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Going Full Apple: How much will it cost?

With the release of the iPhone SE 2020, Apple sent a message that you don’t need to spend a lot just to own a new iPhone. But why stop there though? Why not go full Apple for all your gadgets and immerse yourself in the Apple ecosystem? The question now is, what is the minimum amount that you need to spend to make this possible? Let’s find out.

The basic stuff


For the smartphone, the obvious choice is the iPhone SE 2020 as it is the most affordable smartphone in Apple’s current lineup. It starts at PHP 26,490 for the 64GB.


Let’s take a look at their MacBook lineup for a laptop. Currently, the most affordable you can get is the MacBook Air 2020 with a Core i3 processor and 256GB storage at PHP 57,990.



Apple’s Watch Series is the best wearables you can get if you’re in the Apple ecosystem. The latest is the Apple Watch Series 5 starting at PHP 23,990. But if that is too much, Apple is still offering the Watch Series 3 in its PH website at PHP 11,990.


In this category, Apple has the AirPods with two models available right now. You can go with the standard AirPods at PHP 9,490, but if you have the budget, you can get the AirPods Pro for PHP 14,990.

For entertainment



If you need a portable device with a big screen, then get a tablet. Apple currently as four iPad models — iPad 2019, iPad Mini 2019, iPad Air 2019, and iPad Pro 2020 series. The most affordable you can get is the iPad 2019 32GB WiFi-only for PHP 19,990. Take note that the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil are not yet included.


If you want Apple to take over your living room, you’ll have to look at the Apple TV lineup. There are two options: Apple TV HD at PHP 8,990, and Apple TV 4K starting at PHP 10,990.

Desktop productivity

Some people need more computing power than the MacBook lineup can offer. In this case, you have four options: the Mac mini starting at PHP 43,990, the iMac 21.5-inch starting at PHP 64,990, the iMac Pro starting at PHP 295,990, or the Mac Pro tower starting at PHP 359,990. Take note that the Mac mini and Mac Pro doesn’t have a monitor included.

What’s the minimum amount?

You can already start enjoying some of the benefits of Apple’s ecosystem with an iPhone SE 2020 and base MacBook Air 2020 for PHP 84,480. Add accessories such as the Apple Watch Series 3 and standard AirPods and it will cost you PHP 105,960. If you want the whole package, here’s the breakdown:

iPhone SE 2020 – PHP 26,490 (64GB)
MacBook Air 2020 – PHP 57,990 (Core i3, 256GB)
Watch Series 3 – PHP 11,990
AirPods – PHP 9,490
iPad 2019 – PHP 19,990 (WiFi-only, 32GB)
TV HD – PHP 8,990
Mac mini – PHP 43,990

TOTAL – PHP 178,930

Take note this is just the minimum amount and that some of the products mentioned are older models. Not to mention, it doesn’t include services like Apple Music, as well as peripherals that you might also need like the Apple Pencil, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

What’s the point in all of this?
The reason why people are drawn to going full Apple is because of the brand’s ecosystem where they say everything just works seamlessly. While it’s easy to appreciate everything within Apple’s walled garden, getting inside will definitely put a dent on your wallet.

As mentioned earlier, you can start getting into that ecosystem with just an iPhone and a MacBook, but I doubt you’re going to stop there. Soon, you’ll need other Apple devices to make sure that everything still “works.” The next thing you know, you have invested a lot in that ecosystem that it’s hard to get out.

This is not to say that you can’t use other devices from other platforms, but if you’re going with Apple, make sure to prepare your wallet.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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