiv! With the style and price I am impressed!

  343. Neil John Ocampo says:

    Temple Run and Fruit Ninja!

  344. council says:

    I like the Logos Quiz Game

  345. Allan Reyes says:

    Temple Run!

  346. Jefferson Aguirre says:

    temple run!

  347. Jhay Cachapero says:

    temple run!

  348. Jaafar Husin says:

    Fruit ninja

  349. Lance says:

    Temple Run!

  350. Angry birds and Sally’s Spa :)

  351. ilaybalilay says:

    fruit ninja

  352. emmanuel cezar says:

    inotia 3: children of carnia

  353. Karen Bernarte says:

    Angry birds fruit ninja

  354. Arden says:

    Fruit Ninja

  355. rbb says:

    Doodle Jump and Angry Birds Space!

  356. LEO RANCES GARCIA says:

    temple run and angry birds

  357. Joni Ablaza says:

    Angry Birds :P

  358. Aida Villanueva says:

    Fruit Ninja

  359. d4ryl3 says:

    Zombie Lane

  360. Kenth says:

    Temple Run
    Lil Kingdom
    Angry Birds, Rio, Seasons, Space …

  361. Kriz says:

    Shoot The Pineapple

  362. leovie manuel says:

    cut the rope,doodle jump

  363. Nikko Ramos says:

    Temple run and Fruit Ninja! :P

  364. leovie says:

    cut the rope,doodle jump

  365. Lorie says:

    Angry Birds

  366. chacha says:

    angry birds rio:)

  367. Louie says:

    Temple Run!

  368. Melvin says:

    temple run

  369. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Angry Birds pa rin :-)

  370. Gessa Marie C says:

    angry birds

  371. Joan Macawili says:


  372. Jennefer Santiago says:

    I love Fruit Ninja and Temple Run Games! so much love android phone!

  373. Grace Estrella says:

    Temple Run

  374. teresa hundana says:

    angry birds

  375. Rold says:

    Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Unblock Me.

  376. Anne Pancho says:

    cut the rope, angry birds and fruit ninja

  377. Clifford says:

    angry birds

  378. wilfred says:

    temple run

  379. john michell says:

    temple run

  380. mary zeychelle says:

    temple run

  381. mary cheyzerr says:

    temple run

  382. ma clara reyes says:

    I dont have android phone but i really love to try playing temple run.

  383. edriangelo says:

    temple run

  384. ram ham says:

    fruit ninja

  385. Vincent Peralta says:

    clouds & sheeps

  386. gideon dia says:

    temple run

  387. Jonathan Lee says:

    May favorite game is temple run

  388. Julius De Guzman says:

    Draw Something

  389. mark says:

    temple run

  390. Patricia Romasanta says:

    TEMPLE RUN! :)

  391. Bernabe Sirot says:

    Cut the Rope

  392. Marc Louie Pulanco says:

    I love temple run because it entice excitement and entertainment whenever I play it.

  393. mylene says:

    Temple Run

  394. albertdc says:

    temple run

  395. Fruit Ninja & Angry Birds

  396. Bagel says:

    angry birds

  397. Nelson Alejo says:

    Temple Run and Frontline Commando

  398. Adelyssa Santos says:

    Temple Run :D

  399. Anthony says:

    My favorite android game is Fruit Ninja.

  400. Toto Jun says:

    Angry Birds ~

  401. my favorite android game is Temple Run!

  402. Jumz-TheDoubleTeeth says:

    Temple Run!!!!

    Can’t get enough of this one!!!

  403. Mark Roynell Obre says:

    My favorite android game is Temple Run!!

  404. Germie says:

    My fave android game : ANGRY BIRDS SPACE!!

  405. junnel aquino says:

    my favorite android game is angry birds seasons

  406. Gracielle Santos says:

    My favorite android game is Temple Run! :D

  407. Richmond Cenizal says:

    Angry Birds

  408. Fritzielyn Palmiery says:

    My favorite android game is Temple Run.

  409. prince_ydnar says:

    It has to be Angry Birds.

  410. Kim Bryalle B. Frost says:

    My favorite android game is temple run :)

  411. Carolyn Ong says:

    Angry Birds

  412. elmer sotana says:

    Temple Run.. :)

  413. Ferdie dela Cruz says:

    my fave game is Death Rally!

