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GOMO Package Unboxing, SIM Setup, Speed Test

GOMO launched in the country a few days ago and it offered data packages that are hard to ignore. Starting at PHP 299, you will get a 25GB of data with no expiry, so we immediately bought a SIM package. As it turns out, we’re one of the first 1,000 customers and got a welcome package for it. Let’s check out what’s inside.

• Gomo Package 2 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

The package arrived a week after we ordered. It’s bubble-wrapped and came with the box and paper bag. Receiving a welcome package for being one of the first subscribers is rare so this is a nice touch. Again, GOMO says that it’s for the first 1,000 customers, so some might not receive the welcome package.

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• Gomo Package 3 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

• Gomo Package 4 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

Inside is a GOMO shirt (GOMO even reached out to us via call and SMS to just ask our shirt size), a face mask, some stickers, and the SIM card pack.

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• Gomo Package 6 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

The SIM card pack is similar to the ones you get from other telcos. It’s pre-cut in standard, micro, and nano sizes.

Let’s set up the SIM card.

Unlike SIMs from other networks, setting up the GOMO SIM card isn’t exactly plug-and-play. You’ll need to download the GOMO app and register an account to fully use the services.

Realme Philippines

• Gomo 1 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

It will require your name, birthday, as well as email adress that needs to be verified. Which is I think an attempt to deter scammers.

Once everything is set up, you can now access the dashboard where you can see your available data allocation, convert ‘MO Creds, and shop for additional data packages.

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• Gomo 4 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

You can convert your available data for calls and text packages starting at 200MB:
• 200MB –> 3 mins of calls to all networks
• 200MB –> 30 texts to all networks
• 500MB –> 50 texts + 5 mins calls to all networks

If you want to purchase additional data, you can do it in the app and pay via GCash, or credit or debit card.

• Gomo 5 • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

As you all know, GOMO is using Globe’s network to provide its services, so it’s using the Globe APN.

To compare if there are any differences in network performance, we installed the GOMO SIM on our phone alongside our Globe SIM. Based on our observation, we’re seeing the same signal strength, and usually, the same network speed. Globe’s 4G LTE quality in our area fluctuates during the day so results can vary depending on location and time of the day. Check out our Speedtest.net results below (GOMO above, Globe below):

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• Gomo Globe Speed Test • Gomo Package Unboxing, Sim Setup, Speed Test

Is it a keeper?

I think it is. Having different data packages to choose from can actually work to your advantage. It’s also a good alternative to users who are thinking of getting an alternative Globe number. Since Dual-SIM phones are common nowadays, you can choose two telcos and subscribe to different packages that will fit your needs on each SIM card. But before you dive into GOMO, make sure you have a good Globe signal in your area. If there’s 5G, you would be able to take advantage of the data.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

12 Responses

  1. Avatar for Donald duck Donald duck says:

    I was quite interested in giving GoMo a spin as they are offering now an unlimited for 15 days at 299 or 30 days at 499 for me would be great to have unlimited but there is a downside they limit speed to 5Mbps and that really sucks balls

    But after reading this post witch by the way was very informative but my worse fears came true someone on FB said Go.Mo was tapping on to Globe so decided to do a research to confirm and sadly as stated in this review it’s on Globe and in my area Globe is so shit ever since they upgraded the nearby tower what used to be a good 3G / LTE signal is now a pitiful small level signal my network monitoring app has put Globes signal in the orange just above red or as I like to call it red signal of death

    So anyway it was interesting to learn about this provider but since Dito plans to be going live soon I think I will hold on to smart a little longer and switch to Dito and keep my fingers crossed and everything else crossed at the same time that Dito will be a better option ( performance wise )

  2. Avatar for Izern Izern says:

    legit? kasi kung mababa parin mbps nyan ipapa cancel ko na lang order ko.

  3. Avatar for Reese Reese says:

    Dun ako nag order more than a week na wala pa di rin ma track sa entergo no response din sa follow uo

  4. Avatar for GPA GPA says:

    Got my sim card after 2 working days, Makati area. But verification text does to activate sim does not arrive.

  5. Avatar for Jefferson Magallanes Jefferson Magallanes says:

    Ma LAG sa ML ang GOMO

  6. Avatar for Neil Neil says:

    Can you provide us a latest speedtest using GOMO sim. Mine is literally unusable .11mbps is a joke.

  7. Avatar for Jr Gihike Jr Gihike says:

    nag-order ako thru Gomo app nila noong Oct. 28 then dumating kinabukasan at gamit ko na sya ngayon. Legit yan pag sa mismong Gomo app ka mag-order.

  8. Avatar for Edward p Edward p says:

    Fuck kung ganun nag order ako kanina then paano ko ma aassure kung dadating ba ito?

  9. Avatar for Kim Kim says:

    Haven’t heard from them since Oct 4. :(

  10. Avatar for Jed Rentoy Jed Rentoy says:

    I ordered my gomo sim and upon checking ng tracking sa entrego.ph, exceeded na raw sa delivery attempts. E wala naman sakin kumontact from entrego. Messaged them also sa twitter and ig pages nila, walang reply. May help desk ba sila???

  11. Avatar for Andy Mendoza Andy Mendoza says:

    Nag order ako ng GoMo sim card 2 weeks ago na pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa nadedeliver. Scam ba ito?

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