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Netscape Navigator: RIP, 1994 – 2008

By February 1, 2008, Netscape Navigator, once the most popular browser in the entire intarwebs will be finally put to rest by AOL. A humbling experience. Teaches us that even good things must come to an end. Share with us your first or most memorable experience with Netscape so we can all bury the same memory in a virtual time capsule.

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

21 Responses

  1. Avatar for angelo angelo says:


  2. Avatar for otoy m. reyes otoy m. reyes says:

    well way back in 1995 my buddies and i want to view playboy over the internet…fascinated by the offerings of the internet my curiousity grows :)

    1995 + playboy website + netscape = happy me

    so long netscape :(

  3. Avatar for djoching djoching says:

    netscape was my first browser and preferred it over ie because it was “prettier”. i remembered that i was yabang pa because i was the first one who had netscape gold in our classroom.

  4. Avatar for Mike Web Mike Web says:

    Netscape was once the embodiment of the Internet world. It was my first browser.

  5. Avatar for Bob Reyes Bob Reyes says:

    I learned how to surf the net thru Netscape ..

  6. Avatar for Azrael Azrael says:

    netscape gave me the intro for making webpages.
    really cool and my fist page is a page for my band and my first online shop at the year 1997

  7. Avatar for Jim Jim says:

    Netscape was my first browser that I used when I was introduced to the internet. That’s where I first got my first email. Then at some point jim****@****.*** was “confusing” their system so I had to comply to their suggestion, which was a disappointment. I didn’t realize that it will be an “omen” of things to come. AOL and Propeller took over and now this story of navigator being “terminated” Well, some good things have to end… may katapusan kaya ang Microsoft?? ;) weheheh! joke lang (malay natin).

  8. Avatar for acantos acantos says:

    i have only used netscape for a very short period of time. it came in a CD when I bought a 56kbps modem when I was in college. So I installed it and found out that it’s a browser. :) then I tested the compatibility of my ASP project.

  9. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    I’ll miss netscape.. I used to prefer it over IE back in gradeschool..

  10. Avatar for jay jay says:

    i still remember way back 1998, that time i was 2nd year HS, i started browsing the net. then signed up for a free email for the first time (eudoramail to be exact), browse some sites of my fave bands and watch pr0n. during that time i was using netscape navigator. so long old school browser.

  11. Avatar for Joni Joni says:

    I used to prefer Netscape Navigator over other browsers, but that was almost 10 years ago. heh.

    I guess my memorable experience with Netscape is the first time I was learning HTML. I was using Netscape Composer as it was a user-friendly editor perfect for newbies. :D

  12. Avatar for rod rod says:

    netscape? *google* *google*

  13. Avatar for Dark Knight Dark Knight says:

    honestly, i didn’t know the difference between netscape and iexplorer before, nor did i care. (we just use it to research on the net, back in the late 90’s.) I’m just a regular surfer and they were simply, just programs. so what if microsoft killed netscape? did they steal codes or infringe netscape’s license? all i know is that explorer and firefox are for free right now, and they should be, and i didn’t know netscape had been a business.

    …although of course IE is bundled with an OS that is for sale, which i think was the main issue then.

  14. Avatar for Ian Ian says:

    First used Netscape in school, back in 1994. I was mostly in `lynx` then, so imagine my delight: images! colors!

  15. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    IE is a bald guy with a beer belly.

  16. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    Netscape was the best. Compared to IE, it was a pretty lady. Microsoft killed it, everyone knows that.

  17. Avatar for directrix directrix says:

    @Gene: The first Web browser was NCSA mosaic, so I doubt Netscape was the pioneer in “browser technology.” But Netscape did bring the Web to the masses, although afaik, the browser was not freeware until IE became popular.

  18. Avatar for Gene Gene says:

    so wala na palang netscape. pioneer sila ng browser technology mas nauna pa sa internet explorer.

  19. Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    I used to use Netscape composer to make simple web pages. It was free and easy to use.

  20. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    My first Web experience was visiting grey-background web pages on the Philworld ISP on a Netscape 2. This was back in 1997. I moved on to Netscape 3 then IE 3, then IE 4, then IE 5 before going to Phoenix 0.3, the then Firefox, and never looking back.

  21. Avatar for A scientist in the kitchen A scientist in the kitchen says:

    My first internet experience was using Netscape way back in 1995. It opened to our school homepage. There was a guestbook, and I always signed the guestbook then, so sometimes I do it several times a day (I was always rating my connection slow!)! Finally, got an email from our sysad about it, my first lesson in nettiquette.

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