  414. Eihdra says:

    The whole family loves to play Temple Run!

  415. Peter Ong says:

    Angry Birds

  416. Sheine Deanna Ramos says:

    temple run! :)

  417. jenmarie says:

    Angry Birds

  418. Cheska says:

    fruit ninja!!! :D

  419. Erwin says:

    Asphalt Urban :D

  420. Mary Rose Villamora says:

    Angry Birds

  421. camille says:

    temple run

  422. Joseph M. B. Villena says:

    My favorite android game is Robotek!

  423. Joseph M. B. Villena says:


  424. mohammadnour says:

    fruit ninja

  425. Leslie says:

    Cut the rope

  426. michael says:

    my robot..

  427. aian meguiso says:

    temple run.. :)

  428. Teresa Fe Matoza says:

    Text Twist

  429. Of course! Fruit Ninja! Hiyah!

  430. Mary Jane Francisco says:

    angry birds

  431. Esther Joy says:


  432. Kelvin Sarmiento says:

    fruit ninja

  433. Analyn Alonsagay says:

    fruit ninja ;) temple run :)

  434. Lorna Puno @lhornsky says:

    Angry birds

  435. Charlene S. says:

    fruit ninja

  436. Temple run and angry birds

  437. hazeldv says:

    fav game is temple run! :D

  438. Ligaya says:

    angry birds :)

  439. May Ann dela Cruz says:

    Fruit Ninja!

  440. Jenny So says:

    Angry Birds!

  441. Marlon So says:

    angry birds

  442. Manuel So says:

    Plants vs. Zombies

  443. Lilia So says:

    Fruit Ninja

  444. Michael So says:

    angry birds

  445. Margaret S. Chan says:

    Fruit Ninja and angry birds

  446. Jerry Merced says:

    Fruit ninja!

  447. Joseph Balane says:

    angry birds

  448. Janis says:

    Angry Birds

  449. Jona Villaflor says:

    Angry Birds

  450. Ma. Linda Lagtapon says:

    Angry Birds

  451. Rhozallino Ramones says:

    My Favorite Android Game is Angry Bird Space.

  452. Zeondeleon says:

    megamall story :)

  453. Kirk Nicole Matoza says:

    Panda Run

  454. Charmaine Bondoc says:

    Fruit Ninja

  455. Leovie Manuel says:

    Cut The Rope and Panda Run

  456. Leovy f. Manuel says:

    doodle Jump

  457. isaiah beng says:

    contract killer

  458. Mary Grace Fortunato says:

    Panda run

  459. peter reyes says:

    Angry Birds Space ^^

  460. jaybertboy says:

    Temple Run!!!

  461. Jemimah C. says:

    Angry Birds, Temple Run, Word Game.

  462. Ferdie dela Cruz says:

    Temple Run for me.

  463. charito reguera says:


  464. alfranz3 says:


  465. elldon says:

    Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja!

  466. rhesthia says:

    angry birds

  467. Nelma Rose R. says:

    Temple Run and Scramble With Friends

  468. aywishz says:

    Fruit Ninja! :D

  469. francis says:

    temple run, fruit ninja

  470. francis says:

    angry birds :))

  471. vic rodriguez says:

    fruit ninja, temple run

  472. solficia balatico says:

    angry birds

  473. Jerome says:

    Plants Vs. Zombies

  474. jc1217 says:

    Angry Birds, Temple Run

  475. Jill says:

    Temple run

  476. aileen says:

    temple run

  477. Severino Puno says:

    Angry Birds, RObotek

  478. Margie Ruiz Carperna says:

    Angry birds

  479. Katleya M. Tapales says:

    temple run

  480. Gemma Callueng Puno says:

    Temple Run

  481. Irma C. says:

    Cooking Mama.

  482. Rolando says:

    Angry Birds Temple Run

  483. Glemz Azurin says:

    TEMPLE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    angry birds, stand o food, fruit ninja!!:D

  484. Alyssa C. says:

    Unblock Me and Words with Friends. :D

  485. mikepopo says:

    temple run!

