Unboxing & Hands-on Roundup: May 2021

Reviews are usually the most awaited content for a device. But sometimes it doesn’t provide the satisfaction of seeing it unboxed and handled for the first time. That’s why we have unboxing and hands-on articles and videos prior to the release of the full reviews. In some cases, our “unboxing, hands-on” is what you need to help you make a decision. Because of that, we’re compiling our unboxing and hands-on videos, starting with the month of May.


realme Mobile Game Finger Sleeves, Cooling Back Clip

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a more seasoned one, it’s undeniable that smartphone gaming accessories can take you a long way. And with realme’s gaming kit, not only can these give you an extra edge when playing your favorite titles, but it might just make them even more enjoyable too. The realme Cooling Back Clip will retail for PHP 1,590 while the realme Finger Sleeves will retail for PHP 240.

Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W PD Power Bank

Given its features, we see the Zendure SuperTank Pro as a power bank for those who are working on the go or going on a long trip. It’s also a great addition to your kit as you don’t need to bring multiple power banks or charging bricks just to recharge your devices. The Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W PD Power Bank is available at Digital Walker for PHP 9,990.

Smart Bro 5G Rocket WiFi

The Smart Bro 5G Rocket WiFi is priced at PHP 15,995, which is pricey for pocket WiFi. Alternatively, you can get an affordable 5G-enabled smartphone. However, if you want a device dedicated to providing you with a 5G connection and has LAN features, this is the only option available right now.

HealthHack PH Dream & Focus Diffuser

With everything that is going on nowadays, it’s challenging to do these two things — staying focused at work and getting a good night’s sleep. So, we do what we can to cope. We use music, relaxation techniques, candles, inhalers, oils, and other stuff. Then we have these things called diffusers from HealthHack PH, which claims to help you stay productive at work or relax before going to bed.

Huawei Vision S Series Smart TV

The Huawei Vision S is an enticing offering as it is not like your typical Smart TV. If you’re already in the Huawei ecosystem, you’ll enjoy the exclusive features and interconnectivity between devices. It has Huawei MeeTime Video Calls that lets you make video calls with contacts using Huawei Vision S or Huawei smartphones or tablets straight from the TV with the help of the 13MP Magnetic Camera. It also has OneHop projection to let you mirror your Huawei smartphone to the Vision S, and as mentioned earlier, Huawei Share, so you can transfer files wirelessly. Just tap your smartphone’s NFC to the remote’s NFC to initiate pairing.


realme Buds Q2

vivo X60

OnePlus 9 5G

realme 8 Pro

realme 8

Infinix Hot 10S

Infinix Hot 10 Play

Black Shark 4

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