Banks in the Philippines with Mobile Check Deposit

Depositing checks can be a pain sometimes. You need to go to your nearest bank and lineup. It’s even more difficult right now that we’re in quarantine due to COVID-19. There’s a solution to it, though, and that is through mobile check deposit. Here are banks that support the said feature.

What is a mobile check deposit?

It’s a feature provided by some banks that allows you to deposit a check to your account by taking a photo of it from a mobile app.

ING Philippines

ING Philippines is well-known in the country for its all-digital approach in banking. You can easily open an account through their mobile app for Android and iOS, and start using its features upon verification. You can deposit a check by taking a photo of the check and entering the necessary information in the app.

Check deposits are usually cleared within 1-2 business days and will be deposited in your ING account. You can easily transfer the fund to other bank accounts as it supports PESONet and InstaPay.

ING Philippines accepts all locally-issued checks, including personal checks, manager’s checks, demand drafts, and corporate checks.

You can download the app here:

ING Philippines (Android)
ING Philippines (iOS)


PSBank’s Mobile Check Deposit service allows PSBank Mobile Banking clients to deposit eligible local peso checks by simply taking a photo through its mobile app. The service is free-of-charge but is only available for existing clients who maintain a total deposit relationship balance of at least PHP 50,000.

Customers will have to access their account via the app, then select “Deposit Check.” Customers need to indicate the valid target account where the check will be deposited, after which they will be prompted to take and submit a photo of the front and back of the check. After successful clearing by the drawee bank (within the day, if received before 3 PM, or the next day, if after), the funds will be made available for use.

You can download the app here:

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PSBank Mobile (Android)
PSBank Mobile (iOS)


Unionbank also offers the same feature but is currently limited to UnionBank checks only and accepts Unionbank and other local bank’s checks. Unionbank checks will be cleared within 2 hours. For other bank’s checks, transactions after 3 PM will be cleared the following day. Transactions after 3 PM, or during weekends and holidays will be cleared within two banking days. The process is simple — open the UnionBank mobile app, take a photo of the check, enter the check details, then confirm. You will receive a notification that the check has cleared.

You can download the UnionBank mobile app here:

UnionBank Mobile (Android)
UnionBank Mobile (iOS)


RCBC supports mobile check deposits via the RCBC app. However, it only accepts RCBC checks (excluding Manager’s Check and Demand Draft). All you need to do is write the necessary information on the check, and take a photo. Check clearing is from 9 AM to 3 PM. Successful check deposits before cut-off are processed within the day.

You can download the RCBC mobile app here:

RCBC Mobile (Android)
RCBC Mobile (iOS)


Asia United Bank (AUB) also allows you to deposit checks through its AUB Mobile App. The feature is found under the Virtual Teller on Android app or Online VTK on the iOS app.

You can download the  AUB Mobile app here:

AUB Mobile (Android)
AUB Mobile (iOS)

And that sums it up. If we missed any banks that also support the same feature, let us know in the comments below.

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11 Responses

  1. Avatar for Cristy Cristy says:

    Can i deposit a Pay to ORDER CHECK through BPI mobile banking or mobile app?

  2. Avatar for Someone Someone says:

    EastWest now allows check deposit on their mobile app

  3. Avatar for Angelica pajanustan Angelica pajanustan says:

    Can I deposit my cheque on AUB . It’s from my Sss

  4. Avatar for Jay Yu Jay Yu says:

    PBCOM also has the same feature on their mobile app.

  5. Avatar for Marvin Oliver Marvin Oliver says:

    I deposited my landbank check from sss to my unionbank account yesterday,monday. It is not in my available balance today tuesday. I understand 12pm clearing pero its almost 5pm tuesday na po.. kung alam ko lng sa banko ko nlng talaga gicash yun. Pambayad pa nman yun sa na overdue na bill.

  6. Avatar for Gee Gee says:

    For the union bank,what if the check is not under my name?is it okay?its under my mom name,she wants me to deposit it in my bank account.

  7. Hi Joseph, Mike, Vincent,

    Thanks for the feedback. Will update the article with the provided information.

    Thank you!

  8. Avatar for Vincent Vincent says:

    Additionally, AUB also supports mobile check deposits

  9. Avatar for Vincent Vincent says:

    This article is out of date or the author is not aware. RCBC is also in the list. UnionBank also SUPPORTS non-UnionBank checks.

  10. Avatar for Joseph Kipte Joseph Kipte says:


    UnionBank already offers off us or other bank’s check for deposit using the mobile app. You may see the updated feature in the Appstore or Playstore

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