  486. Lani says:

    Temple Run

  487. Franc Loise says:

    Temple Run

  488. CHERRY CACHO PUNO says:

    Angry Birds

  489. xsaix5 says:

    coin dozer is so simple but addicting
    and who can forget temple run of course

  490. Rey says:

    Temple Run

  491. May Ann dela Cruz says:

    Fruit Ninja

  492. finally tried Fruit Ninja

  493. Pedubos says:

    Angry Birds

  494. Mish says:

    I haven’t had an android phone yet, but I play Temple Run on my friends’ phones. :)

  495. mina pleto says:

    coin dozer

  496. Francis says:

    i Love Cherry Mobile! :))

  497. Dana C says:

    My fave game would be Fruit Ninja. XD

  498. Jego Calderone says:

    Logo Quiz :D

  499. Gen says:


  500. ton says:

    angry birds space

  501. Rose Ann says:

    Temple Run

  502. Joshua Bolotaolo says:

    Fruit Ninja

  503. Anne Grace Bolotaolo says:

    temple run

  504. Earl Guardiano says:

    pumpkins vs. monsters

  505. Minirose bolotaolo says:

    Temple Run

  506. Alfonso Torres says:

    Temple Run

  507. Diego Bolotaolo says:

    Temple run

  508. Joshua says:

    temple run

  509. Vincent Villalobos says:

    Temple Run

  510. Pauline Flores says:

    temple run :)

  511. rose says:

    sadly, i have no android phone yet :(

  512. Ryan Tiu says:

    World of goo :D

  513. jerico landicho says:

    dragon android phone

  514. Rose says:

    Temple Run!

  515. Lotes Ido says:

    Temple Run!

  516. Ramil Udal Ido says:

    World of Goo!

  517. Ma. Guthame Rose Ido says:

    Temple Run!

  518. Jason Ryan Celeste says:

    Angry Birds!!!

  519. i love to play cooking mama, and temple run!

  520. Jerry Puno says:

    Temple Run

  521. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    Fruit Ninja!:)

  522. Lord Rugen Hizon says:

    draw something!!

  523. Rolando Puno says:

    Temple Run

  524. Pianex says:

    Angry Birds

  525. John Paulo Portugal says:

    Fieldrunners HD

  526. lei says:

    temple run

  527. leovie manuel says:

    temple run

  528. gideon dia says:

    angry birds

  529. Almira Puno says:

    Angry Birds

  530. Udilean Gatapia says:

    temple run!

  531. Udilean Gatapia says:

    temple run! ;)

  532. lovendyne says:

    lane splitter

  533. Mae Tadle says:

    Temple Run

  534. john says:

    Angry birds space

  535. Nadine says:

    Fruit Ninja

  536. Baltazar Mangaliman says:

    Temple Run

  537. Victoria Jose says:

    Temple run

  538. Kuya Charlz says:

    ANgry Birds and temple run

  539. Glenn says:

    angry birds tetris

  540. Chiq Manulat says:

    Angry Birds!

  541. myrtle says:

    Temple Run, Fruit Ninja

  542. franklin says:

    Temple Run

  543. Anna Valdez says:

    Temple Run, Tetris, Unblock me, Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds!

  544. Leikaori says:

    Temple Run

  545. Anna Valdez says:


  546. Anna May Valdez says:

    Tap Tap Revenge

  547. Mei Santiago says:

    Temple run

  548. DondeeW says:

    temple run

  549. Angelyn Jolo says:

    Train Yard

  550. MLm Forev says:

    Temple Run

  551. Selina says:

    simsimi :P

  552. Anna Valdez says:

    Where’s my water!

  553. Maria Aliana says:

    Slime vs Mushroom 2!!

  554. Name: says:

    cut the rope

  555. ed says:

    angry birds

  556. junnel taborada says:

    temple run

  557. tina says:

    Train Yard

  558. ting says:

    angry birds

  559. Tina says:

    wow! sana mapick. not sure if i was able to follow the first instruction to “like” the blog post correctly tho.

  560. aleish dann says:

    Temple Run! :D

  561. dith says:

    Temple run

  562. jay says:

    fruit ninja

  563. hugene says:

    temple Run

  564. carla says:

    Ice Cream!

