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LG Optimus One Preview & Sale FAQ

Due to insistent demand, we had to squeeze in this little Optimus One preview and personally asked reps from LG Philippines regarding the mechanics of the sale tomorrow. Here’s what we got so far.

The sale was intended by LG as a way for the consumers to get a taste of an Android-powered handset at a very, low price. They’ve actually subsidized the 50% so this is a “palugi” sale. The idea is to increase awareness towards Android and should pave the way for more LG Android phone buyers in the future.

As for the sale, here’s what I gather from the LG rep:

1) The sale will only happen from 2pm to 3pm. No extensions. No reservations. Even LG employees, resellers and their relatives are not allowed to join the sale. Not even the media got special treatment. It’s every man for himself. *heh*

2) Only one Optimus One per buyer. This will prevent hoarding and re-selling of units after the sale.

3) LG reps will be there as early as 10am, when the mall opens. They will hand-out numbered claim stubs to those who come in early. The claim stubs do not guarantee you can buy during the sale period. It’s only to make sure who’s in line first. (Update: They’ll start giving away stubs by batches starting 2:00pm and all those who’ve gotten stubs until 3:00pm will be able to get their discounted handsets. I think this is a clearer process.)

4) There is not hard limit on the number of Optimus One they will sell as long as it is in the 60-minute window. There will be more than 1 counter (around 3 if I remember right) to process the sales.


Again, I’d like to stress that there’s a risk you might not get a unit even if you’re early. I don’t think they can process more than a thousand orders in 1 hour. My estimate is 1 minute per customer x 3 counters x 60 minutes — that’s around 180 units sold in 1 hour. That’s already a best-case scenario IMO. This is to keep everybody’s expectations in check.

My suggestion to everyone is — (1) skip the opening and inspection of your units since you have warranty anyways; (2) bring exact cash/change and (3) avoid credit card payments. This will save more time for more people to get in line and grab a unit. Be cooperative and plan it well with people in your line. Less hassle, less trouble when getting your Optimus One.

Okay, now that the reminders and tips are in order, here’s a short video I shot of the LG Optimus One this afternoon.

The handset is pretty solid, large-enough capacitive screen that’s responsive and snappy. LG added a UI layer they called the Optimus UI. There are 7 home screens but you can set this between 5 or 7 anytime. The Live Wallpapers work smoothly.

It’s a little thick on the side but tapers a little bit towards the edges. The 3MP camera is decent, not very good but not bad either. So is the video recording.

My take is that it’s a must buy to all Android fans.

P.S. As for the competing Nokia C6 sale, my opinion is that it also works in the advantage of LG since those who cannot make it for the Optimus One can still spend it on the C6. That should give potential frustrated LG buyers some consolation.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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136 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    nice…hirap tuloy mamili between this and Nokia C6…pag di ako nakaavail nito tomorrow…Ill buy this na lang sa Pasko..

  2. Sana sa Nokia sila pumila.
    I want LG.

  3. Whudap says:

    Thank you very much sir, i love you haha, question sir yuga, what if nakakuha ka ng stub, with number between 1-50 kunwari, then umalis ka, bumalik ka na lng pag 2PM na, macacancel ba yung stub mo? or ihohonor pa din nila un???

  4. potchi says:

    Honga sana sa Nokia nalang sila pumila.
    Sana makakuha ako nito >:)

  5. gwhiz says:

    natakot ako sa #3

  6. Wreek says:

    Ok nako sa galaxy spica ko at least mas mabilis 800 mhz

  7. noiskee says:

    thanks sir yuga! ready na ko pumila at magantay bukas.weeee!

  8. Bimbz says:

    Siguro naman since may number yun ang bilang mo sa “pila” para di na kelangan magkagulo. lower the number syempre should be attended to first. ngayon how sila tatawagin or ibabatch ang malabo

  9. dongv says:

    paano if they process 1 unit per hour, di 3 units lang sold for the 1 hr time frame,
    magulo yang, why DTI approve such promo,

    there is no clear instruction, they should tell if you guarantee a unit if you line up in between 2-3pm or tell there will only how many units is available. so no wasting of time line up for nothing.

  10. john says:

    malamang they would only distribute stubs na kasing dami ng stocks nila and kung hindi maddispatch yun by an hour edi tapos

  11. dongv says:

    they should clearly state & tell how many units available & sold all to people line up in between 2-3pm.
    kawawa naman ang pumila & di umabot.

    HOY LG & DTI.

  12. Pusang Kulog says:

    Looks like Yuga is very fond of that song in the background… ;-)

  13. elysse says:

    siguro ang use ng stub is para walang singitan and pagnabigyan siguro pwede munag umalis at bumalik na lang ng 2pm. by number/stub naman siguro ung pila.

  14. Pepe says:

    I am impressed to see that they are planning to manage it properly :D Now the only problem will be the line outside the mall before opening time!

  15. Keika says:

    Wow! Grabe talaga! Wala ng tatalo sa LG! Hindi na ko makahintay, isang 2log nalang! kitakits :)

  16. mike says:

    kasam ko mga friends ko bukas. 15 kami. LG, paki reserve 15 units. before 10am megamall na kami. c ya!!!

