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How many smartphones did Cherry Mobile release in a year?

Cherry Mobile has released (and continues to release) so many smartphones that it became too difficult for consumers and writers to keep track of all of it. So if you’re curious to know just how many Android handsets the local company released in the span of one year, head past the break and we’ll give you the full rundown of all the phones that was released from the second quarter of 2013 up to this time.

Cherry Mobile smartphones

Q2 2013

Blaze 2.0
Burst 2.0
Flare 2.0
Omega HD 2.0
Skyfire 2.0
Thunder 2.0

CM Flare 2.0

Q3 2013

Cosmos S
Cosmos X
Cosmos X2
Cosmos Z
Flare 2.0

Cosmos X2
Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2

Q4 2013

Flare 2X
Flare S
Flare HD
Omega HD 2X
Omega XL
Rave 2.0
Sonic 2.0
Titan 2.0
W900 LTE

Cherry Mobile W900 LTE

Q1 2014


Cosmos Z2
Titan Pro

Cosmos Z2
Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z2

Q2 2014

Flare S2
Omega Aeon
Omega Icon
Omega Infinity
Omega Spectrum
Razor 2.0
Nova 2
Equinox Night
Flare Dash

Cherry Mobile Ultra
Cherry Mobile Ultra

Just by merely looking at the extensive list above, we can’t help but shake our heads to the sheer number of smartphones that Cherry Mobile released in a year.

For the benefit of those who lost count (and for those who didn’t even bother counting), the local company actually released a total of 55 Android smartphones from the second quarter of 2013 up to this quarter. That’s equivalent to unveiling one new smartphone every week for a year! If that’s not stifling your competition, I don’t know what is.

Cherry Mobile Smarphones

The up side to this is that Cherry Mobile is giving their patrons A LOT of options to choose from. No matter what shape, size and color a consumer might have in mind, there’s a Cherry Mobile smartphone to address their needs.

The downside, on the other hand, is that some consumers has a tendency to get overwhelmed by the number of CM handsets that’s out there. Moreover, the value of the handsets quickly depreciates because of the volume of smartphones that the company is coming up with every quarter.

So what do you guys think about CM’s current business model? Is it something they should continue doing or is it time for them to reevaluate their plan and know when to put the parking brake on? Share your thoughts in the comments field below.

Update: Added Equinox Night, Flare Dash, Nova 2, Titan 2.0

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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29 Responses

  1. Not to mention the excellent customer service and unmatched software support we have come to expect from CM. /sarcasm

    Hey, my website only has the tip of the iceberg when it comes to horror stories from CM users.

  2. bfb says:

    all for naught.

    they kept on releasing new models, but in the process they gave out lemons every now and then.

  3. gr8destroyer says:

    The good thing about Cherry Mobile? They have wickedly spec’d devices that almost cost nothing (nothing compared to similarly spec’d devices from international brands)!

    The bad thing about Cherry Mobile? Their after sales support, it’s virtually unheard of!
    Yes, I’m a fan of A LOT of their releases. Hell, I even gave my brothers & my girlfriend Cherry Mobile phones (Omega HD 2.0, Flare S & Flare) & thankfully they’re all a.o.k til now (ung Flare nga mag 2 years na ata un), but I know for a fact that their after sales support ABSOLUTELY SUCK! So if you’re 1 of the unlucky few to have had faulty Cherry Mobile device, start praying…

    • bolt says:

      Wicked Specs?!
      are you effin kidding me?

      those specs might sound great on paper but in reality, its all half baked…

      mediatek processors make shitty cores.
      camera sensors that have bad imaging quality admits the megapixel bloat.
      overclocked CPUs that suck up battery life with no noticeable change in performance…

      All these…Cheap Prices expect LEMON handsets…

  4. adrian says:

    this will beneficial for new customers looking for an affordable smart phone but for who bought the “old” units, this sucks because the value of their phones go down and they probably won’t receive any more support or updates for the phones

  5. sun says:

    Hey, I think you forgot cherry mobile fuze. The one wih the big battery….

  6. sun says:

    Hey, I think you forgot cherry mobile fuze. The one wih the big battery. That makes it 51 in total.

  7. instead of releasing many kinds of smartphones why they dont try to improve its quality…

  8. eric says:

    I’ve stopped being interested in CM. Their batteries suck bigtime. Buti pa ang myphone, maraming phones na ok ang battery.

  9. Lito says:

    Kaya hindi ako bumibili ng cherry mobile wala naman naidadagdag na maganda. Mura nga halos parehas naman ang feature nakakatamad tingnanan.hmmp

  10. someguy says:

    Of course they will continue to release phones, ano ba ginagawa nila? Bibili lang yan ng mga OEM phones and rebrand them. Sisinigitan lang nila ng CM Theme nila then, woolah! Bagong model!

    • archie says:

      O baka parang sa divisoria pag hatinggabi. Dadating ang cargo truck na puno ng mga substandard na damit, bibilhin nang por kilo ng mga tindera tapos ilalako na may patong. Tubong lugaw nga naman ang Cherry Mobile sa ganun haha!

  11. Techshop28 says:

    They are not killing the competition, but rather killing their own phones. Imagine, your phone is already outdated after a month. And no more upgrades and support after a year. That sucks. Quantity vs quality, id go for the latter.

  12. archie says:

    51 lemon gadgets. Decrease the ram on that one then add a little processor speed on the other while chopping off some battery life and display size on the next release, then create new non uniform names. Perfect ingredients for killing business brands.

  13. devilboy says:

    didn’t you get it guys? all of them are disposable phones! next topic please…

    • archie says:

      Not for the people that value hard earned money and expect their trusted phones to last for more than year. With your logic, we love to see you throw 2k to 12k pesos every 3 months and call it disposable money.

    • rape says:

      @Archie –

      with what you said, I’d rather spend my hard earned moolah on a branded phone that I know will last compared to these pinoy branded phone wannabes. Yan dapat logic

  14. They’re copying the business model of Samsung.

  15. RJ de Leon says:

    The more relevant statistic I would like to find out (but I’m sure would prove difficult to come by) would be how many among these phones continue to provide hassle-free usability for their owners 3-4 months after they were bought. Or can we assume that despite what looks on the surface to be a great bang-for-buck (specs-vs-price) proposition, a short ‘expiration’ date is actually built-in to their devices, which are all primed to — for all intents and purposes — self-destruct after just a couple of months’ use?

  16. snowden-cometh says:

    The most frustrating problem with CM nowadays is distribution, that is, ensuring all their models are available. A lot of the new releases are not yet in Cebu. @^[email protected]&

  17. Nephilim says:

    These phone will someday fill up our landfills and pose a health hazard due to lead in the solder used.

  18. Yapster says:

    Email nyo si lonson Alejandrino – boss Ng cherry.

  19. Jayveeee says:

    Nakalimutan yung Nova 2 </3

  20. boom says:

    dont want to buy this phone anymore, it doesnt last for a year, also customer service was awful.

  21. Zephyr1990 says:

    For me, my CM OHD2 did last for a year. However, there are things that CM needs to consider. one thing, their Support Team. There are a lot of CM users complaining about it. Me myself encountered this issue haha… Second, durability and quality phones… And lastly, an option for CM users to upgrade the android version of their phones, especially to those dedicated or loyal CM users hahaha…

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