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Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 review

Not too long ago, we’ve posted our first impression of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 where we took you to a quick tour of its externals. Now it’s time to get more up close and personal with the Cosmos middle child to see whether it’s got some muscle to go along with its deceiving SGS3/Nexus 4 body.


Before we go into its inner workings, let’s first tackle the X2’s gorgeous 4.8-inch display which is easily one of its strongest features.

cherry mobile cosmos x2

Although the market has almost entirely succumbed to the 5-inch 1080p craze, one can’t simply rule out the 720p-touting handsets, especially when you got a Super-AMOLED screen to go hand in hand with those pixels just like on the X2.

The result is an absolute eye-candy. It’s got a decent outdoor legibility, impressive color reproduction and great viewing angle which was actually a bit surprising considering that it isn’t IPS (well at least that’s what’s written on its specs sheet).

cm cosmos x2

At its dimmest, the X2’s screen is still relatively bright compared to other phones on the same league. It’s good in most cases as you wouldn’t have the need to crank up the brightness to get a decent view, but it does take a toll on its battery which we’ll discuss in the latter segment of this post.


One of the perks of having a superb screen on your smartphone is watching flicks or viewing high-res pictures. But having a good display is one thing, delivering a seamless movie playback is another.

cosmos x2

Fortunately, the Cosmos X2 was able to deliver quite well on both of these areas thanks to its 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM setup. Regardless if we ran the whole film from start to finish, or just skipping through the various section of the flick, we didn’t see even a hint of lag on the X2.

In terms of sound output, we weren’t exactly blown away by it, but it’s certainly not the worst in class either. The sound coming out of its loudspeaker is loud enough to fill a small room, but can be a little soft outdoors or inside a fairly large room.

cosmos x2 back

Now if you’re the type who often listens to tracks on your smartphone through its audio jack, then I strongly suggest to buy a decent ear/headphone along with the X2 as the one that came with is just plain crap. It’s one of those clunky, thin-cabled headsets that are lucky to last a whole week’s worth of use.

But the problem here is that not all earphones are compatible with the X2. Yes, it has the typical 3.5mm audio port, but the threads are fashioned a little differently than usual. As such, it’s best if you bring the handset if you’re trying out a set of plugs for it.

Performance and Benchmarks

Since the handset was pretty much breezing through all of the basic tasks we’ve thrown its way, we decided to give its engine a workout. That comprised of playing Asphalt 7 while leaving the Facebook and Twitter app running on the background and fetching feeds over Wi-Fi.

cm cosmos x2 specs

Considering the fair amount of strain brought by those apps, we have to say that we were impressed with how well the X2’s internals handled it. In-game lags are barely noticeable, transitions from menus to menus we’re rather quick and loading times were fairly snappy.

Now for the sake of keeping score, we’ve ran our usual synthetic benchmarks on the Cosmos X2 and here are the results that we’ve got.

cosmos x2 benchmark

AnTuTu scored it 13578. Meanwhile, it scored 4026 on Quadrant Standard. On the GPU side, it got a respectable 45.5fps on NenaMark 2 benchmark.


gpu benchmark

OS, UI and Apps

The Cosmos X2 runs on an almost stock version of Android 4.2.1 right off the bat. Thus, it’ll be a familiar ride for those who’ve used an Android handset before. However, if you look close enough, you’ll find out that the X2 is equipped with “Smart Stay” which works exactly like the one found on the Samsung Galaxy S3.


In addition to Samsung-inspired enhancements, Cherry Mobile has also added a few of their in-house apps like the Cherry Play (their own app store), “e-Warranty” and Software Update which makes it easier for users to update the firmware via OTA.

Third-party app compatibility was never a concern during our time with the X2. However, we encountered some “Force Closes” along the way, particularly during check-ins on location-based apps like Foursquare. After doing some research, we were able to zero in on the culprit behind it; the com.google.android.maps.jar was missing.

Cosmos X2 UI

Ironing out this small issue should be fairly easy to do, provided that you’re well-versed with APIs and SDKs. However, I think it’s fair to say that CM should’ve been keener in checking the X2’s library else these kind of things can and will happen. In any case, let’s hope that they release an update to fix this.