  17. aren says:

    sir abe what about a review on nokia c6????
    please??? im travelling to manila tomorrow to line up but for the big sale! im really torn between LG and NOKIA…

  18. Jonai says:

    Mga tol, anong floor sa mega mall ang LG concept store at nokia store…. Please help.

  19. Mark says:

    thanks thanks thanks sir abe!! all the info I need!! :)

  20. XXIX says:

    Regarding the stub, pag meron kaya nun pwede na muna umalis then may call time na lang?

  21. Oni says:

    tanong lang guys pwd b laruin dito yung app ng angry birds?

  22. mcast says:

    STUUUUUUB! THANK YOUUUUU!! I WILL WAKE UP EARLYYYYY :D Thanks for these wonderful and useful tips! Hopefully it won’t be too chaotic tomorrow :D

  23. ketchup says:

    What a mess!!! They shouldn’t hand out stubs starting at 10am if the sale period is from 2-3pm. The advertisement says all the customer has to do is be in the store between 2-3pm to avail of the discount. Stubs should be handed out to everyone entering the store between 2-3pm, not starting at 10am.

  24. TrueStory says:


    Hate to be the bringer of bad news, as per kanina lang na pag punta ko ng 09:20 PM, sa megamall, LG Concept Store, sabi nung mga clerk nila na wala naman daw stub stub na ibibigay, ang system daw, bali wala silang pakialam sa mga tao na nakapila sa labas, either sm daw ang bahala s kanila o whatever, basta ang pagpapapasok lang daw nila ng tao ay by 10 pax, which means cguro 10 people lang ang pede sa maliet nilang concept store, at hopefully sabay sabay silang maaccomodate, basta ang assurance daw, first 10 people in the LG Store ng 2PM ang first batch, then next 10 lang after nila, and so on… hanggang mag 3PM… so SUPER NABADTRIP AKO KASI BALEWALA DIN ANG MGA MAGIGISING NG MAAGA DUN, PARA MAG ANTAY NG START NG PROMO ng 2PM… ^%^$!*&#&*^#$ NINYO LG!!!

    I quote the girl na medyo maputi na tinanungan ko, “Wala po kaming pakialam sa pipila diyan at ndi po namin sila susundin ng pagpapapasok s store, basta ang systema po, first 10 people ang batch 1, then so on, either SM na ang mag cocontrol s crowd or whatever, basta po hindi namin ung responsibility”, nung tinanong ko na pano ung mga magaantay ng morning dito???

    I asked then the guy na mukhang drained from his work in LG there s kbilang side ng booth, and same answer.

    You will know that I’m telling the truth pag nakita ninyo yung dlawang staff nila dun bukas…

    One maputing girl na medyo may itsura,
    And another guy na matangkad na medyo mapayat, na medyo maitem dahil sa mukhang stressed.


  25. rhodge says:

    sana naman maging maayos ang trato ng mga LG employee sa mga pipila bukas.

    at maging fair. may mga naglalabasan na yung mga ibang malakas ang kapit o may kakilala sa loob ay nagpareserved na raw. wag naman sana ganun.

  26. Paul says:

    > One maputing girl na medyo may itsura,
    > And another guy na matangkad na medyo mapayat, na medyo maitem dahil
    > sa mukhang stressed.

    You just described like 90% of staff on cellphone stores, that’s not proof that you’re saying the truth AT ALL.

  27. elysse says:

    cinonfirmed na po ni sir yuga na may stub. :)

  28. TrueStory says:

    Guy na matangkad nasa right side ng concept store, medyo parang andun siya sa loob ng booth dun nakaupo, sa gitna to left side nmn ung girl, palakad lakad, ang sa left side, may parang isle na counter, im telling the truth promise, pero bahala kayo, no convincing you naman.

    Nga pala may 60% off pa silang phone parang C6 ang style, GW525 model, nasa gitna yung poster nyan…

  29. TrueStory says:

    sorry mali ako ng pagsabi, may stub pero by 10 lang ang pagbigay, yung mga papasok lng ng store un, so from harang ng store, bigay ng stub, to clerk dun nyo papakita ung stub. Gets nyo? ang bottom line, wala silang pakelam sa pila sa labas ng LG store… basta may mapapasok silang 10 at a time, un na! they’ve done their job.

  30. nansorb says:

    dati kc nung nag introductory sale ang Nokia shop ng C3 sa SM… may mga other shops na naki sabay ng sale… same price at walang pila…

    i dont think “subsidized” yang sale n yan. business is business.

    so kung may shops na may stock ng Optimus one sa SM… mag se-sale din sila.

  31. elysse says:

    edi parang useless din ung stub niyan? kasi magbibigay sila ng 10 stub, tapos ang papasok eh ung 10 person na may stub. edi dapat di na nag-stub. walang silbi ung stub. -.-

  32. wee says:

    walang kwentang sale yun lang…

  33. TrueStory says:

    @elysse I know right, ang dapat sana nilang gawin ay kontrolin na lang yung pila ang ang pagpasok s store diba??? Ano ba naman ung simpleng paglalagay ng guide para sa pila diba, at may harang s entrance… GRABE!! ASAR TLGA KO KANINA!!!

