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September Gadget Reviews Roundup

It’s the start of another month and we’re getting closer to the end of the year. September brought us new smartphones like the iPhone 5S, Sony Xperia Z1, and the recently locally-launched LG G2. We’re proud to say that we’re done reviewing those three flagships, so before we kick off Oktoberfest let’s take a look at all the gadgets we’ve reviewed last month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

samsung galaxy s4 zoom

The Galaxy S4 Zoom, is Samsung’s attempt to merge the S4 flagship with a very capable point-and-shoot camera. It has an interesting form factor, long 10x zoom, and is capable of producing better images compared to a regular smartphone with a camera. However, it is thick, heavy, and has a subpar battery life. Definitely not your average smartphone but will surely delight users who want a smartphone and a point-and-shoot in one.

Sony Xperia Z1


The 5-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM, IP58-certified body, LTE connectivity, healthy 3,000mAh battery, and feature-packed 20.7 megapixel camera, makes the Xperia Z1 one of the best Android smartphones to date. However, it has a reflective TFT display and weak LED flash performance.

Still, if you’re on a look out for a top-performing flagship smartphone with a “premium” build, the glass and aluminum-bodied Xperia Z1 should be on your top list to choose from.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z


Cherry Mobile has a solid contender in the Cosmos Z. Pretty solid set of hardware, good camera, impressive display — all in a very affordable price tag. We could not complain much except for the battery capacity.

With a suggested retail price of Php11,999, the Cosmos Z has the makings of a flagship smartphone at a mid-range price. It’s a proven and tested formula that will sell well.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos S


The Cosmos S packs a beautiful display, a solid build, a long-lasting battery & decent internals into one thin desirable design. Cherry Mobile’s hardware & software combinations are getting there, and while there are indeed drawbacks, they’re not much to rant about. After all, you’re paying an affordable price to go along with all of that.

BlackBerry Q5


The BlackBerry Q5 packs a good display, decent camera, very good battery life, and above average performance. If you’re a BB7 user who is planning to upgrade to a QWERTY BB10 device but find the Q10 to be very expensive, the Q5 (at the time of writing) is your next and only option.

To conclude, the Q5 is a decent smartphone that can still be considered as a very good communication tool as BlackBerry is known for. However, the non-premium build and lack of LTE connectivity won’t justify its relatively high price tag.



There’s no question that the LG G2 is the best smartphone LG has ever had. The powerful hardware, nice display, great camera performance and really good battery life makes this handset a pretty compelling one. As for the placement of the power and volume buttons, it’s an acquired taste. LG definitely has a winner in the G2.

Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2

CM Cosmos X2 front

The Cosmos X2 is a great all-rounder that can pretty much handle most of your smartphone needs, plus it’s got a very respectable display that is certainly a treat to look at. Although we’ve pointed out some minor drawbacks on the X2, we feel that those aren’t gonna be enough to put down this decent mid-range Android smartphone.

Apple iPhone 5S


The iPhone 5S is sill a solid phone but this is mostly because of the advantages derived from the simplicity and robustness of the OS. Apple no longer has monopoly over good design or even impressive hardware.

With the updates introduced to the iPhone 5S, it seems line Apple is ignoring the big strides a lot of the Android handset makers are doing — bigger and better hardware, more computing power, better displays and longer battery life. The iPhone 5S seems to be lagging behind.

It will, no doubt, sell really well. But once you see people willing to pay twice the price for a gold color, then it’s all about status symbol and blind loyalty; not excellent craftsmanship and superiority.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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34 Responses

  1. rUmongoloid fan says:


    • JustSaying says:


      I’m baffled of why you even gave time to type such comments. If you don’t like, beat it!

    • jejefrek says:

      I disagree!!….until dumating si freking. Dun nasira ang Yugatech.

    • Damien Sandow says:

      Sadly Mr. rUmongoloid fan, If you were to look up the word “ignoramus” in the dictionary – which, unfortunately, would require major effort on your part – you would find it means “an ignorant person, a dunce, an uncouth, unrefined individual.” With that definition in mind, Someone like you. Your spelling skills are slightly on par with a retarded primate.

    • bajigjig says:

      Damien, you forgot your line.

      *You’re welcome.


    • nature boy says:

      wooooooooooooo !!!

  2. diorarat says:

    Ano na mga ibang readers? Take your pick. Hehe z1 certainly is one of the best. Malapad nga lang compared sa g2 but definitely ftw.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Z1??? Yuuuuck
      hindi ka pa ba nakakakita ng iPs?

      Kung naging iPs lang sana ang Z1 abay runaway winner na ito

    • diorarat says:

      Water resistant kasi tft compared sa ips. Traceback lang sa water proofing. Ikaw ba abuzalzal. Cherry mobile ba o g2??

    • abuzalzal says:

      G2, hands down

      Waterproofing is a lame gimmick, what are the chances na mababasa ka sa ulan habang hinahawakan mo ang Z1? plus there is a waterproofing membrane that *blocks* the Z1/Z ultra speakers resulting in a muffled sound.

      SONY’s ideas are good, but certainly not worthwhile to be even considered as deal-breakers

    • wew says:

      bobo ni abuzalzal hahaha gimmick daw ung waterresistant feature…syempre kung alam mo naman na waterproof ang cellphone mo kahit umulan d ka magwoworry na ituloy pa rin ang paggamit nito…nguan kung nakacm ka lng naman na di waterressistant xempre gamit din ng utak gawin ang lahat para d mabasa ang phone.anu naman kung muffled ung sound pag nababasa?at least gumagana subukan mo kaya yan sa cm mo hindi lang magmumuffle yan di na talaga gagana wahahaha BITCH.

