How to fix No Service on your Globe iPhone 5

How to fix No Service on your Globe iPhone 5

First time this happened to me was last Saturday when suddenly I lost network service. I thought it was because I was driving down the basement parking of Robinson’s Magnolia but even after several hours and leaving the mall, the problem persisted.

More than 10 hours later, I went home to replace the nano-SIM with the new one that was sent to me a couple of days ago. I thought Globe deactivated my current SIM so I could use the new SIM with the iPhone 5 they sent me (it’s odd though that they’d deactivate it first). The new SIM didn’t work either so I called up CSR (surprisingly, got a reply on the first ring).


After explaining the whole incident, I was told to just reset my network settings. Before this, you have to shut down your iPhone by pressing the power and the home button for at least 10 seconds until it shuts down and the Apple logo appears.

From the Home Screen, go to Settings, then select Reset (at the bottom end of the listing) and select Reset Network Settings. The iPhone will then search for a network to connect to. Fortunately, my network service came back. The following day, it happened to me again, but this time I knew what to do.

This is just in case this happens to you too (not sure if this is caused by the new LTE nano-SIM from Globe).

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31 Responses

  1. Pinoylikes says:

    Good thing I’m smart. I mean I’m a Smart subscriber.

  2. anon says:

    It happens a lot on my 4s.. and what I do is do a phone reboot to restore network. This might be a lot faster.

  3. Templar_kaozzzz says:

    or the easiest would be to toggle your airplane mode 2-3x times till it can reconnect again to the network, usually this happens due to the auto network search that in the phone’s settings. or your connection switched from a lte-3g-2g connectivity. in any case toggling 2-3x the airplane mode would do the trick no need to reset your networks.

    • Yes, it’s true, you just have to turn on airplane mode, it works all the time for me, though I don’t have to do it twice or thrice, just once will do, at least on my Android phone.

      I’m pretty sure that this thing happens on almost all Globe subscribers, what I’m not sure is how Globe is addressing this issue that has been prevalent months ago. If this issue is the effect of upgrading the network, it’s fine, but if they can’t resolve it, better switch back to the older setup.

    • Selen Lacno says:

      I tried to toggle airplane mode MANY TIMES, not kust only 3x but many times , im done robooting the phone , pressing and holding the power and home button at the same time, im done checking the time and date and its on current date . I inserted diff simcard , globe, smart and sun cellular but still not working . I have wifi connection and tried to do the software update but no updates availble . Now u tell me ? Anything that i missed ? I hv iphone 4s bdw.

  4. Jeric says:

    I’ve experience this no service thing w/ iphone 4 too.. usually it happens randomly. I just reboot my phone and it goes back, btw, I’m using smart.

  5. Sheep says:

    The easiest way is to throw your iPhone and get a new phone.

  6. Lexi says:

    LOL the problem is your network. You should change it and never bother with crappy service again :)

    • bibbo says:

      you sound like you’re from smart or binabayaran ng smart. which one is it? this is coming from stories that smart is paying a lot of netizens to spread crap about others.

    • Wth says:

      Bobbo, marami may alam na palpak ang globe. Engot naman.

  7. Jr says:

    Wait, you already have lte sim from globe? Fortunately
    I have not encounterwd this problem, fingers
    Crossed. Btw im using iphone 5 from globeo

  8. Dave says:

    been happening on my s3 too this past couple of weeks. globe talaga ang salarin.

  9. PatrickJacen says:

    Actually, may issue tlga ang Nano sime na lte activated na. When I got my iphone last dec 14, I was able to surf using Edge but when 3G is enabled ayaw na. so upon surfing the web.. sabi nila punta daw sa Globe Business Center then alam na nila gagawin… apparently papalitan nila yung sim mo with lte disabled sim.. pero meron ngang work around which is to set automatic network search to manual then choose sun, then back to globe.. then when it changes back to Edge, just toggle the Air Plane mode on and off…

    • kendra says:

      onga eh. ang weird. pero ako ok na when i jumped to 6.0.2 pero may ibang areas na nagno-no service ako then i’ll use airplane mode for few seconds.

  10. jozef says:

    this happened to me on my iphone with Sun Cellular. at first i thought it has something to do with the sim card but after replacing a new micro-sim still the issue persists.

    I think it has something to do with the firmware could be IOS 6, not sure.

    • kend says:

      omg. eh sun cellular is under smart network ah. pero try mo po mag upgrade to 6.0.2 kasi ako almost ok na po eh. hth

  11. benchmark says:

    nangyayari din ito sa Motorola Droid Razr ko under Globe, on and off ang signal if 3G connection ko…and there is a time na talagang wala nang signal, all I have to do is restart my unit.

    Hassle man, tiis lang…there is no perfect telco naman eh…sanayan lang yan!