  34. TrueStory says:


  35. nansorb says:


    ahahaha pero ill be there mga 10am.

  36. elysse says:

    oh well. wala naman masamang maging maaga. let’s see na lang tomorrow. goodluck!

  37. spanishboi says:

    did anyone get it? the units for the philippines sale are probably defective – these are test units and you are the guinea pigs.

  38. JayB says:

    I think LG or Nokia’s priority is not the sale, but the marketing and awareness that the events are creating. Free publicity sila… imagine, halos lahat nang blogs at forums, kahit yung forwarded emails, yung product sale nila ang laman this week.

    That is the reason na limited lang ang timeslot. If they really want, they can make it a regular sale na available as long as there are stocks available.

    As mentioned by Yuga, “The idea is to increase awareness towards Android and should pave the way for more LG Android phone buyers in the future”

  39. simplynice93 says:

    Do u have evidence that they are defective? You’re just guessing hence the use of the word “probably”. This is not an event that not does concerns you.

  40. bLuedevil_zz says:

    just a question… did any of us experienced these kind of sale promotion before? regardless if its cellphone or clothing line? How was it? Is this the first time an event like this to feature a sale promotion for only an hour? hindi ba magiging madugo ito?

  41. edd says:

    parang mali nmn ung per batch ang pagpapapasok (per 10’s). Dapat pagkatapos ng isa sa isang transaction, another 1 will next para walang nasasayang kahit na segundo.. Db?

  42. edd says:

    parang mali nmn ung idea na per batch ang pagpapapasok (per 10’s). Dapat pagkatapos ng isa sa isang transaction, another 1 will next para walang nasasayang kahit na segundo.. Kc kun 3 counters un tapos isa nalang customer ang natitira sa batch na un, it means saka palang papapasukin ung next 10 pagkatapos nya? Nasayang ung 2 counters na bakante. Very very bad idea!!!

  43. thepaper says:

    gaano kaya kadami yung unit na meron sila… baka naman konti lang… balak ko pa rin bumuli kahit tapos na yung event eh.

  44. winwin1777 says:

    This is it guys, maliligo na ako at susugod sa sale! jusko goodluck :( wala ng tulugan toh may work pa ako myang gabi! haha

  45. Good morning! I appreciate the post. :) Just want to clarify and add some announcements.

    1. ITEM 3 – To manage the number of people going inside the store, we will be handing out stubs by batch at exactly 2PM. This will help us make all transactions smooth and fast. Only 1 person will be served PER STATION inside the concept store.
    • There will be three counters – brief checking of completeness and quality of product – Payment – (optional) product inquiry to ensure quality purchase experience.
    • Only one unit can be purchased per customer
    • Promo is valid for cash and credit card straight payments only
    • Make sure you have enough credit card limit so your card won’t be denied. Otherwise, he/she should pay the unit in cash or the slot will be forfeited and given to the next person in line.
    • Consumers who plan to buy other LG phones at the LG Concept Shop during the promo will be assisted and directed by our staff to other LG affiliate stores.
    • Make your money safe, be careful of pick pockets
    • To those who will need of first aid, please ask our staff for assistance
    • Employees of LG Electronics, its distributors, dealer network, accredited advertising agencies and suppliers and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are NOT qualified to join the promo.

    Thank you!

  46. nansorb says:

    arrgghh sakit ulo ko. di ako nakatulog. oh well.. kain ligo at alis na! :P

  47. andito na ako sa labas nang mall nag aantay, ang tagal naman mag bukas. uuwi pa ako ng probinsya mamaya. mabuti na lang may wifi itong china phone ko pangpalipas oras.

  48. nansorb says:

    @Jericho Petilla

    anong mall ka? sa anong entrance? marami n tao? :P

  49. sylv3rblade says:

    dude yan rin sinabi ko sa sarili ko but it’s the only pro of the Spica against the Optimus One :/

  50. madpoet says:

    guys nandito nko sa labas ng megamall. mas nauna pa ako sa mga employees ng SM lol pag hindi ako nakakuha neto at sinayang lang nila oras at pagod ko mang ho hostage ako mamaya netoh. XD

  51. kamote_ako says:

    @ madpoet – Hahaha. Why not! Headline ka mamayang gabi. Lalake ng hostage sa mall dahil sa LG Cellphone Madness! :))

    Hayz, andaya naman pay ko sa Monday pa.. hanggang tingin na lang muna ako.

    Update niyo ako guys about the phone. ;)

  52. mobius says:

    anung update dyan guys?! =D

  53. kize21 says:

    here at sm north edsa super crazyyyyyyyyy hahahha… andaming tao.. ang haba ng pila… everyone’s so competitive… LOL

  54. mike says:

    update naman guys..any pics???

  55. mangjose says:

    tae, ang gulo! galing aq north edsa, umuwi n lng ako. super dami ng tao!.. wla man daw stubs, sbi ng organizer nila. prang gus2 nila pumila mga tao up to 2pm., bd3p, tae kyo lg!! :P

  56. mike says:

    naghihirap ba talaga ang mga Pinoy????? :)

  57. mobius says:

    ang gulo na daw sa sm megamall at sm north according sa forums sa tipidcp.

