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Google offers free SMS via GMail

Google has now started offering free SMS via GMail. The free SMS service is now tucked into your GMail account and sends out to Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular subscribers.

Discovered it this afternoon and tried it.

The SMS will come from a short-code, 4664096.

Yahoo! Messenger used to do this back in early 2000 and it was very popular then. Yahoo! discontinued it because of the cost of the volume of SMS.

Not sure how Google does it but they might have the same business model as Chikka.

Update: Sent a reply back and this is now it appears in your GMail account.

The SMS reply costs Php2.00. So it basically competes with Chikka and undercuts it by Php0.50. Looks like it’s been around for some time now but just discovered it. :D

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37 Responses

  1. Juan Domingo says:

    This is good, at least I have a backup in case I forgot my phone at home again (which usually happens! lol)

  2. iamdoods says:

    Everytime my line is redirected, I use it as an alternative. I think since they placed that Send SMS option on GMail, it’s been usable for sneding SMS locally.

  3. Rj says:

    Nice Gmail is really starting to be an all-in-one access like facebook, google+, and now with free sms.

  4. raul barrios says:

    i’m confused…I thought it was free, why is there a cost of 2 pesos indicated at the bottom?

  5. ang galing talaga ni google, sila na.

  6. James S says:

    If you care about the P2 cost of replying, you could just tell the person you’re texting to reply to your mobile (Globe/Sun/Smart) number for the normal P1 charge while you get to text them for free!

  7. Ads says:

    Im loving the new threaded sms messaging of E6. Im waiting fot its price to go down further and will make it my back up phone for my android :)

  8. kebbot says:

    this is not new….. but I havnt use it… is this the same with chikka? if you can’t replyto chikk ass numeber,the sender cannot send you a text message again?

  9. just_curious says:

    old news. this has been available for months already.

  10. wanderer says:

    can i use my mobile phone to text someone?

  11. csseyah says:

    Wow… great news ito sir yuga… nice backup ito pagnaubusan ako ng load… :) thanks thanks

  12. deiniel says:

    cool, csseyah’s right, nice backup to incase maubusan ng load

  13. tomi says:

    i tried replying on it and it only cost me a peso! it’s a globe number, though. haven’t tried to reply with a smart number.

  14. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Is there a way to access the feature through gmail or something on an Android phone? Would be pretty awesome…free texting as long as you have free WiFi. :P Or unlimited texts for 5php/15min. :P

  15. JayBEsguerra says:

    There is actually a limit of 50 sms per day.

    “SMS quotas in Chat

    Initially, you’re granted a quota of fifty messages. Every time you send a message, your quota decreases by one.
    Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat (for example when a phone user replies to one of your messages) your quota increases by five, up to a maximum of 50.

    If your quota goes down to zero at any point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later. So, you won’t ever be locked out of the system.”

  16. baste says:

    the number you indicate that the message will come from is wrong! im guessing each gmail account has his own number

  17. Numb Hands says:

    Kahit naman nandyan yung free text di pa rin sya useful kung sa mobile phone ka magaaccess ng gmail. Ang hirap kaya maghanap ng wifi hotspot edi magload na lang ako.

  18. moonfish says:

    just read the gmail help and it only started June 30 2011 which is posted on gmail help-sms

  19. Eason says:

    This better than chicka since it doesn’t pretend to become another number, so when you reply you will know that its from a PC.

  20. Ry says:

    I do not know if you also knew this but you can call any USA numbers as well for FREE using your GMAIL account. This is FREE until December 2011 :)

  21. It has been working in Saudi Arabia for a long time :)

  22. makenzo says:

    libre na nga may nagrereklamo pa, hahaha pinoy nga naman. :)

    • netsektor says:

      Tama ka, puro angal sila eh wala naman pumipilit na gamitin nila yung libreng offering ng Gmail. tsk tsk tsk. Ibang klase talaga mga taong ganyan.

      Thanks gmail for giving us an alternative.

  23. adam says:

    I will try this one.

  24. goodha says:

    tried it but took very long to receive it.actually, more than 10 minutes and counting, wala pa ako nareceive. i will try it again some other time.

    • goodha says:

      update: working with smart. but with globe, still no received sms.

    • nadinekyut says:

      well, it works perfectly for me. globe po ako. ok naman sya. baka sa reception din sa area mo, or minsan talaga may delay sa globe. hehe.

  25. karl says:

    SIR YUGA same ba ito sa chikka na kapag ndi nagreply ung sinendan mo ng sms, ndi ka na rin makakapag send sa kanya ng sms?

  26. Want to find this out, as of now i’m using chikka.

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  28. kwong2046 says:

    SMS replies to Google SMS actually cost Php 1.00 per msg.

  29. bakit ndi ako makapost? share ko lng nman free sms ei

  30. aFreeSMS says:

    I would like to share this free sms app,

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  31. efrell says:

    madz chat n tau san po kau

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