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Are you still addicted to FarmVille?

On Facebook, FarmVille is the top game this year with over 26 Million active users, 3 times biggest than the second most active, Cafe World.

Last December, I asked readers how long they’d think Facebook becomes old, and a lot of the responses points to the games as a major attracting feature. No wonder Zynga keeps on buying Facebook App Development companies out there.

Since FarmVille is the largest random sampling for Facebook activity, we can somewhat use it as a yardstick to monitor the trend of usage on the social networking site.

If that 26 Million daily active users keep on growing or if a new game emerges and surpasses that number, then the growth is still moving up. With over 8 million Facebook users accounts from the Philippines, we could be seeing a plateau really soon (this was in the vicinity of the number of Friendster users when it also plateaued). Nevertheless, telcos will continue to feel the pain of losing millions of pesos due to shifting communication channels (FB messages over SMS).

So, going back to the question — Are you still addicted to FarmVille? I stopped tending to my farm like months ago.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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61 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    I never played Farmville. It never stuck to me, but I’m still playing CafeWorld.

    Telcos could still earn from FB and other social networking sites by offering more affordable mobile browsing services, making their networks more reliable, and expanding coverage.

  2. Carlo says:

    I never was. I am a Farm Town guy. But I stopped palying FB games all together.

  3. ocean16 says:

    i do play my farmville.. but not that hooked with it.

  4. Neth says:

    I never was and I never will. Madami pa akong paglalaanan ng oras kesa paglalaro ng facebook apps.

  5. Jon says:

    Good thing I don’t have a Facebook account.

  6. whaâ„¢ says:

    hahaha.. parang na umay ako.. i stopped already

  7. rbsoriano says:

    I never been addicted to FarmVille, I only played twice I think. Nakakatamad kaya mag-click ng maraming beses. ROFL

  8. Pedro says:

    i’ve stopped playing farmville since January…

  9. CK says:

    i used to be an addict of FV but i came to realize that it won’t benefit me at all. for me, it’s just a waste of precious time though many people are saying that it’s part of managing stress and killing their idle time.

  10. garyboi says:

    Well, lately I got bored especially when I finally got hold of the largest farm size and got tired of clicking. Hahaha! Nothin’ new that would make me play more.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. Ellen Joy says:

    I was addicted to it before but I got tired of all the clicking. I stopped playing it since December, I switched to cafe world but now, I’m tired of that game too.

  12. juan says:

    Yeah still, but not really addicted into it. Just using my spare time and not worshiping my farm like others..haha btw.. Happy birthday joana from papa janing..

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  13. I stopped playing video games since I was in college… you could say.. I was an arcade/console (family comp, NES, Sega)!! I guess… games today… does not have that quality from the games of 80’s and 90’s. In general.. games just boast of that realism/3d gaming.. sacrificing the game quality. I rather play the old contra, super mario brother and the father of all fighting game… street fighter and the like!! :)

    as for farmville… I just use my BF account to stay in touch with family and friends here and abroad… not games for me. :)

  14. fudgie47 says:

    never played, although all my friends are so into it!… just thought that Farmville is a rehash copy of harvest moon which i’m so much addicted too… ;)

  15. Ardz says:

    No FV for me. I’ll stick with my Wii and PSP. teknisyan is correct and I still have those 80s/90s games in my Wii.

  16. sylv3rblade says:

    Played it once and moved on.

  17. jan says:

    never played farmville, ugly

  18. chi says:

    love farmville. taught me time management ^___^

  19. drealmarlon says:

    isang beses lang me nag try hindi na naulit,siguro kung 3d games sya na mala-virtual reality na parang vice city mas maganda yun.

  20. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    stopped playing facebook games months ago. really hate how flash can consume more resources than other games I usually play.

  21. I stopped last year. Facebook games are not fun. They are boring and eats lots of my time.

  22. Gabriel says:

    I’ve play this game and I’m so addicted to this game i even influenced my girl friend to play farmville.

  23. Lezuric says:

    seriously i’ve never been addicted to this game since I cheated from the very first.. :P

  24. Winziph says:

    i also got hook with this game just because all my friends are into it.

  25. Ebengt0t says:

    They say it was that addictive. If only my phone browser has built in flash player then i would know. Pero mas adik ako sa mafia wars.