  58. Baidu says:

    Shet ang LG inantay ko pa naman ang araw na ito, di man lang naorganize ng maayos, bad3rp tlaga ako na nga nauna nasingitan pa, letseng guardya ng sm north na yan.. sir Yuga di naman nangyari yung sinabi mo na magbibigay ng stub pag dating ko dun may mga nabigyan na raw ng stub. Bwiset!!!

  59. asaaa says:

    magsabi ka ng sunog sunog ewan ko na lang kung di magtakbuhan ang mga nasa pila hahaha

    grabe ang pila sa mega at north

  60. Mon Makuto says:

    Tangina, bakit wala sa Pampanga nia?

  61. 0100 1010 0000 says:

    haha, siguro yung pila ngayon parang pila sa bentahan ng NFA rice o nagpapamigay ng relief goods.

  62. augusto says:

    i don’t think it’s worth it for a measly discount. Besides, I am pretty sure prices of android phones will be in the vicinity of 7000 pesos come January. What the heck. Just wait for January!

    para kayong mga siraulo. mga pilipino talaga mga siraulo e. sasabihin naghihirap pero sa cellphone talagang pipila ng napakahaba.

  63. watusi says:

    pics naman kung sino ang panalo sa pila….nokia ako 100% sure mahaba ito ang kilala ng ordirany people eh

  64. pogiako says:

    hahahah… ang haba ng pila sa SM North Edsa – Cyberzone…. pareho sa Nokia and LG

    umuwi na ako….. more or less mga 1,500 ang mga tao in-waiting!

  65. I received reports just now from people I trust that when SM Megamall opened and the all ran to LG, they were surprised to see a _long_ line of people who are _mostly_ “relax” already. Indicating that [1] employees of the other stores lined-up themselves (say those with day-offs today); [2] some part of the mall let the people enter the mall earlier than the synchronized 10:00am clock of the mall.

    Relaxed people in the line. In other words, they’ve been there for some time already before the opening of the mall. That is so unfair. I hope next time stores doing this kind of promos will consider their “neighbors” and disqualify them.

    Better yet, announced which entrance the line will officially start, handout number stubs right there and then. This will prevent such incidents from happening.

  66. Chino says:

    hahaha. dapat kasi all stores para walang pila

  67. kokoy says:

    pumunta anak ko sa gaisano mall-davao, both stores (LG and NOKIA)para bumili ng Optimus One or Nokia C6 pero di pinalad. Pareho day may pila na more than 70 people. Ang masakit sabi pa daw ng mga sales people ng LG ay 28 units lang ang available for sale at sa Nokia naman ay 30 units lang ng C6 ang available for sale. Bakit ganun?!!

  68. qwertylover56 says:

    haha, kaninang opening pa ako nakapila at kanina pa ako naiihi! pipigilan ko muna tong ihi ko hanggang sa makabili ako ng lg optimus one. pagkatapos kong bumili, kakaripas agad ako papunta ng c.r….brrrr…(sana may cr naman sa loob ng lg concept store)

  69. This LG and Nokia sale only shows that next time there will be a similar sale, they better [1] plan it _well_ and ahead of time, at hindi ung “tara sale tayo” (and in Nokia’s case: “tara tapatan natin LG”; [2] have at least 100 units _per_ participating store (100 is too low for the number of people that turned out in these two sales Nationwide, I want to suggest at least 300 :p ); [3] organize it with the mall authorities – especially announcing which particular entrance “line” is the official one.

    I am trying to remember a similar sale inside a mall that I participated in years ago, the store and the mall worked together and told us to go to the other entrance of the mall because that’s where the line officially starts.

    Hindi sya magulo, people who woke up early got what they want, it was fair and square talaga.

  70. qwertylover56 says:

    yes! ilang minuto na lang at makakabili na rin ng lg optimus one…at makakaihi na rin ako pagkatapos ng 2 oras ng pagpipigil ng ihi! (naramdaman kong naiihi ako nung 12:00pm) hehe

  71. Chino says:


    sana kayanin pa ng pantog mo :) Wrong timing lang talaga

  72. keppy says:

    Augusto – anu ba lahi mu? kung makapagsalita ka parang di ka pilipino… paksyeet!
    wala ka lang pambili ng phone…

    “augusto replied on Nov 13th, 2010 at 12:43 pm (61)

    i don’t think it’s worth it for a measly discount. Besides, I am pretty sure prices of android phones will be in the vicinity of 7000 pesos come January. What the heck. Just wait for January!

    para kayong mga siraulo. mga pilipino talaga mga siraulo e. sasabihin naghihirap pero sa cellphone talagang pipila ng napakahaba.”

  73. Les says:

    babagsak din ang presyo nyan, kasi alam ng LG na pag binalik nila sa 12k ang price nyan eh wala na bibili.

