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HP Ink Tank 115: A quality printer that won’t break the bank

Aside from laptops, HP is also known for their printers like the HP Ink Tank 415 we previously tested, and it proved to be a good wireless printing solution for the home or office. This time, I’ll be checking out their newest printer under the budget segment called the Ink Tank 115. Read on to find out about its capabilities.

For anyone who has not read my quick review on the Ink Tank 415 and is wondering what an Ink Tank printer is, then let me explain again. Ink Jet printers, the one that we usually see, have two refillable ink cartridges, one for black and one for colored (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow altogether), but Ink Tanks have four individual refillable tanks for all the inks mentioned above.

Just like with the Ink Tank 415, the Ink Tank 115 comes with a complete set of ink bottles out-of-the-box, manuals, AC/DC cable, USB Type-B to Type-A cable, and two printheads for black and colored.

Now let’s talk about the printer itself. The Ink Tank 115 has a similar design with the Ink Tank 415, but one main difference is it doesn’t have a scanner. It has two ports, one for the AC/DC power input and the other is a USB Type-B port for PC connections.

The Ink Tank 115 has simple features since it’s just a printer. There are only three buttons for the power, resume printing, and cancel printing. The first one lets you turn the printer on or off, while the resume printing button allows you to continue the printing process after being interrupted. The last button stops the current printing operation.

There are a total of five LED lights in the Ink Tank 115, the first one is the power button logo, next is the color printhead light which notifies the person if there are problems with the color printhead. The same goes for the Black printhead light beside it while the warning light indicates a warning or alert in your printer. Last is the Resume button LED light which indicates that you need to press the Resume button to continue printing.


Just like with the Ink Tank 415, refilling the ink tank of the 115 is easy even if you’re just a beginner. There’s an instruction manual provided in the package on how to properly put the inks in each tank. One good thing about the ink bottles is that it has a spill-free system to prevent those messy accidents. The only time when you could have spilled ink in your hands is when you try to open the seal in the ink bottles because that’s what happened to me, haha.

Now it’s time for the printer’s performance and quality! Connecting the printer to the PC will let you install the HP Smart application. After the installation, you can now print and check if you have put your inks and printheads properly.

Overall, it takes 1 minute and 9 seconds to finish for the colored print while it only took 42 seconds to complete a black and white print. This is relatively faster than with the InkTank 415’s printing speed.

Author’s Note: The images that I printed with the Ink Tank 115 and 415 are different, so printing speeds still vary on the image quality and color.

The print quality is excellent and detailed but what I like in the Ink Tank printers is that they print with only minimal noise as possible. It is a huge plus for an office setup as the printing process is not distracting. This printer is also lightweight which means that you can carry it even with one arm without breaking a sweat.

If you’re looking for a basic good quality printer that won’t break the bank, then the HP Ink Tank 115 is the right one for you. It costs PHP 4,990 but if you want a printer with a scanner, then the Ink Tank 415 is the one to get.

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10 Responses

  1. wwww says:

    is the ink water-resistant?

  2. Jio says:

    How about the cost of ink tanks per refill? I also believe Epson L120 is in the same price. so what’s new?

  3. cruizer says:

    I’ve had bad experience with Epson ink tank printers. If you don’t use them for two or three weeks, streaks start appearing in the printouts. I guess the ink dries easily and ends up jamming the print heads. I’ve had good experience with the Canon “G” series of ink tank printers though. To me this is the gold standard for what ink tank printers should be…I hope this HP works well too, given its low price

  4. Mark says:

    Can you easily replace the HP’s Ink Tank 115 cartridge/head? Unlike Epson and Canon Ink Tank Systems? I mean for example, the ink head/cartridge is broken or damaged, Canon and Epson’s printer head/cartridge are hard and expensive to replace and also you need an experienced technician to replace/repair it while the HP is known of course with their black and tricolor head cartridge that we can easily replace it without the need of experienced technician to replace it. So, I’m wondering if this printer is also an advantage and can easily buy at hp and replace when the print head/cartridge is broken.

    • Dwi Pranajaya says:

      Epson’s print heads are non replaceable, while HP and Canon print head are easily replaceable.

  5. is hp G53 good also for Hp ink tank 115 printer?

  6. Angelle says:

    Gusto ko lang i share na the best tong printer!! Sabi nila kailangan every 2 days mag print para di ma dry yung ink. Since covid happen kailangan umuwi ng probisnya at dinalw ko lqng yung mga important na bagay. So naiwan yung printer. Ngayon nagkaoras makuha ang printer, after 6 months!!!! Nag priprint parin yung printer. Hindi na dry ang ink!! Saludo ako sa hp na printer ko. Kasi yung sa epson ko dati nasira after di lang nagamit ng 2 weeks.

  7. Such an informational post was ever seen, well there is always a tug war between Epson and hp printers, I have a hp printer and it is awesome, please suggest me how to check an ink level in hp printer.

  8. Ryan says:

    I want to order be delivered here in Baguio. Can you tell me how

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