  565. kim says:


  566. Ricafort S. Cenizal says:

    Air Attack HD

  567. nicco quimada says:

    Fruit ninja

  568. diana macawili says:

    angry birl

  569. diana macawili says:

    angry bird

  570. Anna Valdez says:

    Yoo ninja!

  571. Karen says:

    temple run and where’s my water

  572. Istin says:

    fruit ninja, angry birds :P

  573. regel says:

    where’s my water

  574. It has to be Angry Birds. Followed by Plants vs Zombies and Scramble! :)

  575. Catherine Dacio says:


  576. mon says:

    angry birds

  577. dan says:

    My favorite Android game is Plants vs Zombies!

  578. Trange says:

    temple run, angry birds and where’s my water

  579. Lawrence says:

    Angry Birds!

  580. Krystalle says:

    Temple Run

  581. Jerylle says:

    Glow Hockey

  582. Allyanna says:

    Fruit Ninja

  583. Jaspher Dansalan says:

    Tap Tap

  584. Jeff Estoesta says:

    Death Rally

  585. Josh Estoesta says:

    Temple Run

  586. Monique says:

    I’m going for Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds (all versions, plus Rio and Seasons), and Temple Run! :))

  587. Rea Apillera says:

    Fruit Ninja and Temple Run :)

  588. Japhet Kent L. Santo says:

    I hope..Manalo ako :)
    para maka experience dn ako magkaroon ng android phone :’)

  589. Rea Apillera says:

    Fruit Ninja:)

  590. Anna May Valdez says:

    Tower Defense

  591. Allan of Bulacan says:

    Temple Run!

  592. path says:

    temple run

  593. Francis says:


  594. beaivanna says:

    Coin dozer!!

  595. Minah says:

    Sana naman manalo ako.. I really like cherry mobile a lot… :)

  596. Rochelle says:

    Temple Run!

  597. NemOry says:

    Temple Run

  598. Minah says:

    sana manalo ako. I love cherry mobile a lot. :D

  599. Ariel says:


  600. Franc says:

    coin dozer!

  601. Felix Balete says:

    blocked out :D

  602. Nhoj Yer says:

    Temple Run

  603. Stanley says:

    Paper toss and Ninjump ata un?

  604. Gnik says:

    Temple Run

  605. xyell says:

    temple run

  606. mich says:


  607. jim says:

    temple run

  608. Jen says:

    Slice it! :)

  609. Tomas Chua Jr, says:

    Fruit ninja!!!

  610. Adonis Cruz says:

    temple run

  611. Logo Quiz. Fruit Ninja. Panda Runa

  612. lois says:

    why won’t it accept anymore entries? it’s still June 11!

  613. Francis says:

    sana ako manalo!!

  614. Francis says:

    ako ang manalo sana!

  615. Minah says:

    kelan po ba announcement nang winners?

  616. MYr says:

    Sana mag karoon ako nyan dati ko pa gusto ng bagong cellphone d ako nabibili puro pinag lumaan lang ng mga pinsan ko nagagamit ko

  617. MYr says:

    FB:[email protected]
    sana lang po… gamit ko po naun color phone lang ginamit ng pinsan ko binigay sakin

  618. kevin glenn says:

    when will be the result sir ?

  619. Japhet Kent Santome says:

    good luck to all of us!:)

    sana manalo ako:D

  620. joestar555 says:

    when is the announcement of winners?

  621. kim says:

    sana manalo ako

  622. Franc says:

    Im hoping :D

  623. Mina says:

    May winners na po? :)

  624. Minah says:

    sa friday daw po ang sched nang announcement. based from what i read sa twitter ni mr. abe. :D sana manalo ako… :D (cross fingers)

  625. aljun says:

    sana ako.. heheheh\

  626. JheCkz says:

    i wiss all be happy.. and fun

    i wiss na manalo ako

  627. Aldrin says:

    Really? Today is the announcement of winners??? June 15? Today is Friday. I hope so… Love you guys.. :-)

  628. xsaix5 says:

    friday na :O
    i hope i win something for a change

  629. Akisha Dayap says:

    I want cellphone because my cellphone broke my family said my dear we need to search in google raffle cellphone and if I won my family is super happy..

  630. Dave says:

    Temple run 2

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