  74. mr. bogus says:


  75. leemar says:


  76. Oni says:

    pumunta ako sa mega para makiusi sa gulo nagulat ako sa pila grabe 4th floor papuntang stair way umabot n s basement level nung pila parang NBI clearance ang haba ng pila

  77. Les says:


    don’t worry coz i’m pretty sure the price will stay at 6-7k, same goes for the C6. Hindi na nila mabebenta yung mga models na yan at 12k.

  78. Bryan says:

    bwisit na LG yan. napaka disorganize. gusto lang nilang pumila ng pumila ang mga tao para lang masabi na marami at mas mahaba ang pila nila kahit alam nilang hindi naman mabebentahan lahat. paasa.

  79. Les says:

    nag sale na rin daw sa HTC!

  80. Angela says:

    hay yaan nio na, wala naman ata flash player yan.

  81. che says:

    hahaha kakatawa mga comments nyo.. uto sale lang yan para mabili talaga orig price nyan.. kalain mo kakabukas lang ng mall may naka pila na… anong tawag dun.. lukuhan?

  82. nansorb says:

    sobrang fail ng LG! sobra! niloko nila mga tao! pinabagal nila ang pag benta para di tlaga makarami bumili

    may 3 counters pero hindi 3 cashiers…

    1 counter for Product demo

    1 cashier

    1 techinical inspection…

    nung nag start ang promo 10mins bago lumabas yung unang bumili.


  83. Kevoooo says:

    Hi. I just came from this sale. And it was a nightmare. They did not plan ahead, lines were disorganized. Singit ng singit mga tao. And get this, only 20 or so units were sold. That’s right twenty. All hell broke loose at around 2:30 when they stupidly asked the other line to move, and since there were no barriers between lines, nagmerge yung lines. I was among the first 30+ to get there. I didn’t even get close enough to get a stub. Sa SM North ako pumila. Shame on LG. This was a poor publicity stunt. Pansin ko din tenants lang ng SM nauna. Mga employees ng JBL, Fujifilm and other stores yung mga nauna since pinapapasok sila before 10. I for one am never supporting an LG product again. The word for this, is scam.

  84. Kevoooo says:

    I think this was a PR gimmick. They were taking pictures of how long the lines were, but they were not really willing to sell that many units to people. 20 units in one hour is really taking advantage of people. I bet it’s a great product, but I can’t respect a company for taking advantage and leaving consumers out to dry. I might sound like i’m probably just moping because I didn’t get the phone, but if you were there, I bet you’d agree with me. (And FYI I’m not really upset I didn’t get the phone, I knew there was a legit chance that I wouldn’t get it and I accepted it.) Hopefully this has a very significant backlash on LG. People were hurt man, I saw old people getting pushed around. Waves of people pushing other people around just to get ahead. And the security just threatened people but didn’t actually get in the middle to fix things.

  85. Oni says:

    lol PR nightmare for LG perhaps?

  86. qwertylover56 says:

    woohoo nand2 na ako sa bahay with my lg optimus one…ang bilis ng bagong phone ko! pero sadly, 20 units lang daw ung sold ka pasensya na mga brads and chicks, isa ako sa mga first 20…tiniis ko yung pagpigil ng ihi ko para mabili to at nagbunga naman ang aking paghihirap! lg optimus one rocks!

    inggit ung mga kamag-anak ko sa bago kong phone!!!

    pero sana habang maaga pa lang sinabi na ng lg na 20 units lang pla ang available para hindi na naghirap yung iba! nabigyan nyo nga ako ng big deal, pinahirapan nyo naman yung iba…kaya ang masasabi ko sa lg ay “mamatay na kayo lg, p*tang ina nyo”

    sigurado ako na may mangyayaring gulo at patayan dyan sa lg concept store dahil sa aberya sa kanilang promo.

  87. dongv says:

    it has DTI promo number, it should be complain through DTI & mark it as a scam, they should not ask people to line up that long if they have no intention of selling to all who line up,

    imagine if any untoward incident happens, can they take responsible of it? its fooling all the suppose to be supporters of LG Android phones, now they have all the UNsupported people on their any products, including me, I will never buy any LG products again, I have an LCD pala ng LG, will donate it to charity (Will erase the branding) when I upgrade to LED,

    its a CHEAP gimmick, they use this to save on their advertisement,

    and again our DTI allows it, if they don’t penalize LG for this, nakakahiya na talaga tayo sa mundo, walang kuwenta ang mga promo na may DTI supervision,

    wait & we will be a laughing stuff of the world again because of this event, government & cheap company get together to fool consumers,


    lets boycott all LG products.

  88. qwertylover56 says:

    yeah lg really tricked people but i’m not one of them (fortunately)
    anyway, people who went their should file a lawsuit against LG philippines because their promo turned like into a scam.
    LG philippines is a SCUM who tricked people into their bitter-sweet SCAM!

  89. jon says:

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!

  90. honestconsumer says:

    LG = Lokohan at [email protected]!