  26. happy island na nilalaro ko. 2 minutes lang nacollect na lahat. pero meron pa naman akong farm sa farmville

  27. happy island na nilalaro namin ng mga ka-fb ko. 3 mins lang nacollect na lahat ng dapat ma-collect. pero meron pa naman akong farm sa farmville

  28. watchtvshows says:

    nagmove on na ko sa happy island. mas madaling i-maintain

  29. domob says:

    Sir Yuga, parehas lang tayo and just this month, I stopped playing all of the games I had there. Now, Facebook for me is just for checking statuses, links, photos, videos, and chat – the best :)

  30. BrianB says:

    Tried playing it once and knew instinctively it would be addicted. So abandoned it. If you want to be productive, better stay away from games like these.

  31. jose says:

    Lucky for some(adults) that they have a lot of time to spare with this kids’ stuff.

  32. inutilme says:

    never played farmville. im a farmtown guy. cafe word? yes!

  33. played it for few months and then i stopped.

    here in our province… there is one polititian that uses the farmville background music while roving around farms! it really catches attention specially for those who knows farmville :P

  34. mp says:

    i think techie guys and blog readers didn’t like to play that kind of games… Some of them will try but will not be addicted to it… Most of farmville players are girls and even government employees,,,LOL… Who didn’t know how to play DOTA or Playstation games… LOL..

    Its a waste of time for the Tech Guys…
    there’s so many incredible things to do in the net rather than to waste time planting and harvesting crops or building a mansion at the center of a virtual farm…

  35. i was super addicted to FV before. but it has been months since the last time i checked my farm. stopped when i reached lvl 40 though.

  36. Robert says:

    In short, mostly teens and kids ang nag fafarmville..

  37. erwin says:

    I’ve stopped playing FV. Nakakatamad na kasi. Ubos oras pa.

  38. Ambo says:

    Not anymore. Starting this year, i’ve stopped playing all FB games.

  39. simplynice93 says:

    Yes, Both me and my wife love to play FV and Cafe World. Very addictive indeed!

  40. Rome says:

    I never played Farmville.. Before, I played lots of Farmtown, Mafia wars, and Restaurant City.. Now I play Country Story (like Farmville), Tycoons, Cafe world, Ponzi, and Bejeweled Blitz. Pero kahit na naglalaro ako, madalang na madalang na.. nag-spoil nga madalas mga foods ko sa Cafe World eh…

    At naku! pag nagkaroon ng Plants vs Zombies sa Facebook maglalaro ulit ako!! Heheheh! :))

  41. AloofKid says:

    I used to play Farmville but got tired after 4 months. =] right now I barely stayed an hour in Facebook =|

  42. I no longer play Farmville but I play other games on Facebook like Mafia Wars, Ponzi, Tycoons which are a lot more easier to play than FV.

  43. anonymous says:

    Played for a month, then shifted to Mafia Wars, now MW is getting old for me. Good. I’ll never play another FB game again once I totally get over MW.

  44. deyb says:

    Farmtown ako dati. Airline Manager na ngayon. :)

  45. melardenio says:

    I stopped tending too my farmville but my bot didn’t stopped… It’s amazing you can have bots to plow and harvest everything.

    But for your question. I think I’m not addicted to farmville anymore my wife does. tsk .tsk tsk…..

  46. melardenio says:

    But for your question. I think I’m not addicted to farmville anymore my wife does. tsk .tsk tsk…..

    I stopped tending too my farmville but my bot didn’t stopped… It’s amazing you can have bots to plow and harvest everything.

    I was tag as spam by the anti-spam..ulitin ko lang post ko…

  47. ger says:

    nakakasawa din.hehe

  48. foool says:

    I’m not addicted to FarmVille because I don’t have a Facebook account.

    Facebook only makes your world smaller and makes you visible to an otherwise invisible and uncaring world of the internet. Drop the FB accounts and go back to being normal again.

  49. Idiots says:

    Sandali lang yan. Cheats = autoclicker = win. No wasted time.

    And social networks don’t make us abnormal, as long as you don’t 24/7 it.

  50. melissa says:

    haha kakaadik kaya kasi kakaumpisa ko p lang!!

  51. jojosiao says:

    kaya ako nagsawa eh kasi parati ka click ng click!

  52. Kelly Heart says:

    What a interesting post my friend. I am a facebook fan and mostly spend my time playing some games and just talking out with my friends. Surely, there are so many ways we can use facebook and I really love using it. I hope they have something more new to come for all of us.

  53. Bee Bouwkamp says:

    On the topic of FB… this girl put up a site with awesome Facebook statuses… some of em are surprisingly good haha

  54. Meryll says:

    Farm ville’s addicting because when you start playing, you wouldn’t want to wither your plants.

  55. Romnick says:

    Farmville is great! Yes I agree that its so addicting especially if youre already in the higher level because you have invested a lot already and its very difficult to let go this game

  56. Name: says:

    Unknown message

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