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Joulemeter Computes PC Power Consumption

Wonder how much power/electricity does your laptop or computer consume per hour? Microsoft has this nifty application that does just that — it’s called the Joulemeter.

Still in alpha version, Joulemeter breaks down power consumption of your PC down to several parts including the CPU, Disk and Monitor.

This one is a screenshot of a Joulemeter reading of my notebook — around 20 watts. I tested this on my desktop PC and it gave me an estimate of 120 watts.

I have stopped using my desktop PC starting this month and completely relied on my laptop so I got curious how much power I am able to save with this move (and hopefully also able to compute how much I save on electricity bills).

Joulemeter also shows estimated consumption of the PC in kWh and CO2 (cubic feet) produced. Check it here and let me know what your reading is.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. abeolandres says:

    Compute your laptop/PC power consumption with Joulemeter — http://www.yugatech.com/blog/freewares/j

  2. rsa1 says:

    Also averaging 120 W

  3. JP says:

    Great finds, Abe!

  4. JP says:

    But I think some pirated Windows users will have doubts downloading this.

  5. Vidar says:

    Hmm. I can’t find the download link. It says “A freely downloadable version of the Joulemeter software that measures laptop and desktop energy usage will be be available in a few weeks. Watch this space!”

  6. Vidar says:

    Nevermind. Googled it.

  7. Vidar says:

    I tried to install it but did not install. When I tried to reinstall it, it says service was already installed. Weird.

  8. manaka_junpei says:

    salamat sa Joulemeter nalaman ang katotohanan kung nakatipid ako sa kuryente depende sa specs nang bawat PC natin

  9. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    crap! requires .NET 3.5 ;_;

  10. Jon says:

    Nice share there. I haven’t been using my desktop computer for quite some time now, but I am curious how much does my laptop consume. I’d try this at home and compare with the other laptops at home.

  11. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Anyone know of a shop that sells Kill-a-Watt Watt meters?


  12. Nemo Trinidad says:

    I seriously doubt its accuracy when it’s uncalibrated. And it doesn’t take into consideration the power draw of the GPU/video card. It is afterall the most power-hungry component in a desktop.

  13. darwin says:

    i am planning to put up a small business of computer shop. My estimated number of pc will be 16 units. can you please give me an idea as to how much consumption this will give?

  14. ruben galura says:

    if u hav digital meralco electrical meter its easy. just turn-off all electrical items in ur house and see if ur meter read zero, if not just add whatever this actual value to the activated or turn-on computer. do this one unit (appliance) at a time. the readout will be in kwh(1000 watts).. a 120 watts will appear .1200kwh–a 500watts will appear .500kwh..
    sana makatulong.

  15. Clark Ashley says:

    Things are all very open and extremely clear explanation of issues. was truly information. Your internet site is very beneficial. Thank you for sharing.

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