After seeing the output of its two other siblings (Cosmos Z and (Cosmos S) we pretty much had an idea on what to expect from the X2’s rear camera.

[fancygallery id=”48″ album=”51″]

Being equipped with the same 18MP BSI sensor, the imaging performance we got was almost identical to the Z and the S. Sadly, we also noticed the same inconsistency in image quality that we were keen to point out on the Cosmos S review. That said, depending on the lighting condition you’re shooting in, you’re either going to get a relatively crisp shot (well-lit scenario) or a really crappy one (dim conditions).

In addition to taking pictures, the 18MP snapper at the back is also capable of shooting 1080p videos which is acceptable in most occasions. It’s not going to replace your camcorder anytime soon, but the quality is decent enough to meet most users’ basic video recording needs.

Battery life

Another thing that’s rather surprising about the Cosmos X2 is how well its battery pack held up during our time with it. We were able to get through a day’s worth of moderate use while still having a few ounces of power left for some music listening to last the entire journey back home.

battery life

The screenshot above is the battery life we got on a single full charge while watching HD movies on the X2 with the brightness and volume set to 50% and data connectivity left on. Meanwhile, the one below shows the output we got while playing Asphalt 7 while leaving the Wi-Fi on and a bunch of other social media apps running on the background.

cosmos x2 battery life


After spending an ample amount of time with the Cosmos X2, we can definitively say that there’s more to this fellow than just looks. It’s a great all-rounder that can pretty much handle most of your smartphone needs, plus it’s got a very respectable display that is certainly a treat to look at.

Although we’ve pointed out some minor drawbacks on the X2, we feel that those aren’t gonna be enough to put down this decent midrange Android smartphone. That said, the only question now is which one of the Cosmos quartet is the right fit for you?

What we liked about it:

* Impressive display quality
* Good over-all performance
* Affordable price tag

What we did not like:
* Cheap pre-bundled earphones
* Location-based apps issues

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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46 Responses

  1. abuzalzal_fan says:

    Abuzalzal! Heto na phone mo. 10 years support daw. Tapos ang daming apps!

  2. Dada says:

    haha exciting ang comments ni abuzalzal lol.

    • haggard says:

      p11,699 ang bili ko sa sm annex nung aug 11 pa baka bumaba na o kaya sa cmk ka bumili nasa p10k na lang duon

  3. Copycat-droid says:

    In the near future, Cherry mobile = Samsung.

    • WindowsiDroid says:

      Anung pinagsasabi mo? Pag future na ung Samsung mas lalayo ang agwat kaysa sa Cherry Mobile mo.

  4. dubious says:

    choppy ng video cam.
    wow nexus 4 nga tlga ang look.
    but still not good enough not until cherry mobile releases a 2gigRam phone.

  5. Gabs says:

    Got my Cosmos X2 2 weeks ago. For 11,699 pesos price tag.. Sobrang sulit na! I have a very nice experience with this phone. Love the display, very responsive touch.. Smooth UI, Unnoticeable lags or no lags at all. Taz sobrang alive ng Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2 community. To date, this are the custom Rom available: SamHD, MIUI, LEWA and S4mini.

    • boy george says:

      1.3 GB internal memory for apps
      899 phone memory
      12.5 GB for media…
      kala ko malaki para sa apps?

  6. haggard says:

    bumili ako nyan nung pang aug 11 ayos sya walang nagiging problema

  7. xxjjjxx says:

    the best phone for me, :) lahat ng party madilim man o maliwanag maganda un kuha ng camera. Love the phone <3

  8. lol says:

    sayang bawal ang ingress

  9. MarketingGimmicks says:

    saan kaya nakuha ng Cherry Mobile yung 18 mega pixel camera nyan eh wala namang ganoon sa MTK6589 SoC


  10. wew says:

    mukhang sgs3 hahaha abangan natin uli ang gagawing pagtatanggol ni abuzalzal sa kanyang sinasambang cherry mobile hahaha

  11. Justin says:

    Yoohoo! Abuzalzal! Ang tahimik mo ata…? :P

    • abuzalzal says:

      I’m here.
      None of these Cosmos line impresses me.Theyre OK,but nothing earth-shattering to warrant your spending. Wake me up when CM starts indroducing 2 gb RAM in their handsets.