    • abuzalzal says:

      WEW, kung ANO ang opinyon ko wag mo mo kontrahin, ungas….OPINYON yun eh,kung may crush ka sakin, sorry, hindi ako pumapatol sa bakla dahil panay ang buntot mo sa mga posts ko hahah

      Unless nasa bukid ka, kelangan mo siguro ng Z1 lol, kung nasa siyudad ka na nagkalat ang waiting shed at buildings abay tatanga-tanga ka na kung mababasa pa phone mo

    • diorarat says:

      Chill lang. Hehe may use din naman water proof. Pwede ka underwater shots. Pwede gamitin pang speaker habang naliligo. May win win din naman. Tft nga screen pero new tech naman. Matry nga muna kung may effect talaga triluminous display ni Sony pagmay demo units na.

    • wew says:

      @abuzalzal tanag ka rin eh noh sa ulan lng ba pede mabasa ang phone?pede habang nagsuswimming sa private pool o kaya naliligo sa bath tub tska di kita sinusundan hahah feeling mo naman nagkataon lng na panay mali mga nasasabe mo eh ako lang gusto ko itama ung mga mali-eh nagkataon halos lahat ng sinasabi mo eh mali,kaya nagmumukhang sinusundan ka hahaha…tska di katangahan un kung mabasa z1 ko(kung meron man ako),kasi hahayaan ko lng siya mabasa since waterresistant siya lol pustahan pag may lumabas na cm phone na waterresistant abotabot na papuri na naman yan galing sayo!hahahaha!

    • simultaneous says:

      maganda ang z1 pwde ka n gumawa ng scandal underwater.. hahaha

      maybe g2 ang in ngyn.. mura pa..

    • anon666 says:

      medyo shunga si abuzalzal eh. di din naisip pano napagtripan ka itsa sa tubig or accidentally nahulog ka sa part na may tubig. ala eh. vibrate mo cm mo papi tapos pasak mo sa puwet mo.

    • Jutch says:

      G2 definitely!

      Their innovative ideas are brilliant and very much focuses on the benefit of the consumers. As proven with the rear key and the other camera features like the shot and clear, and the addition of the OIS itself.

  3. bajigjig says:

    I’ll get the G2 next week. :D

  4. wew says:

    G2’s THE BEST SMARTPHONE IN THE WORLD!!!! PERFECT NA SIYA kaso kung mapagbibigyan pa tayu ng LG na humingi pa ng improvements cguro premium build, mas mataas na battery life at waterproof feature =D

  5. Rodrigo says:

    LG G2 is the best, period! It beats the toy-looking Sumsang’s, the too much overrated HTC’s. The poor-bravia engine-shit Sony’z. And the flushy expensive for nothing Iphone’s.

  6. antonio escuadro says:

    Lahat ng branded na locally available meron ako, sony, samsung, blackberry, lg, htc, huawei, motorola, at iphone. Now from user experiemce ng meron talaga at talagang meton, sony is the besy. Now all of u shut up. Wla namn kau pambili, mga ungas. Mag chery kau mga kupal.

  7. Jutch says:

    LG has a lot to offer us with the new G2. The rear key is a very strong innovation as well as the audio zoom and the zoom to track! Definitely different from the other phones(in a good way)!

  8. Cerwayne says:

    LG G2 has won a few awards as the best smartphone currently. Judging from the number of innovations that they have implemented and the improvement on the quality of the features offered on their previous phones, I might as well say that they do deserve such awards.

    • joy says:

      youre right, from all the feature that LG G2 have, I should recommended this to all customer to use LG Phones.

  9. Cerwayne says:

    Mas useful ung G2 in terms of functionality especially with the camera, the audio zoom and the zoom to track. Tas naka OIS pa kaya less blurred pics tsaka shaking na videos!

  10. jazz says:

    G2! if you want to stant out to others and be different go with LG G2,, it has unique features that definitely makes you different from other phones.. G2 doesn’t have any button on the side instead it is in the back it called rear key,, it also has 13mp OIS Camera.. there’s a lot more just look for the videos about G2 and you will like it ^_^

  11. kyu says:

    LG G2 the Best, my sisters have their samsung and iphone, but according to them my G2 is much better,,, so they will switch next month :)
    we love the 13mp OIS Camera, its audio zoom and its long lasting battery ^^

  12. silver says:

    In all of the choices above i’ll pick the LG G2 because it stands out design wise.. It has button less sides with its rear key function that is perfect for using the front camera

  13. geli says:

    yah no question! LG G2 the Best Smartphone!

  14. tom says:

    hahaha, still I’m loyal to LG, they really innovate the phone from the satisfaction of every customer.

  15. joy says:

    LG has a lot to offer us with the new G2. The rear key is a very strong innovation as well as the audio zoom and the zoom to track! Definitely different from the other phones(in a good way)!

  16. nica says:

    Congratulations on your success in LG G2! You did an amazing job in implementing innovative gadgets for customers like me. :)

  17. mark says:

    I also love its rear key because now everything’s possible!

  18. allan says:

    I’ll get the G2 next week. :D

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