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5 Recommended Software for Writing

We’ve all heard of Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. They’re both writing apps that offer a lot of features; from making checklists to inserting images in notes, or exporting into different file formats, and so on. While both writing apps are probably among the top ranks of those who write, there are hidden gems out there that offer the same capabilities and much more. We’ve listed down five alternative writing apps that you can use and check out. Read on!


Available only for iOS devices and Mac OS, Bear is a distraction-free writing freemium software that has a couple of functionalities. You can link your notes, use hashtags to organize your notes together, insert files such as images, and even use it for coding and markdowns. The notes are also synced across devices, thanks to iCloud. Bear has a couple of export options such as .txt and .rtf; however, if you want to export your notes as HTML, PDF, and the like, you would have to pay for a subscription. Still, Bear has a clean interface and excellent writing flexibility that’s worth checking out.

Download: Bear


Made by the company behind WordPress, Simplenote is a no-frills note-taking app. Just as its name implies, it allows users to write notes quickly, make lists, jot down ideas, and more. The software also supports tags for easy organization and searching, enables users to share notes online, and has support for writing coding and markdown as well. The notes written in Simplenote are also updated across all devices.

Download: Simplenote

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook is another cross-platform freemium note-taking app with an impressive interface. Zoho makes use of “Notebooks”, similar to folders, with a variety of covers so that you can organize and separate your notes in each of them. Users can write notes, make checklists, record audio, insert images, add files, and sketch with Zoho Notebook. It offers cloud syncing and back-up as well.

Download: Zoho Notebook

Standard Notes

If absolute privacy is your thing, Standard Notes might be for you. The fuss-free writing software features end-to-end encryption, allowing its users to keep their notes for private reading. It comes with free cross-platform syncing, has passcode lock and fingerprint lock to keep notes secure, uses tags for organization, and can export your data and notes as well. It’s free to download and use, but the paid version has other functionalities such as encryption for notes stored in Dropbox or Google Drive, two-factor authentication, unlimited access to extensions and themes, and a whole lot more.

Download: Standard Notes

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note enables users to write down their ideas, create to-do lists, and share notes with peers. Another writing app that has an impressive interface, Nimbus Note has support for tables, images, numbered or bulleted lists, and much more in its notes. It also has a web clipper feature where if you come across an article, an image, a comment, or anything online, you can capture it with the web clipper add-on for Chrome and Firefox, and is automatically saved in your Nimbus account. Users can also access their notes anywhere, anytime with the software’s cross-platform syncing.

Download: Nimbus Note

Are there any other fuss-free writing apps that you like to use? Share them with us!

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