  12. Syntax says:

    Ano po mas recommend niyo? Cosmos Z or Cosmos X2? May dilemma po kasi ako kung anung mas magandang bilhin sa dalawang ito.

    • abuzalzal says:

      X2. … pointless ang 1080p sa 5 inch screens, besides, the Z isn’t equipped with a good-enuff battery to last you thru the day, don’t fall for that gimmickry.

  13. Dodi says:

    Small comment about those photos taken; medyo madilim ang background.
    Though excited among makita yung mga sample pix.

    Go YugaTech!!!

    P.s. kindly share more personal experience for those who owned it already.

  14. ocr says:

    saan po mahahanap yun feature ng smart call and smart stay? Salamat.

  15. archt UE says:

    sir bakit walang cherry features ang cosmos x2 ko?..

  16. haggard says:

    saan po makikita yung smart call at smart stay saka para saan po ba yun salamat po paki sagot po

  17. vince galang says:

    Nabili ko sya sep.10 almost 1 month na sken…bumilib ako sa camera nia..i compared it sa s4 at masasabi kong magkasunglinaw sila ng resolution khit 18mp un pinaplug nila pero ang resolution nia parehas lang ng s4 na 13mp which is not bad at all..isa lng problem ko…kapag may tinatawagan ako nag airplane mode sya after ilang mins. Peri kpag nakaheadset ndi nman..

  18. lol wala p yong samsung mo my nokia na sa nokia na ko o+ maganda p huli na ang samsung mo na yan

  19. archt UE says:

    orc pano pa mag software update?

  20. StanliJey says:

    Good day po. I’m planning to buy one of the cosmos series next month, but I really have a lot of things in my mind that bothers me. Usually they are the bad comments from the people, saying its not that impressive and some things in the phone doesn’t work well. But regardless of the comments, I would still like to buy one of those phones, either the COSMOS Z or COSMOS X2. Please suggest po kung anong mas okay. Mejo naguguluhan kasi ako kung anong bibilhin ko eh.

    Thanks po! :)

    • wew says:

      tingin ko cosmos z ang mas magandang bilhin mas maganda ang specs kaso below average ung battery perofrmance nya pero di naman ganun kagrabe. kung di ka naman ganun katagal maggames, browse ng internet,etc. sa phone mo okay na tong cosmos z =))

  21. boy george says:

    1.3 GB internal memory for apps
    899 phone memory
    12.5 GB for media…
    kala ko malaki para sa apps?

  22. askal says:

    Sinobukan ko ang camera ng x2 na display sa store kasi balak kong bumili ngayong Dec pgktanggap ko ng 13month, mahina xia kumpara sa s3 & s4. S3 nlng ang bilhin ko kasi d ko kaya ang s4:)

  23. Ianar1 says:

    I just bought my Cosmos X2 this Saturday. I was shock at first with the
    1.3 GB internal memory for apps
    899 phone memory
    12.5 GB for media…

    Thought that is the case. I didn’t have a problem on installing the apps because the phone system can move the apps to SD. And also with the help with apps like AppMgr III and Cleanmaster I can monitor and saves memory space by moving the apps to my actual external SD card which is 32 gb. I’m happy and enjoying having this phone.

  24. Jermin Tan Manda says:

    Sir bug daw po yung multi touch?

  25. neil says:

    any update for this device?
    maganda ba o maganda??? :))

    • Niquie says:

      Sulit na sulit, I’m using one. Nov. 13 lang ako bumili. Wala akong problema pati battery walang issue sakin. And kung sa style lagi nga napagkakamalang Samsung S3/S4. :)

    • Haggard says:

      Nakabili ako last august pa walang ka proble problema ng x2 ko hanggang ngayun hindi pa din nagbabago ang tagal ng charge ng battery nito sulit na nga e

  26. jam says:

    Any idea where i can buy lcd for broken cosmos x2? Cherry mobile doesn’t give any reply to my emails.

    • wew says:

      better go to the customer service center of cherry mobile, the longest customer service line in the country.

  27. Julius says:

    Hi, do you know where I can see the setting for the smart stay and smart call?

  28. royroy says:

    ii cannot find the cherry smart feature of cosmos x2. saan po yun banda?

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