Top Searches for Gadgets & Handsets by Google PH

Top Searches for Gadgets & Handsets by Google PH

As the year is nearing its end, we look at the last 12 months and wonder what Filipinos are frequently looking for especially with gadgets, phones and websites. We got in touch with local Google reps to get some pretty interesting information.

The search terms below are based on data collected by Google for the Philippines with rankings based on volume.

Here’s the data they gave us earlier this week based on three categories we requested.


Top Gadgets:
iPad Mini
Samsung Galaxy Y
iPad 3
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Blackberry Empathy
Samsung Galaxy S2
Nokia Lumia 800
Galaxy Note 2

Top Mobile Phones:
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy S3
iPhone 4S
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Blackberry Empathy
Samsung Galaxy S2
Nokia Lumia 800
Galaxy Note 2
Nokia Asha 200
Galaxy Note

Top Websites:
Pockie Ninja
Google Play

The results for phones and gadgets in general were pretty much what we expected. What’s surprising is the searches for websites where Simsimi topped the list.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. nexusboy says:

    i’m glad GROUPON PH is not on the list! poor customer service, very bad experience. weird environment in their office, people there are weird and pretentious. Groupon is going bankrupt anyway. good riddance!

  2. Phillip says:

    @simsimi – maybe because there are more desperate people who wants to chat (even to a bot) than we thought

  3. ChrisP says:

    Never heard of blackberry empathy. Looks like I need to google it. :)

  4. Ced says:

    It just shows how the Filipino’s are so budget conscious :) #Galaxy Y

    • nonie says:

      agree…in which this is my first and only android phone as of now. hehe it is much cheaper and good in our budget.

  5. Fanboime says:

    iphone 5 this december 14! :)

  6. Taz says:

    I dont think this is accurate as most of those who can afford to buy average to high end gadgets like tablets and cellphone are working on a BPO or shared service industries who are using (more likely than not) servers outside the country like Singapore or Japan.

  7. roiji says:

    i missed blackberry empathy!
    hindi ko nabalitaan yun. nasaang kweba ba ako nung pumatok yun hahah

  8. Obed says:

    As a BlackBerry Fan and user, naawa ako na ni isa sa lumabas na BlackBerry device this year hindi kasama sa list. Ang naka sama ay design concept na hindi pa ang RIM gumawa lool.

    I hope 2013 will be a good comeback for BlackBerry! =]

    #BlackBerryByChoice =D

  9. MingGoryeo says:

    parang biassed yung survey wala man lamang china phones puro at puro branded ata

    tsk may kaya lang ata yung nag gogoogle

  10. Sarah Connor says:

    Hi Yuga! Google just released their Zeigeist top search results for some major countries, can you ask your Google contact when they will release the top searches for 2012? Thanks in advance :)

  11. chicklet says: Congratulations! When it comes to customer satisfaction… ur the best! keep the NEW ARRIVALS coming! =)

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