    (more than 10 years globe prepaid user – with the same number)

  12. isaw says:

    i have the same problem with my note2. i live in antipolo and globe signal has long been erratic and only accessible in a few locations at home. first time this happened was arounf 3rd wk dec. i didnt have mobile data access even though i was already in a good signal area; i thought something must have just stuck somewhere. i did network search and somehow got hspa+ at once. then the problem just kept recurring up to now. a few days ago i was at robinsons metroeast where i had full bar signal but my son who was in another area of the mall couldnt reach me through his iphone 4s for over an hour. not one of his continued attempts at calling ever registered on my phone. i hope globe gets their act together soo. smart is not an option for me since i really hate the inutile customer service of anything mvp touches!

  13. Kel says:

    Nangyari din ito sa iphone 5 ko. So what i do I just to turn off my iphone and then reboot, tapos maghahanap sha ng signal na. Sayang nga lang kasi ang mahal ng bili ko sa iphone 5, tapos i-on/off ko lang ang phone ko…. Hayst…..

  14. Noel says:

    Is there any experiencing when somebody calls you ur fon is cannot be reach and no text is coming. But when u call and text ur calls and messages are succesful and it was immediately received by the recipient. After doing all the remedy suggested by globe still the problem exist and I also tried changing my nano sim for the 3rd time and still same problem exist. When I tried another network sim like Smart no problem was encountered. My newly purchased iPhone 5 was also replaced by the store but still the problem is the same. Pls help??? Thanks!

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  16. rOLANDO says:

    Ganito rin problema ku. NO SERVICE ang GLOBE SIM KU SA IPHONE 5? Ive been resetting it over and over pero di pa rin ngkasignal? paanu ba ito? Please help po.. Di rin xa nkaupgrade to ios 6. Need ba talaga iupgrade yong o.s para mkasignal?

  17. Jovie Mendoza says:

    Hello po. This is my problem naman po. Jinailbreak ko po ung iphone 4 ko kasi sobrang baba ng ios nya. Eh it was from Japan po kaya medyo nahirapan along ayusin. Before i jailbreak it, i removed my sun cellular sim and nilagay ung original sim, then nung natapos na po syang i-jailbreak, nilagay ko na po ulit sun sim ko na may gevey sim kaya lang invalid sim daw po. Hope na matulungan nya po ako :( thank you!

  18. jamie says:

    Is this applicable to iphone 3gs as well?

  19. angel says:

    Hi po,
    sana po matulungan nyo ko..

    May iphone 5 po ako from Sprint US, gamit po akong heicard to use Globe sim here, everything was working fine until I upgraded to the new iOS7, after that, hindi na po ako masend ng message, nakakareceive ako, nakakatawag din at natatawagan pero hindi makasend ng sms..nagreset na ko, tinanggal ko na ung sim tinry sa ibang phone, gumana nmn..something wrong po dun sa phone tlga..perhaps sa setting but i dont know..hopefully someone out there can help..
    i tried resetting and changing message center..still I can’t send messages po..pahelp po..

  20. toff says:

    my problem is hnd ako makapag send ng txt messages kpag naka off ung cellular data ko it takes years bago masend mas worst hnd tlga nasend and u have to resend it again and again, tried everything from resetting to manual network choosing deleted all messages on my inbox. magsesend lang ung msg kpg naka 3g or lte ako. btw this happens when im in laguna, pero pag nasa manila evrything works fine, i wonder if the problem is in my location despite i have good sigal i can make calls and surf, pero d nkakasend ng sms kpg nka off ang 3g, can anyone help me please :((

  21. j3rz3y_gurl says:

    This is the problem Im currently encountering with my newly activated LTE sim. My mobile internet automatically gets disconnected from time to time. Its a hassle on my part to turn the device OFF & ON. I guess I have to go to the nearest Globe centet to have it checked and fixed. So dissapointing sigh

  22. alfred says:

    Thank this helps me

  23. Gherbzz says:

    Ok. I have the same problem with my iphone5. Galing sya ng saudi and the first time na gamitin ko sya is pwd nman sya. No problem with my sim (globe). But after a week, lumabas na tong signal searching problem. Dati nman e kahit saan ako may signal. Even at my favorite spot sa bahay namin meron kahit minsan pumapalo ng 1 bar. Pero ngayon, wala tlga ma search na signal. Is it because my location and globe ung sim ko? Ayko nman mag smart ksi globe lahat ng family and relatives ko and my wife. Tinry ko na dn lahat ng basic troubleshooting like airplane mode, take out sim card, reset network and reset all settings. I also went to registered apple outlet and ive done everything that they say. Thanks.

  24. arvic chris says:

    paano po kung ayaw talaga magkaroon ng signal??? lahat ng pagreset pero wala talaga…

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