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Streaming Apps For Asian Movies and TV Series

Let’s admit it. There are plenty of streaming apps for watching Asian TV series and movies out in the app market. However, they all vary in terms of subscription plans, range of content they offer, video quality, special features, and availability. To help you gauge and decide which one to use regularly, we compared seven popular streaming apps for Asian digital content that are available across iOS and Android devices.


As one at the forefronts in digital streaming services, Netflix offers a wide array of Asian content in various genres. The platform is a melting pot for anime, K-Dramas, Thai tear-jerker films, Bollywood movies, Taiwanese series, and even Pinoy teleseryes and indie films. Apart from acquired content, the company also invests in its Asian media partners to co-produce and distribute its content through its platforms. Netflix comes with up to 4K support for stunning picture quality across devices, including smart TVs, offline watching, multi-language subtitles, and different choices of subscription plans to choose from.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Mobile Plan (one smartphone/tablet, Standard Definition) – PHP 149/month
• Basic Plan (one screen, Standard Definition) – PHP 369/month
• Standard Plan (two screens, up to FHD) – PHP 459/month
• Premium Plan (four screens, up to 4K) – PHP 549/month

Download: iOS, Android


If you’re looking for all things Korean, then Viu is the place to go. It has content in different genres from Asia’s top content providers with local language subtitles, as well as original productions. Its library also boasts previous and current variety programs and dramas from the largest television networks in South Korea and Japan that cater mostly to its fans. And the best part is, it also uploads the latest episodes from the programs being aired in both countries. It has widened its horizons by taking in Hong Kong variety shows and dramas, and Singaporean TV series on its catalog. It offers video streaming up to Full HD and allows limited video downloads for free subscriptions.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• Premium – PHP 129/month, PHP 25/ month for the first three months
For Globe and TM subscribers via 8080:
• Three-day Premium – PHP 29
• Seven-day Premium – PHP 50
• One-month Premium – PHP 99
For Smart, TNT, and Sun subscribers via 2948
• One-month Premium – PHP 99

Download: iOS, Android


Want to have a quick fix of Taiwanese and Chinese reality shows, dramas, and films? iQIYI always got your back. It also offers first access to currently running K-Dramas for its paid subscribers.  Just like other competitors, iQIYI allows unlimited video downloads on free accounts, which will enable users to watch on their devices even without an internet connection. Its paid subscription plan grants access to exclusive content, including live and on-demand programs, advance viewing of content regularly updated on iQIYI, higher video resolution and Dolby Sound support, and skipping of ads. Its premium plan comes with Apple TV support.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• Standard VIP – PHP 129/month
• Premium VIP – PHP 249/monthPHP 25/ month for the first three months

Download: iOS, Android


Those who are into Chinese history dramas, BL series, and Chinese series and movies should try and visit WeTV. Viewers won’t run out of titles to watch, thanks to the bunch of current and previous Chinese content on the platform. It even has limitless video downloads for offline watching, simultaneous playback of exclusive content on two devices, access to premium self-produced content by WeTV, advanced watching, and discounted price for movie rentals.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• Monthly VIP – PHP 59/month
• Quarterly VIP – PHP 159/three months
• Annual VIP – PHP 599/yearly

Download: iOS, Android



Emphasizing support for homegrown content, iFlix focuses more on first-run local movies and original programming across the Asian region. This includes subtitling programs in selected languages for countries where iflix is available. Premium plans unlock more movies to watch, ad-free video playback, and unlimited access to iflix’s exclusive catalog of Asian and Hollywood films, as well as the latest season of TV series like The Good Place. It also allows users to load and play content on either low, medium or high picture quality modes.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• Daily Plan – PHP 10/day
• Weekly Plan – PHP 50/week
• 1 Week Pass – PHP 55
• Monthly Plan – PHP 129/month
• Monthly Pass – PHP 129

Download: iOS, Android


If you’re missing Kapamilya shows and other classic and currently airing Asian TV series dubbed in Tagalog, then you’re on the right track. Although it has very limited Asianovelas in its library, ABS-CBN’s iWant offers both Pinoy exclusive digital series and some of the classic Star Cinema movies and homegrown teleseryes under the network’s production houses. Paid subscription gives users access to all films, premium live channels, live-streamed shows & events, as well as ad-free video playback. Unlike other streaming services, it doesn’t support offline watching and only plays up to 720p videos.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• One-day subscription – PHP 15
• Weekly subscription – PHP 60
• Monthly subscription – PHP 120

Download: iOS, Android


Last but not the least in our list is Rakuten’s Viki which offers top-rated dramas from South Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan. However, it has a limited movie catalog for free subscriptions. Should you want to unlock ad-free watching on HD quality, then you should opt for a paid basic subscription. The Standard Pass, however, provides more movies and global TV series on the platform’s library and allows users to watch Viki on TV via Chromecast.

Here are the prices of each plan:
• Basic (free)
• Viki Basic Pass – PHP 51/month (one week free for first-time users), PHP 515/year
• Viki Standard Pass – PHP 234.43/month (one week free for first-time users), PHP 2,550/year

Download: iOS, Android

Which one is for you?

If you want to have monthly access to various Asian content across all genres, then Netflix is the best option. It opens a lot of options on the audience with its ad-free streaming and offline watching. Stretching your budget a bit more gives you better video streaming quality, as well as video playback and download on multiple devices.  The only catch is that audience may need to wait a little longer for the availability of currently running programs on the streaming service.

For simulcasted Korean and Japanese dramas and variety shows, Viu is the app to install. Even those who have free subscription gets the latest episodes within 72 hours after it is simulcasted in South Korea. The caveat for free subscribers, however, are the ads, limited video downloads, and inaccessible Asian and Korean movies. Also, it offers more flexibility with its daily, weekly, and monthly premium plans. We highly suggest subscribing to the platform using their prepaid credits to save more for monthly premium plans. Viki is also a good alternative for watching completed and on-air K-Dramas with its yearly subscription plan. However, its catalog is more limited than Viu.

iQIYI and WeTV, on the other hand, both offer Chinese and Taiwanese content. The former, however, has more to offer in its free subscription plan. It provides unlimited online downloads and a more extensive range of content from Chinese, Taiwanese, and even currently running K-Dramas. Free subscribers on iQIYI also have a lesser waiting time to access the latest uploaded episodes.

The majority of the content from iWant and iFlix are homegrown previous teleseryes and movies. However, the latter features more programs and films from various networks and local production houses. At the same time, the former is a home for ABS-CBN shows and other digital content from its affiliates. iWant also has a limited number of Tagalog-dubbed Asian TV series, which was either previously aired on the network or currently airing via Kapamilya Channel. In terms of offline watching, picture quality for premium subscriptions, and multi-language subtitles, iflix has the advantage. If you’re into exclusive Kapamilya content, then choose iWant, but if you want to explore more from Asia, then go for iflix.

And that sums up the list of streaming apps for different Asian digital content.  Have you tried any apps we mentioned above? How was your experience? Tell us your thoughts on the comment section below.

Jewel is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. She's a caffeinator by day and a cinephile by night.

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