How many Cherry Mobile smartphones were released in 2014?

Cherry Mobile is, no doubt, one of the best-selling smartphone brands in the country. Spanning over 50 smartphones and a dozen more of other gadgets under their portfolio, they are also one of the most active companies, releasing new phone models like pancakes every now and then. One may ask, how many have they released just in 2014 alone?


With that being said, we tallied all CM smartphones released in 2014. Smartphones are sectioned according to OS and quarter of release.

Firefox OS


Cherry Mobile Ace is the first local Firefox smartphone in the country. It has an affordable price tag too. (Photo Credit: Team Tech Squad)



Chery Mobile Cosmos Z2 (Web)

“The Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2 is a pretty respectable handset despite some of the shortcomings…” – from our Review early last year.

realme philippines

Q1 2014
Amethyst • Cosmos Z2 • Titan Pro • Fuze

realme philippines


“The Cherry Mobile Flare S2 is undoubtedly a packed phone for its sub-Php5K asking price.” We did a quick review on Cherry Mobile’s smartphone for the masses June 2014.

Q2 2014
Emerald •  Garnet • Sapphire • Topaz
Gem • Jade • Onyx • Quartz • Ruby
Omega SeriesAeon • Icon • Infinity • Spectrum
Axis • Razor 2.0 • Flare S2  • Ultra • Urban
Nova 2 • Equinox Night • Flare Dash • Flare 3


“This handset is a good all-around device that handles most, if not all your smartphone needs without breaking the bank.” That’s from our Cosmos One review.

Q3 2014
Magnum S •  Flare S3 • Pebble
RoverAmber 2 • Cosmos One • Pulse


For the photo-loving users, there’s the Cherry Mobile Selfie, which was introduced late last year. Here’s our quick review.

Q4 2014
B100 • B200 • Spin • Volt
Cheer • Me Fun • Me • Flare Lite
ExcaliburInfinix Pure XL • Apollo X • Selfie

Windows Phone


Cherry Mobile Alpha Style is one of the most affordable Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the market. Check out our unboxing here.

Alpha Style • Alpha Luxe

As you can see, Cherry Mobile still dominated much of the low-cost smartphone market with the release of 47 smartphones, 44 of which are sporting the Android OS in affordable entry-level, mid-range, and not-so-expensive high-end market segments. We also saw CM explore more mobile options with the release of CM Ace and the Alpha series of devices, making them the first local brand to bring Firefox OS-laden and Microsoft-loaded smartphones.

We may be early in February, but CM already released five smartphones under its belt (Me Vibe, Cosmos One Plus, Infinix Pure, Fuze 2, Cosmos Force) to kick off 2015 with a bang. Shall we expect more of Cherry Mobile this year? I’d say we really should.

Did we miss anything? Drop them down the comments section below.


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7 Responses

  1. Anony Mouse says:

    Ang mas magandang tanong, “anong porseynto ng mga CM handsets na nabenta 6 months ago ang gumagana pa rin ng maayos?” Baka mamaya less than 50% na lang… Kawawa naman yung mga bumili.

  2. devilboy says:

    normally ung mga disposable phones like flare hd di na talaga nilalagay sa website, after you buy them then pop! wala ka na makita support man lang sa binili mo. kaya if magkaproblema they will tell you to wait for a loooong month bago maayos di kasi nila priority mga lemon units na sadyang binibenta gaya nyan. paka totoo lang tayo.

  3. Neil says:

    Nag tataka lang po ako..bakit po hindi nyo sinasali yung cherry mobile flare hd…diba cherry mobile yun..tsaka napapansin ko rin…yung cherry mobile parang hindi rin nila kini claim yung flare hd..yung lumabas si flare hd hindi rin nila nilagay sa kanilang official website….???

    • stoics says:

      no local manufacturer, err, rebrander slash distributor ever has long term support for any of their devices..

      Just look at it this way, the products are simply disposable.. One device is quickly replaced by a new rebranded one of the same price range.. It just wouldn’t make sense on an entrepreneurial level to support items whose turnaround is as quick as pancakes being sold..

    • Gwapogi says:

      2013 pa po nirelease ang Flare HD kaya po hindi po sya kasama dito.
      Puro Cherry Mobile po ang gamit kong phone (Burst, Titan, Burst 2, Titan TV, Flare S2, Me Vibe). Wala naman po akong naging problema kahit isang beses. Nasa tamang pag gamit lang po siguro (though my phones oftentimes fall, still it remains good)
      Ung pinsan ko still has her Flare 1 more than 2years na at wala pa din po syang nagiging problema

  4. Gwapogi says:

    Hmmn,was the Pulse Mini mentioned? Baka na overlooked ko lang…

  5. Easy E says:

    Cherry mobile Android One edition abangan!

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