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Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W PD Power Bank Hands-on

Power banks are common nowadays and most of them are pretty much the same. Some offer a high charging rate or high capacity, while others offer multiple ports and cool designs. It seems like we’ve seen it all until we discovered the Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W PD Power Bank. The name alone should give a good impression as it is uncommon for power banks to pack that much charging power. Check out our hands-on of the device below.

Upon unboxing the Zendure SuperTank Pro, we’re already greeted by its carrying case – the type that is usually used for gadgets like external hard drives to protect them from bumps and scratches. We’re glad that Zendure included it as power banks are not something that should be dropped.

Included inside are the manual, stickers, USB-C cable, USB-C to USB-A adapter, and the Zendure SuperTank Pro. Its body is a combination of plastic and aluminum with a matte metallic finish. The design reminds me of a travel luggage.

At 26,800mAh capacity, it’s chunky, measuring 4.9 in x 2.9 in x 1.8 in and hefty at 566g. Make sure you don’t drop this on any of your gadgets, or your foot.

Found on the right side of the power bank is the power button.

On the front are the OLED display and the four USB-C ports. USB-C 1 and 2 support input and output charging with a maximum charging rate of 100W, while USB-C 3 and 4 are output only with a maximum charging rate of 20W.


To use, just press the power button until the screen lights up. From there you’ll see an easy-to-understand interface that shows the current battery level and real-time power usage. Its firmware is also upgradable using a software available for download at https://zendure.com/products/supertank-pro.

While the USB-C ports support up to 100W, you have to make sure that you’re using a charger and charging cable that supports high charging rates. We tried to charge the Zendure SuperTank Pro using a Baseus 65W charger and so far it was charging it at 43W, which is still fast.

Next, we tried charging multiple devices at the same time, which includes a MacBook Pro, a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, an iPhone XS, and a Nintendo Switch, and it was able to accommodate all, including Quick Charge on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. It also supports pass-through charging so you can recharge the Zendure SuperTank pro while charging other devices. For safety, Zendure says it uses 9-layers of protection for safety, efficiency, and device protection.

It would have been nicer if the package included more fast-charging USB-C cables to make sure we’re not experiencing any bottlenecks, but using the default charging cable for our devices also work just fine.

Given its features, we see the Zendure SuperTank Pro as a power bank for those who are working on the go or going on a long trip. It’s also a great addition to your kit as you don’t need to bring multiple power banks or charging bricks just to recharge your devices.

The Zendure SuperTank Pro 100W PD Power Bank is available at Digital Walker for PHP 9,990, but it is now priced at PHP 8,990 on their official Lazada page.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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