January Gadget Reviews Roundup 2015

January Gadget Reviews Roundup 2015

With January out of the way, it’s time to look back at the gadgets we reviewed last month. This includes the Lenovo Vibe X2, Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus, Huawei Honor 6, and LG G3 Beat. Read our Gadget Reviews Roundup for January 2015 below.

Full Review:

Lenovo Miix 2 10-inch

Lenovo blurs further the hybrid laptop and tablet-with-a-dock segments with the release of their Miix 2 Series. It works as an alternative to laptops and utilizes the power of Windows to make a nice productivity slate-and-dock combo for everyday use. Overall, the Lenovo Miix 10 is a decent device with an above-average performance, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint for my day-to-day work matters.

O+ Fab Elite 2.0

The Fab Elite 2.0 from O+ is decent phablet with a 1GB RAM bottleneck that limits its multitasking capabilities. But since it has a 6.5? display, it’s perfect for watching movies and editing files on the go.

KingCom Zeus Thunder dB Bluetooth Headset

Although KingCom has a good thing going with their new vibrantly-colored wireless headset, it will be an uphill battle for them to convince consumers to go for the Zeus Thunder dB instead of other slightly more expensive options from the big players in the audio industry. But they are off to a great start.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

There are a lot of gaming headsets that you can buy for $100, but we can only think of a few candidates that can truly match the Kingston HyperX Cloud on performance and overall design. It’s one of those gaming headsets that sounds as good as it looks, which has become quite a rarity since the advent of gimmicky headsets that only offers one or the other.

Lenovo Vibe X2

Lenovo got it right with the Vibe X2. It has a fantastic display, great performance, Android KitKat with an attractive UI, dual-SIM with LTE, good battery life, and sub-Php20k price tag. And with Android Lollipop promised for the device, things are looking good for the Vibe X2.

Cherry Mobile G2

2014 is, undoubtedly, the year of smartwatches and not surprisingly, Cherry Mobile tried to ride that fad and released their second wearable, the Cherry Mobile G2. The watch sports a few upgrades both in the aesthetics and functionality departments from the previous model, and the best part is that these improvements only resulted in to a minimal price hike.

Quick Review:

Huawei Honor 6


So far, we’re pretty impressed with the Honor 6. Huawei did a good job at the design and specs department then coupled it with a very affordable price that even local flagship phones would find hard to match.

Pioneer SE-M531

The Pioneer SE-M531 is designed for your home without a doubt, and if you like listening to musical instruments and other elements in audio and movie material that has a lot of background sound and special effects, this one does the job incredibly well, period.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus

Cherry Mobile definitely has a superphone right here with the Cosmos One Plus. The high-end hardware configuration is evident from the top performance in our benchmark tests. It comes with dual-LTE connectivity which is rare and first seen with the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. They top it off with 3GB of RAM that only flagship handsets tend to carry nowadays and a very capable Sony sensor for the camera.

LG G3 Beat

The LG G3 Beat is a great phone in our opinion, but the name could be quite misleading. The G3 Beat is not the LG G3 in a smaller form factor, meaning you don’t get the same specs and performance – but what you do get is a similar experience in a more affordable package.


SOL REPUBLIC’s Punk is a handy speaker to have around. It not only functions well indoors, but also outdoors with its protection from water, dust, and accidental drops. The strength of Bluetooth connectivity was above average and it won our favor. If you’re out for an ultra-portable wireless speaker, make sure to put this lil’ Punk on your list.

O+ 360 Extreme

The O+ 360 Extreme is a smartphone that we’ll consider as decent. It has an acceptable display quality, good performance, long battery life, USB OTG support, and useful 360 Touch Technology. Build quality on the other hand is modest. Even with the glass back the Extreme is far from premium. The worst part though is its asking price of Php12,995 which is expensive for what it has to offer. Although O+ is thoughtful enough to throw in a free O+ Tag and Sennheiser earphones it’s not enough to justify the price.


The O+ EVO 4G has got some easily-loved design going on. It strikes a familiar feeling of appreciation since it largely resembles the design of the HTC One M8. A bit hefty on the hand, but some like it that way. Performance-wise, it runs fairly smooth with slight to no lags, while its LTE proved to be reliable until you go inside buildings where issues of inconsistencies in network connection arises.

AKG Y50 Headphones

The AKG Y50 is a good set of headphones especially for bass lovers. In addition, it’s good at blocking outside noise which adds quality to your listening experience. It may be large to some but it’s comfortable and easy to carry thanks to its collapsible design. As for the price, the AKG Y50 has the same price tag as the Y40 at Php4,990. So if you don’t like the small design of the Y40, the Y50 is your next best bet.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. Archie says:

    Off topic lang. May pre-order na ang saygus v2 sa website nila at may shipping din sila sa pinas. Parang xiaomi siguro ang business style pero direct at di na dumadaan sa lazada. 6 – 8 weeks ang shipping sa US, nagorder na ang kapatid ko for $549 (discounted) at magpapaship na lang ako pag naprove nyang ok ang gadget. Sa mga taga Pinas na gustong mag pre order punta na lang kayo sa website nila.

    • Rockafella says:

      LOL I just hope you and your brother will get a really good unit otherwise it’s pretty much dead end for you in terms of after-sales service.

    • archie says:

      Tumira ka na namang bobo ka na hindi iniintindi ang sinabi ko. Magpapaship lang ako dito sa Pinas pag ok yung pagkakabili niya dahil nasa U.S siya at madaling ireklamo ang lemon gadget dahil tagaroon siya. Hindi porke hindi sikat ang saygus e scammer na sila. Matutong magresearch sa mga nangyari nitong nakaraang CES 2015 utak unggoy.

    • Rockafella says:

      Fake “archie” is super dumb. Almost to a laughable level. Read and understand what I said and get back to me you fugly monkey :)

  2. JFM says:

    This is really nice, hope you could continue doing this review round up, every month or two. Thanks a lot Yugatech team!

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