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New iPad and Nexus devices? What we expect to launch this October

September’s got a lot of surprises tucked under its sleeve. We’ve kicked off October (in local time) with the Windows 10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch announcements. What more can we expect from the other tech giants this month?


From Apple with love: New iPads and iMacs?

It is widely speculated and reported that the Cupertino giant is slated to set another launch in the second half of October, just a month after they unveiled their newest generation of iPhones, their Apple Watch, and payment system Apple Pay.

Rumors now point to launching their newest line of iPads that will likely run with the same architecture as those of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as Intel Haswell-powered iMacs and Macbooks, including a 27-inch Mac sporting a 5K resolution Retina display.














From the Google side: 2014 Nexus devices launching soon?

It’s been awhile since the search giant released a handset under the Nexus brand, the last being LG’s Nexus 5 last year. In the middle of the month, Google will be presenting the new Nexus 9 from HTC.  Codenamed Volantis, this 8.9-inch tablet packs an NVIDIA tegra K1 chipset and 2GB of RAM, among its specifications.

Meanwhile, its new flagship handet, the Nexus 6 (or Nexus X, or 2014 Nexus 5) smartphone made by Motorola, will be unveiled together with the Android L by the end of the month. Codenamed Shamu, the new phone will pack a bigger screen scaling at 5.9 inches, and comes with beefy specs. Would this be Google’s answer to the iPhone 6 Plus?

Nexus branded gadgets run an unskinned version of the latest Android operating system, and is frequently updated by Google themselves.


Android L on the road to release?

Google’s upcoming software may be on the road to release with its beta preview. Recent reports suggests that the release of the new dessert-flavored Android (reportedly named after Nestle’s Lion chocolate snack bar) is set to be officially released at the end of the month. While Google keeps mum on the official date Android L will be released, insider reports detail that the company is now in the finishing touches of the software.

Android L has been drastically improved by using ART  instead of the usual Dalvik runtime to accommodate 64-bit systems. The interface has also been redesigned according to Google’s new Material Design philosophy, and there is a more comprehensive battery history and management under Project Volta.

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  1. I’m wondering if Apple will introduce another iPod and MacBook Air this month. Any news?

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