  91. Oni says:

    nice 1

  92. Taz says:

    sadly its all about marketing… but DTI should look into it ASAP, something is wrong…

    im one of those who queued at their SM Annex store. i think im between the 45th to 50th person in the line but I didnt get any cp…

    we really should file a class suit against LG Phils…

  93. Taz says:

    im now officially boycotting all LG products…

  94. Fleeb says:

    So I heard, LG = EPIC FAIL. But then again, bad publicity is still publicity. Good work LG PR. Now we need to hear from your side, LG.

  95. dongv says:

    express yourself on their facebook wall & twitter so everyone know what they did to the consumers.

  96. ems says:

    napaka-disorganized talaga ng LG sale na yan.. kakagaling ko lang din pero nag-give up na nung mga 2pm.. kumain na lang pagkatapos. buti pa nokia at least 60 units ang nabenta XD

  97. ems says:

    well, na-karma na naman sila.. ang panget ng performance ng mobile division ng LG


  98. leemar says:


  99. Windy says:

    The event was an EPIC FAIL.

    Ang haba ng pila sa Megall, I came there roughly 11am. Hanggang basement daw yun, sabi ng guard. Lumapit na lang ako sa LG store para maki-usyoso kung ano meron, saka para inggitin na lang sarili ko. :))

    Kaso pagdating ko naman dun, may mga taong halos magwala na sa galit/disappointment. Kasi yung pila, hindi malinaw. One guy said na may kotse pa sya, asa parking lot na sya maaga pa, at saktong 10 sya pumasok ng mall, pero may mga nakapila na kagad. Wth. Yung isang ale naman, nakikiusap na sana bigyan na lang sila ng stubs, or kahit anong confirmation na makakabili sila ng phone, at hindi yung maghihintay sila pero mauubusan din pala.

    While on the other side of the store, may isang guy na may DSLR at kuha lang ng kuha ng pictures. Wow di ba, napaka-cheap ass na publicity stunt.

  100. yuga says:

    LG Optimus One & Nokia C6 Sale: The AfterMath — http://bit.ly/acdUG8

  101. whenchie says:

    i was in sm north edsa annex nakaka disappoint lang kasi hindi well organized yang promo ng LG na yan, i think tinagalan nila transaction para di masyado madami mabenta na naka sale, i asked one personnel kung ilan ibenebeta nila they say na madami daw supply….tsk tsk tsk…., so dissapointing talaga i’ll stick with SE na lang….

  102. mocho says:

    Here in sm cebu more or less 30 units were sold. No stubs were given at 10am that cause people to stay fall inline that reached around 300 buyers. This one fails!!!! They should not let people wait that long.

  103. techguru says:

    LG fucked up!!!!!

    such a waste of time! Don’t buy LG products!!!!

    Poor Service!!!

  104. ac3buddy says:



    To manage the number of people going inside the store, we will be handing out stubs by batch to those in line. This will help us make all transactions smooth and fast. Only 1 person will be served PER STATION inside the concept store.

    Guys, nangyari ba ito? may namigay ba ng stubs? My Mom went there around 9:00am and recounted that there was already “chaos”.

  105. dongv says:

    “One Day, One Hour, One Brand (LG) out of my life!!!” spread it and make it LG new slogan

  106. LGnaLOKO says:

    To all those pumila mag revenge na lang tayo sa LG stores.. tutal mga 500+ naman ang pumila so lets visit them and pretend to buy An LG optimus one.. then kung nabuksan na yun box and na demo na yun unit. lets ask again the price 6495,, pag sinabi ay hinde po.. 12999. then tell the cashier ” AY HINDE ba 50% off??!!!, sige dbale na lang thank you” hahahah

  107. dongv says:

    “One Day, One Hour, One Brand (LG) out of my life!!!” spread it and make it LG new slogan,
    just read it on LG facebook, then delete agad

  108. LGnaLOKO says:

    “One Day, One Hour, One Brand (LG) out of my life!!!” —>>> hahha i like this one

    pwede rin to

    LIFE’s GOOD palitan na dapat LG = Life’s GAY.. hahha

  109. LGnaLOKO says:

    or Life’s Garbage

  110. bokoi says:

    1. Obvious naman na chaos mangyayari eh. Isipin na lng na hindi lng ikaw nakaisip na bibili. marami kayo. kahit nga yung iba na hindi nagustohan LG unit, pipila din, pwede kasing buy and sell yung unit…

    2. ba’t ba naging kasalanan nang LG, eh maganda nga offer nila pero may condition nga lng. Yung mali lng makikita ko is kung defective unit yung ibibigay.

    3. ke LG or nokia or kahit na lahat nang fone brands magkaroon ng ganoon sale, chaos pa rin mangyayari. ganoon rin naman mangyayari kahit hindi nga celfon eh.

    napag-isipan ko na ganito mangyayari. kaya nga hindi ako pumunta.

  111. elysse says:

    unfair. nandun ako exactly opening ng mall pero may nauna na pala ng mga 8am. san sila pumasok??

  112. hi says:

    I was there also, pero di me nagtagal sa pila coz its not really feasible.Dapat maturuan ng leksyon and Lg at ng di na maulit at tuluran ng iba as marketing strategy.Dapat gawan to ng Hate site.Dinedelete kasi nila sa facebook mga comments.Meron ba rito gusto magvolunteer gumawa ng site.Magboomerang sa kanila ang awareness campaign nila.

