Infineon is Automotive Dependability

Infineon is Automotive Dependability

The future car is fully connected and always online. It is all-electric and autonomous. To make this a reality, it takes both – technology and trust.

Car occupants and other road users need to trust in cars that empower safe and flawless automated driving in any environment, regardless of any situation. Of course, they also want to trust in the fact that automated cars are secure.


Hence, the key to the successful combination of both technology and trust is dependable electronics.

Infineon offers innovative, top-quality semiconductors and semiconductor solutions combined with broad system knowledge. As your trusted partner for premium products and services, Infineon understands the dependability system requirements of robustness, reliability, availability, safety, and security, as well as the added value of operational excellence.

If you want to know more, visit Infineon’s official website or the Infineon FB page.

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