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5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

What could possibly happen in the tech world by 2019? It’s one of those times where we keep our eyes on the future to be updated and prepared to which technology will accelerate or affect our norms next year.

Perhaps some of these are quite obvious already like 5G, machine learning, and blockchain, but what really matters is how these trends will improve and support each other. So here are technology trends that you should watch for in 2019:

5G Technology

That tiny 3G/4G indicator on your phone is about to become 5G or with incoming 2019 devices that is. Ever since 5G was introduced, it has been making noise and it’s bound to improve data speed 10 times more. 5G is so much more than just being faster than 4G, it’s actually about 100 to 200 times more rapid plus other wireless capabilities that can help improve processing speed. It’s a breakthrough and we’re not expecting it to be fully developed by 2019 especially that major smartphone brands, as well as our own local telcos, have already announced their support for it. 

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

We were expecting AR and VR to be a hit this 2018 but it turns out to be in progress. However, as we’ve seen bigger steps forwarding this direction in terms of hardware, apps, and games for a better and more detailed viewing experience, it’s no doubt that 2019 will include more augmented and virtual reality innovations.

Machine Learning to improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) further

It’s been years and we are still talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be an incoming trend. Come to think of it, it makes sense since AI continuously affect our daily habits and lifestyle. Not to mention that it’s a feature that we commonly see in most smartphones, especially in photography, so we can expect it to keep on improving with time.

So there’s definitely no question that AI will be a part of 2019 but on a much bigger scale or application. In a sense that it will be more guided by Machine Learning. As we witnessed more improved self-driving cars and Amazon’s advanced shopping system where you can grab and go without having to fall in line to pay. The question is how far can Machine Learning go and what it can do to support Artificial Intelligence? We shall see next year.  

Elevating Sales Of Everyday Items in E-Commerce

The demand for E-commerce is honestly getting higher while new platforms enter the competition. The convenience saves a lot of time and effort that people start to appreciate purchasing everyday items like groceries or the little errand stuff like tissues, shampoo, or even condoms. 2019 will be a year for E-commerce to improve more on selling everyday items in more convenient manners.

Blockchain in serious business

Expect blockchain to be more booming in 2019 as people begin to further understand what it can offer aside from cryptocurrency. Now that a few business owners and app developers show interest in investing in this technology, anticipate transactional transparency and improved business collaboration, plus, enterprise applications in active use. We might even see this roll out to smartphones just like what HTC did with the Exodus 1.

This list could go on with other tech trends like multiple cameras, implanted wearables, or more potential for voice technology. We have our own expectation and maybe some will happen in 2019 while others in the further coming years. Let us know in the comments about your predictions!

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