  113. lg = disappointment says:

    “ONE DAY. ONE HOUR. ONE CHANCE” – Dapat di one hour ‘to eh, dpat 40 mins., pagdating ng 2pm, 10 mins. nagdadaldal yun emcee, tas 10 mins. nagset kung sino mauuna, tapos 20 lang yun nabenta. LG, curse you if you’ll say that the event was a success!

  114. Richmond says:

    I agree sa lahat ng mga nagcocomplain. Sobrang walang kwenta talaga ung LG kanina waste of time lang.. no more next time for LG.. we waited 8am parking tapos pag bukas pa lang doors may about 60 people na nakapila. tpus about 20-30 lang nabigyan nila sobrang la kwenta grabe pa dinedelay ung processing sa purchase halatang sinasadya ung kabagalan.. SOBRA.. pnkamasakit pa everytime na tinatanong namin kung ilan ibebenta nila or kung aabot pa ba lagi sagot hope for the best and upto 3pm e sa bagal ng galaw nla tlgang 20-30 lng makakabili. BS sobra! paasa sa mga tao…

  115. Vannie says:

    I HATE LG, their event coordinator sucks big time. NOT GOING TO PATRONIZE. sobrang di organized walang kwenta.

  116. Unwired says:

    walang kwentang LG sana hindi nila pinaasa yung mga tao! tsk tsk tsk! balak namen bumili ng LG TV and washing machine we will shift to samsung nalang kahit medyo mahal atleast SAMSUNG!! bulok ang sistema mo LG! expect low of sales this christmas.

  117. taray says:

    i was there sa Sm north, nkpg takbuhan kame pr lng mkpila.. gladly nkpila ako sa NOKIA store un husband ko sa LG cya pumila..sa NOKIA as is super ok ang pila nun una ni wla isa security guard o martials n nk supervise kc nasa LG sila kc ngkakagulo ang tao..hanggang nun mga 12 noon na nku dun na ngkagulo ang Nokia customers, paano ba naman meron lalaki nk stripe na sobra laki na bumaba from 5th flr at my tindahan cya dun imagine nk pila kame dun ng before p mg open ang mall at nkpgtakbuhan p kame, samantala un lalaki makapal ang mukha na un bumaba ng mg 12 noon ha at ang dame p dala tao pipila kasama nya samantala 4 n house keeping ng SM lng nkpila pr sa knila imagaine 14 tao nksingit sa harap namin..at wla nmn nagawa nokia ng dhil dun sbra effort kame kakareklamo pro useless pa din.. mkakakapal mukha e.. pro ako luckily nkkuha ng 1 nokia unit.. sulit n din pghihintay kaso nkaawa un 14 n tao nalaglag from original count dhil ang dame sumingit sa harap as in family sila my mga bata p nkpila ages 10-12 yrs old lng pr ibili ng nokiac6 e singit lng nmn sila.. grabe kakapal ng mukha..ganun tlg e.. makapal mukha nila e. d pinansin un mga sinasabi ng iba tao pr lng mkakuha ng cp but for me ok nmn sale ng NOKIA kc in span of 1hr nk almost 40 plus n sila units n nailabas sa customer ang bilis ang dame cashier. 60 units sa NOKIA all out.. ng d p tapos ata un 2 hrs sale nila :)..and ngpunta na kame sa LG n pila nmn, biruin mo un kakilala namin png 14-15 sa pila d p nakakuha ng unit imagine.. so ilan unit lng ang nilabas ng LG db..hay naku LG at karamihan p employee ng SM nakakuha.. hay naku LG…

  118. mike says:

    lg-android. nokia NOT android. ano ba to? nagiisip ba tayo? the sale of both phones should not be even compared. kaya maayos yung sa nokia, kasi bulok yung phone nila. does anybody really want that phone? come on guys. seriously?

  119. mike says:

    Lang kwenta LG! Scam!!!! sinayang ko lang oras ko! bwisit!

  120. LG_Lahat_Ginago says:

    Time to call DTI

    DTI Call Center
    (+632) 751.3330

    MSME Assistance

    Exponet (Exporters)
    (+632) 890.4723

    NERBAC (Investors)
    (+632) 896.7342

    Office Hours : (GMT+8) 8:00AM – 5:00PM Monday to Friday

  121. taray says:

    ano p man ang phone ang issue dto is kng tlg gugustuhin ng LG na tlg mgbenta ng phone magagawa nila ng mas maasyos at mabilis.. at mas madame unit ang pwede nila m-release in span of 1hr, hindi un wla p ata 15 phones un nabenta ng LG during their 1hr sale.madame din nmn pumila sa nokia pro still naayos nila n mk pg out ng 60 units sa sm north edsa annex.bulok un cp? d nmn cguro…kc d rin nmn pipilihan ang nokia kng bulok..:).. ang nkpgpagulo lng tlg sa nokia sales is un lalaki mataba nk stripe.. kapal mukha.. :)

  122. Jun says:

    walang mangyayari sa complaint.. do it our own way.. dont buy any LG Products.. spread the word here and our family :)

  123. erix says:

    magkano ung optimus dun sa sale? ung srp magkano kaya?

