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5 Winning Features of LG’s new ‘Instaview’ Refrigerator

LG has also introduced in the Innofest Asia its new ‘Instaview’ door-in-door series of refrigerators, which lets you see content as you need with just a knock on the glass window. Here are five of its top winning features.

‘Instaview’ feature

The LUPXC2386N Signature refrigerator’s main feature is actually the ability to check on the insides of the appliance with two simple knocks on its mirror glass. This follows the concept of the ‘KnockOn’ feature implemented on its mobile devices to wake the screens up.

Once knocked, the light illuminates on the insides to show you what’s remaining on the fridge. This not only saves time but also retains its current level of temperature, compared to a conventional fridge where around 30% of the cool air gets released when the door is opened. The Instaview feature lessens the work on its refrigerant and compressor to generate more coolness and maintain the desired temperatures, saving electricity in the long run.

Direct Linear Inverter Compressor

As with other high-end signature appliances, LG’s refrigerator also comes with the brand’s own Direct Linear Inverter compressor that offers less operational noise, optimal temperature balance, and energy saving features — the compressor itself is equipped with only one friction point for less energy consumption, is able to adapt to a wide range of environment conditions, has a soft start and is regulated throughout its use to minimize noise. The technology is also said to be more durable compared to previous inverter motor technologies, which would mean fewer visits from your friendly appliance repair man.

Hygiene Fresh+

LG knows how food can be spoiled even when refrigerated over time, and so they equipped the refrigerator with a five-stage filtering system inside the refrigerator composed of an anti-bacterial, dehumidifying, deodorizing fan, a few hygiene filters (one is made with Ginseng extracts) and UV LED lighting. Its Hygiene Fresh+ system acts like an air purifier inside a refrigerator, helping sterilize and remove bacteria, viruses, mold spores and odors from its interior. LG touts that this system can eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria inside the refrigerator. The end result: food stays fresh for a longer period of time.

Automatically open the doors using your feet

Nope, you’re reading that right: I’ve personally never seen any technology like this before, but the Korean juggernaut has managed to actually build a sensor with a light projector at the bottom of the refrigerator that triggers the doors to automatically open when it senses a foot. It’s a good solution for those who happen to carry a lot of things to load onto the refrigerator, or for moms who are in the middle of cooking and forgot a thing or two inside the fridge.

Voice Assistant and WebOS, right at the fridge

LG’s newest Signature refrigerators also do voice commands right out of the box. Called ‘Smart Instaview’, these are equipped with Amazon’s Alexa system that enables you to send commands at your liking such as searching recipes, can play music, and even placing Amazon orders if you’re a Prime Member.

Unlike last year’s Signature Refrigerator where we saw an iteration of Microsoft’s Windows 10 embedded in the glass panel, LG opted to implement its home-baked WebOS this time on its 29-inch touch LCD display to power its smart refrigerator screen. The screen this time could be partly translucent while working with different functions, such as food management, on the screen.

LG’s Signature Instaview line of refrigerators comes in three different models and are arriving in the Philippines later this year. No price has been announced but LG has promised that these will be reasonably priced for the local market.


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  1. Avatar for Ira ramos Ira ramos says:

    Lg appliances looks great but they have very poor quality.. their items are disposable making sure that you buy new ones right after their warranty expires. Better look for other brands which are simpler but more durable

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