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Which Netflix subscription is for you?

Netflix recently introduced its latest subscription plan, the Mobile Only plan, in the Philippines. This plan is only available to several territories, including Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. With the introduction of a new plan, we’re sure many of you have taken a step back to deliberate whether your current Netflix subscription suits you or should you switch to a different plan instead. Fret not for in this article, we’ve broken down the perks and cons of each plan to help you decide. Check it out.

Mobile onlyBasicStandardPremium
Monthly pricePHP 149PHP 369PHP 459PHP 549
HD availableNoNoYesYes
Ultra HD availableNoNoNoYes
Watch on laptop and TVNoYesYesYes
Watch on mobile phone and tabletYesYesYesYes
Number of screens watching at the same time1124
Unlimited movies and TV showsYesYesYesYes
Cancel anytimeYesYesYesYes
User profiles5555

If you find yourself watching Netflix on your mobile phone or tablet most of the time, then the platform’s newly-introduced Mobile Only plan may be for you. This plan is also perfect for those who do not want to share their Netflix accounts with anyone else as it only allows a user to watch on one screen at a time. For only PHP 149, you can watch and browse through Netflix’s vast catalog endlessly on your smartphones.

As the plan’s name implies, Mobile Only plans can’t be used to watch Netflix on TVs, PCs, or laptops. Connecting your mobile phone through HDMI, USB cables, and the like to your TV or laptop would not work as well; the plan is strictly for smartphones and tablets. Another thing about the Mobile Only plan is that shows and movies are not available in HD or UHD quality; it’s a small sacrifice for a much affordable monthly price.

However, if you’re someone who switches from watching on mobile to your TV screen or laptop, then you might want the Basic plan instead. Priced at PHP 369, the Basic plan only allows a user to watch on one screen at the same time. It also pretty much covers everything that a Mobile Only plan has. The only difference is, as mentioned, a user can also watch Netflix on their laptop or TV if they don’t want to do so on mobile.

Netflix’s Standard plan is perfect for those who want to share an account with another person, be it their significant other, best friend, parent, and the like. With a price tag of PHP 459, the Standard plan lets you watch on your mobile phone/tablet, TV/laptop, and allows you to watch on two screens simultaneously. Under this plan, you can also view your favorite shows in HD.

Last but not least is Netflix’s Premium plan. This is perfect for those who want to share with family, friends, officemates, and more. If you’re a person who just wants to go all-out and watch your favorite content in Ultra HD quality, then this plan might be for you as well. Under the PHP 549 Premium plan, users can watch shows in either HD or UHD, watch on different platforms, and can have four screens watching at the same time. The price is a little steep for one person, but again, if you’re sharing with others, you can split up the cost between yourselves and end up paying only PHP 130-140 each person and acquire all the perks of a Premium account.

It all boils down to this — if you’re a solo watcher, always on the go, and satisfied with watching Netflix on your mobile device, get the mobile-only plan. If you find mobile watching convenient but would also like to sit back on your couch and watch your favorite content on your TV or laptop, get the basic plan. If you’d like to share your Netflix with one more person and watch shows and movies at the same time as they do, get the Standard plan. If you and your family want to watch at the same time in your living room or at your separate times if you’d like to share and split the cost with friends and watch content at its utmost quality, get the Premium plan.

Mobile PHP 149/mo: Solo – Mobile only
Basic PHP 369/mo: Solo –  Mobile, Laptop, TV
Standard PHP 459/mo: Couples  –  Mobile Laptop, TV, HD Quality
Premium PHP 549/mo: Group or Family up to 4 (PHP 137.25/person) – Mobile, Laptop,  TV, UHD Quality

Despite all those differences, all plans have access to the platform’s entire catalog, can have up to 5 user profiles, series/movies can be downloaded ahead of time, and can be canceled anytime. The payment options are the same as well.

If you’re subscribing to Netflix for the first time, you may download the app (iOS / Android) or go directly to the Netflix website 17 and sign up. You get a free 30-day trial before the platform asks you to choose a subscription plan. If you’re an existing user, you may switch your account’s subscription plan anytime under the settings menu.

Which Netflix plan suits you the best? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar for Aimz Aimz says:

    I was a subscriber under the plan 369. My husband and I were the only users, me using my phone and my husband using our tv. But now, no more. Plan 369 is now solo. Upon knowing it, I immediately unsubscribed. Fortunately, I have found a free app where I can watch movies, K-dramas for free…. which is a big savings for me. ;-)

  2. Avatar for Amal chatterjee Amal chatterjee says:

    Can a subscriber pay one year in advance in standard plan? Can netflix send the bill for the whole year . Can the subscriber change the billing address any time ? How does a subscriber pay if he does not have credit card ? I need answers to all of my questions.

  3. Avatar for nepi nepi says:

    How can I get 3 months Premium only 550 PH not mobile plans?
    Is there any tutorial?

  4. Avatar for vin vin says:

    do you have any deals for senior citizens who want to subscribe to Netflix and watch only on from their TV?

  5. Avatar for ma. theresa a. ribuyaco ma. theresa a. ribuyaco says:

    Hi, we have cancelled all mobile subscriptions (3) of netflix for 3-4 months now and retain our standard subscription of p459 but still the charges for mobile did’nt stop which I paid thru my credit card. May I request for cancellation of all mobile subscriptions under my account? Can I also request for a rebate on those paid subscriptions? Thank you and hoping for your favorable action on this.

  6. Avatar for Wil Wil says:

    You need to manually terminate your subscription.hello yugatech po ito.cancel nyo po sa tamang platform.thanks!

  7. Avatar for Mario Eric Bravo Mario Eric Bravo says:

    I subscribed with Netflix 2nd half last year 2019 @ ?369/month but terminated such subscription after just 2 months. But Netflix has continued billing and collecting ?369/MONTH up to this month June 2020 through my Visa Debit Card even after my subscription was already terminated last year…Why have you done that? STOP STOP, STOP BILLING & COLLECTING ANY FEE FROM ME STARTING JULY 2020…

  8. Avatar for Joseph Joseph says:

    Dear Sir Madam
    I have Netflix on my T.V. which was already installed on my T.V. when I bought It. The supplier told me that I cab subscribe after one month, and I tried many times, but no luck, Of course i can watch Netflix on my T.V. until now, but maybe if i have a subscription, maybe I can watch all The new series addition. Well I don’t know relay how it works, if i pay monthly. Can u please tell me how I can subscribe? Than You so much.

  9. Avatar for Kiro Ro Kiro Ro says:

    Sabi nila “Free trials are currently not offered in your country.”

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