  124. xxx says:

    ^^they are not following their own srp. friday night i asked how much the optimus one is. was surprised that the officer in charge (the highest ranking staff in the booth) said that the price is 14790. but if you buy before the sale, you’re entitled to a 1500 discount. i asked why didn’t they follow the srp as suggested in the flyer, she only answered “i don’t know that’s what the management said”. lg is making a fool out of people. so if you want to be lg’s fool then go aheaad and buy one.

  125. concern says:

    LG BOYCOTT!..meron pa kayong picture picture, para lng masabi na maraming pumila sa inyo…ginamit nyo lang mga tao sa promo para sabihin maganda product nyo pinipilahan….wala kayong kwenta…let’s not buy LG products…hindi nyo inispi pagod at hirap pumila…sana pila pa lang nagbigay na kayo ng stub na 20units at 20 na tao lang pwede makakuha…what a stupid product and promo…next time…no way damn!

    Let’s not support LG! idamay nyo na rin yang si nokia…kawawa mga tao pumila dyan…tapos wala rin mapapala…boycott!

    BOYCOTT!BOYCOTT!BOYCOTT!…kahit mag sale kayo…lokohin nyo sarili nyo!

  126. madzkiller says:

    nakabili ako! pang-47th!

  127. SuperPinoy says:

    We, Filipinos, are fighters, hopefuls and risk takers. That is why we fell in line to such event.

    What we, who fell in line, were or are pointing @ is the way you/LG managed your consumers/customers in such event.

    You/LG should be on top of this. The consumers/customers sensed the Ad before the consumers/customers fell in line. Your name as LG was on the Ad. Even if it is the lack of just somebody or part of the crew of such event, still you/LG(the Big Name on the Ad) should be blamed or questioned. That is the reality/true rule of the world or boundary you are working or moving in.

    It is just like a family or organization. If a member made mistake/s or sin/s, then the PARENT or the PRESIDENT must be questioned by the affected factors(or persons — well in our case, CUSTOMERS/CONSUMERS).

    In brief rationale, we are looking at you/LG, and you are looking at your staffs or members who worked under or for you.


    The event happened was an obvious way of telling that you/LG are more persuader than them(or the other side). Please, LG, do not make us ignorant or stupid. We, who fell in line, are not that naive. We, who fell in line, were really affected. Without customers/consumers, you can not make sales. Even if you say that we should not be there if we know that it will gonna happen(no chance), still we would come for/because again we are fighters(like Manny Pacquiao—who just recently won the Manny Pacquiao & Margarito boxing fight), risk takers(like Charice Pempengco) and hopefuls.

    Fighter, risk taker and/or hopeful type of people are the people who live and who knows FREEDOM.

    We, who fell in line, were sure buyers. The way you advertise was very obviously deceiving.

    In short, your CUSTOMER’S CONVENIENCY skill was very disappointing and unethical in the world of SALES.

    I personally fell in line. I was just 2 customers away from the cut off(last buyer of such promo–1 hour only). I even prevented my urine to come out just to get the chance. I started to fall in line at 8am until 3pm(when the 1 hour sale event ended), Philippines time. The host was still announcing that there are more items however he never said the possibilities of the pace of the transaction. The host did not even to manage to announce the difficulty of getting the chance so that we will not be wasting our time waiting. There were thousands of people waiting to get their chance out of 20 items only sold however still the host did not even announce to these thousands of people waiting about the possibilities of not getting the chance. LG, we have believed in you but because of what happened, thousands of people’s LIFE is no GOOD in that time due to broken hopes you were rendering. The host was only announcing that they are the only one who has that kind of event(1 hour sale 50 % off for unlimited–no exact number of such item/s). That is deceiving.

    If you want more people but less items, why not do it in Entertainment instead?

    Now LG, please confirm/answer this(simple yes or no question):

    Were you up to the customer or to the sale?

    If customer, then something good(or I shouldn’t be doing this) must have happened.

    Else, if sale, then you are not a good example.

    In other words, the question is, Sale before Customer or Customer before Sale?

    Please answer all the questions LG. I personally beg you. We, who fell in line, were really badly affected.

  128. ken says:

    i remembered about a decade ago, it was the opening day of a Globe concept store, and they announced that on opening day the nokia 5110i will be sold as a pre-paid kit (it has been announced by globe that this unit has been bundled as pre-paid kit but has yet to reach the market as such).
    the store was blessed at about two in the afternoon and opened right after,
    there was 250 units on hand at the store as this was their most optimistic projection, but it turns out that their messenger would be running back and forth to their warehouse the rest of the day.
    before the end of the day, with people clamoring for more units, the store sold 2,000 (yes three zeroes) pre-paid nokia 5110i units.
    the store owner (franchisee?) seeing the demand, was able to place order before 5pm for more units from Globe and assured the buyers that more units was on the way and will be at the stores the next day,
    1,000 units arrives the next day since Globe say those were the only units left available. before noon all units were sold out.

    on average, with a 40ft square store and 5 staff, 500 units per hour were sold.

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