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How to apply to Globe’s to 6-month installment program

A few weeks ago, Globe brought some good news to its subscribers by offering a 6-month Installment Payment Program for its postpaid, Platinum, and Home Broadband bills. As the country continues to fight with the coronavirus pandemic, the program helps people to stay connected as work-from-home setups in some companies are being implemented. The initiative also helps to ease the burden of Globe customers on their bills, providing them more time in paying their balances.

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Which Globe subscribers are qualified to join?

Globe shared that the one-time application program is open to all Globe Postpaid, Globe At Home, and Globe Platinum accounts with a remaining balance that is equal or more than the amount of their subscribed plan. This also includes enterprise postpaid plans and business broadband internet plans. For example, an applicant should have at least PHP 1,499 or more to be paid on his/her bill if she’s subscribed to ThePLAN1499.

Accounts on the said classifications, which were enrolled on auto-debit, may also apply for the installment program.

Customers should be able to pay their previous balance indicated in their latest bills according to their chosen payment period. Partial amounts for enrollment won’t be accepted.

Note: We highly recommend checking your previous balance so you would have an idea of the amount you could pay under the program. To view your balance on your Globe bill,  register and log-in to the GlobeOne website or download the Globe At HOME mobile app in Android and iOS devices.

How to enroll for Globe’s 6-month Installment Payment Program?

Step 1: Go to the Globe Installment Payment Program website.
Step 2: Fill-up the form with your name, type of account, payment period, email, and contact numbers.
Step 3: Check the agreement button if you agree to comply with the subscription agreement.
Step 4: Click Submit.

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Applications under the program are open until June 15, 2020. As per Globe’s website, it takes three business days to process each application for the Installment Payment Program. Qualified applicants will receive an SMS notification three days after submitting their forms. Payment will only begin and reflect within their next two billing statements.  Monthly payments for the installment program shall be part of the total amount indicated on the customer’s monthly bill.

Do note that once the application is approved, the enrollment for the program can no longer be modified or withdrawn until the end of the payment period chosen by the customers.

What are the available payment terms?

Payment terms range from two months to six months with no interest. Computation for the amount to be paid under the program will be based on the number of months the customers agreed to settle their accounts. Their remaining balance will be charged in equal amounts.

For those who have mobile accounts, the monthly installment payment should reflect as Adjustment for Payment Arrangement and Installment Program under the Summary of Other Charges section in their bills.

Broadband plan subscribers, meanwhile, would see the Installment Program on their statement of accounts.

Globe also shared that insufficient or non-payment of the total amount due on any scheduled due date will incur additional charges. Any excess payment after all billed balances will be considered an overpayment. Thus, it’s not transferable and applicable to the unbilled succeeding installment amount.

Accounts approved under the Installment Payment Program will also be blocked for certain transactions that increase the customer’s monthly spending. This includes plan renewal and application for an additional account.

And that sums up everything. We hope that we’re able to walk you through Globe’s latest payment option for its qualified subscribers. Don’t forget to share with us your experience in the comment sections below.

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5 Responses

  1. Mary Joy Calvario says:

    Im the one who win 450k. Can i ask if its true?

  2. Sej says:

    I’ve applied and never received any sms confirming about it. Then suddenly my broadband bills became 2k+ instead of 1.8k only/month. I’ve called their csr and said that I’m already approved. Though how come it became installment if I also pay full bill every month since? Where will the adjustment payments go? I think this is scam.

  3. Raquel dagle says:

    I would like to pay the whole amount but when i went to the globe office it is closed. Where can i pay? I do not have a gcash, paypal or any other similar account. I just want to pay it to your accredited bank that accepts payment for globe telephone bills. Please assist me so that i can pay my bills. Thank you very mych

  4. Raquel dagle says:

    I would like to pay the whome amount but when i went to the flobe office it is closed. Where can i pay? I do not have a gcash paypal or any other similar account. I just want to pay it to your accredited bank that accepts payment for globe. Please assist me so that i can pay my bills. Thank you very mych

  5. Analyn campos felias says:

    I have applied their installment plan on the first day but I never received any text message until now.

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